What to look for when hiring a NYC moving company

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    If you plan on moving to any location, you will probably look to hire professionals. Having professional assistance during your relocation can benefit you in many different ways – more time, less stress, safe and fast preparations, etc. Finding a reliable moving company is not easy since there are thousands of them on the moving market. However, some indicators can help you determine which companies are reliable. To help you find the best movers, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage made a list of things to look for when hiring a NYC moving company!

    How can you determine which company is reliable?

    There are a couple of ways to determine whether a specific company is a good choice. Most people ask for references, a.k.a ask their friends, family or coworkers for honest and personal opinions. Although this is the easiest way to find residential movers New York, many people might not have anyone to ask for a reference. Therefore, they might turn to the internet and anonymous reviews. Although reading positive and negative comments can help you decide on a specific NYC moving company, their liability is in question. Many reviews can be fake, bought, or simply false. Therefore, internet reviews should be additional aid but not the first and only source of information.

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    To avoid hidden costs, ask your movers to provide you with a list of additional charges.

    Things to look for when hiring a NYC moving company

    The best way to decide whether you have found a reliable company is to have a face-to-face or an online appointment. During this appointment, you can ask them some of the most important questions. Their responses and the way they respond to these questions can tell you a lot about a company. Some things you should ask to get to know a NYC-based company better are:

    • Registration info
    • Info regarding moving costs
    • Whether they provide the moving insurance
    • Previous customer experience

    Look for a NYC moving company with a registration number on their website

    All moving companies should have a registration number called the USDOT number. You can find that number on their website or check online with FMCSA. If they are registered and transparent, there is little chance they might be scammers.

    Transparency regarding the moving estimate

    Another thing to look for when hiring a NYC moving company is transparency regarding moving costs. An estimate should be based on weight if travelling long distances. For short distances, some local movers New York will charge per hour. Whether they estimate the move by weight or hours of work, they should be open and honest about it. Moreover, keep in mind that the moving company must give you a written quote and provide you with a copy.

    A quote should consist of all charges and services you will be using. If a company does not provide you with a written statement regarding your costs, it’s better to look for other movers. Some companies will charge extra for anything and everything. To avoid such costs, ask your movers to provide you with a list of additional charges. Some companies charge additionally for fuel if they are transporting your belongings to a more remote area. A reliable and experienced movers NYC to NJ will inform you about their additional fees.

    Two woman discussing what to look for when hiring a NYC moving company
    Transparency is something to look for when hiring a NYC moving company.

    Look for companies that offer a binding estimate and moving insurance

    A binding moving estimate is an “unchangeable” type of estimate. That means your movers will provide you with an estimate that cannot be changed, except in specific situations such as adding another service to your contract. If a company offers you a non-binding estimate, that means they will provide you with full moving costs only after the move, and they can change the pricing however they might desire. That is usually abused by movers who want to profit off of their clients. If you stumble upon movers who only insist on getting a non-binding estimate, it is best you avoid them.

    Another very important part of moving is moving insurance. It ensures your belongings are safe during the move. If they happen to get damaged, you will receive a reimbursement. Well-experienced companies usually offer moving insurance with their services. Sometimes they are free, sometimes not. The moving company will often provide insurance for an additional fee.

    Ask them about previous experiences

    A great way to tell whether movers are sincere is to ask about previous customer experiences. Most will give you a history of complaints and whether they have been resolved. If commercial movers NY respond with concrete answers or provide you with a list of complaints, they are most likely sincere and want to leave good impressions. Be wary of movers who have not had any negative experiences since that is unlikely. However, it’s also advisable to not hire movers who have had one too many negative complaints. If movers straight up refuse to answer your questions or take too much time to respond, finding another New York City movers might be a smart choice.

    A person using a laptop
    Arranging a meeting with a representative of a moving company can help you understand better how the company works.

    What NYC moving company should you hire?

    All in all, what you should look for when hiring a NYC moving company are transparency, liability and honesty. If a company avoids discussing previous experiences of clients, their registration and legal info, or are vague with info regarding the estimate and moving fees, it’s best to avoid them. Another thing is experience. Although experience should not be a key factor to look for, experienced movers are usually faster and more precise. Lastly, affordability is very important. Avoid companies that charge enormous amounts of money for simple services such as packing or local move, especially if you are tight on budget.

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