What to pack last on moving day

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    Packing is something people often leave as the last task to finish before a move. This can be a big mistake which often has some really bad consequences. People either pack stuff too quickly and damage a lot of them or they forget to pack something they really need. Not to mention creating a mess in the boxes just because you didn’t have a good system while packing. So, you need to know what to pack first, what to leave in the middle and what to pack last on moving day. If you follow this manual, you will have no problem deciding what to leave last for the packing process. It is usually your most important stuff, but it’s not always the case.

    Usually, people pack fragile items last on moving day

    If you already have a system you use to pack, you probably know how why this is the case. People want fragile items to pack last on moving day since that means they will be at the top once they are in the truck and you can rest assured that some of the best movers NJ has to offer will transport your stuff safely. Here are some of the items you should pay special attention to:

    • Glassware
    • China
    • Pottery
    • Paintings
    • anything else made from fragile material like glass or clay

    So, don’t pack your fragile items first, and make sure they are pack last on moving day. That way you will save yourself a lot of money and trouble.

    A bag of snacks and a notebook on grass.
    Snacks are something you should pack last on moving day.

    Toiletries like soap, razors, and shampoo

    The rule is simple. If there is stuff you will need the same day or the day after interstate movers NJ relocate you, pack it last. That way you will get it first once you start unpacking and you will be able to use it. People often don’t unpack immediately and it takes days or weeks to fully unpack. However, things you will be in need of are what you pack last on moving day.

    So, if you wake up the next morning and you want to brush your teeth, you’ll need your toothbrush. Let’s hope you didn’t pack it in one of the big boxes! Simply put it into a small bag or box and if you can, bring it with you in your car or truck. You don’t even have to put it with the rest of the stuff.

    This step is really important because people really want to look fresh for their first day at new work or other reasons that make them wish to have their toiletries close to them.

    Make sure the first-aid kit is what you pack last on moving day

    This one doesn’t really need much explaining. Relocation is a pretty hard job. There’s a lot of carrying of big furniture and handling dangerously sharp objects like knife cutters or some tools. If you pack your first-aid kit in some of the boxes you put into the truck before the move is over, there is a high chance you, or someone else, will end up injured and you won’t have adequate equipment to treat them. So, don’t leave anything to chances, and keep your first-aid kit by your side.

    Prepare some gauzes of different sizes, plasters, sterile eye dressings, and disposable sterile gloves. You will also need some triangular bandages and safety pins. Once complete, your first-aid kit is what you pack last on moving day after all the hard physical work is over.

    A first aid kit is lying on the ground.
    You need your first aid kit to be close to you in case someone gets harmed.

    Snacks, beverages, and food

    The last thing you want is to relocate hungrily. It can be a really unpleasant experience. So, just to make sure you can reach it whenever you want to, make sure that the food pack last on moving day. The whole moving process, no matter if you do it yourself or if it’s a part of moving services NJ, is really exhausting at times. You need to do some hard work and then drive afterward. Throughout the whole process, you might get hungry. So, you can bring your food with you without packing it, or if you pack it make sure it is close to you.

    There is another great reason to pack food last. Once you are relocated, you will probably get hungry pretty soon and your unpacking will be far from over. So, if you packed your food last, you will be able to access it easily and cook something for yourself in your new home. That kind of approach always comes in handy and you don’t need to be afraid you will end up hungry.

    Documents need to be close by

    You need your documents at your disposal at all times. You can pack all the other stuff back in the truck but your document needs to be by your side. It doesn’t matter if you get stopped by a policeman on the road and he just asks to check the ID or you get into some other situation, you will definitely need your documents to prove your identity, that your vehicle is fine and that you have a license to drive.

    A cat is lying on a sofa.
    Make sure your pet is entertained by having their toys close by.

    Toys, snacks, blankets for everyone else

    Make sure your children are taken care of before your move with eviction movers NJ begins. You want your ride to be as peaceful as possible with no fighting or yelling. For that, you need to create an entertaining environment for the young ones. So, make sure toys pack last on moving day. Maybe they have a favorite book or something else they love to play with.

    If you have a pet, the same rule applies. All pets have needs and you don’t want to leave them hungry or bored. Bring your pet’s food with you and give them a small snack every once in a while. If they have a favorite song, you can sing it to them or play it over the speakers. Try buying a toy in the pet store if they don’t have one already. It will make your dog’s experience much better. That’s a reason for toys to pack last on moving day.

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