Why is Hoboken the best suburb for Millennials?

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There are many reasons why is considered Hoboken the best suburb for Millennials. This is a prime location for everyone who wants to live in New York, but can’t afford it. This is not the only reason. Hoboken moving companies can testify that this is the number one place for Millennials, in the last couple of years. Here you can see why Hoboken is so popular.

What qualifies a suburb to be excellent for Millennials?

Many factors need to be considered. Millennials, aged between 25 to 34, are usually attracted to certain living standards and environments. To suburb has that vibe it needs to have affordable rents, a low unemployment rate, a relatively safe neighborhood, coffee shops, and restaurants, and good accessibility.

Coffee shop in Hoboken as Hoboken the best suburb for Millennials
You have fantastic different hang-out places in Hoboken.

This might seem a lot at first, however, Hoboken is all that in one place. Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials in New Jersey. Schedule a moving day with your local movers NJ and start to pack.

Hoboken the best suburb for Millennials has a lot of activity

Being a young person in your 30s, you will want to live in a place with great access to coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Since this is one of the most important things Millennials are looking for, it might be the first thing we discuss. Besides its great social scene, Hoboken also offers various activities. It is located on the Hudson River, right across Manhattan. Waterfront Walkaway is very popular among residents and tourists as well. You will find very hip clubs and bars here also. The food scene is something that Millennials are very proud of. It definitely can compete with NYC, plus it is more affordable. In case you like art, there is something for you too. Hoboken is home to many excellent art galleries, studios, museums, and exhibitions. No wonder it is a new home for hipsters and the best suburb for Millennials.

Cost of living in Hoboken

Hoboken is an affordable place, compared to other large cities, like NYC. If you are moving to New Jersey, Hoboken is one of the best choices, it is at least the best suburb for Millennials. Choosing reputable movers NJ won’t be too difficult, so you can start planning your relocation. Young people usually search for affordable places to live. It is surely more expensive if we compare Hoboken to a national average cost of living index.

one dollar bill
Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials regardless of its cost of living

However, if you want to live somewhere near NYC, It is cheaper to live in Hoboken than in NYC. Since it is easy to get to New York City and it is very close, it is reasonable that this is pricy. Health is the only thing that isn’t more expensive. On the other hand, housing is almost twice as expensive as the national average. For example, you can find one bedroom apartment for $ 1900- $2000; studios are around $1800. You will also need more money for groceries, utilities, and transportation on monthly basis. But, don’t feel scared, because usually, earnings are also higher in Hoboken than in the rest of NJ. The overall cost of living is 20% higher than the national average.

Getting around Hoboken is easy

It is very easy to get around the city, even if you don’t have a car. Since this is the best suburb for Millennials, we’ll assume that most of them do not own a vehicle.  If that’s the case, you will be thrilled by the walkability of the city. Everything is easily accessible on foot. Also, if you work in NYC, you won’t have trouble commuting. After all, it is hip to ride a bike. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike either, this is a fairly small place. It is small in size, but somehow gives a huge impression, you know? You can get almost anywhere inside the city within approximately 30 minutes. Or if you have just relocated, you could walk around and get to know the people and area.

Job opportunities in the best suburb are the most important for Millennials

Great job opportunities are one more reason why Hoboken is the best suburb for Millennials. The low unemployment rate is the key factor for young people in search of a job. Usually, when you move to a city more expensive than the one you are currently living, you’ll need a higher income. The good news is that Hoboken has some of the major industries like education, finance, and tech. Since there are more than 30 schools in Hoboken alone, if this is your field, you will be able to find a job in the education system. The unemployment rate is dropping, which is a positive thing.

Another plus side of living in Hoboken is its proximity to NYC. Although there are people that are moving to New York, with the help of movers NJ to NYC, still, more people are relocating to New Jersey. The main reason to live in Hoboken is lower expenses. It is not exactly Manhattan, but it surely can offer a lot, along with a great view. Many residents would never change NJ and its charming Hoboken for anything else. Millennials that are loving NYC have an amazing chance to spend their days there while living in Hoboken.

You can bring your best friend everywhere

Your dog, being your best friend, can follow you everywhere. One thing that separates Hoboken from other places is the numerous dog-friendly businesses.

man with a dog in a coffeshop
Hoboken is a very pet-friendly place.

Rest assured that you will be able to go almost everywhere with your pet friend. You should explore houses before you move to the city of Hoboken and check if the landlord is allowing pets, as well. Also, dogs are allowed on public transport like the subway, buses, etc. They just need to be in an enclosed carrier.

Considering all these reasons, you can see for yourself why is Hoboken the best suburb for Millennials. If you want to take your chance and relocate, the best advice is to go and explore the city before you relocate and see it firsthand.

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