What to do with used moving boxes after a move

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    Now that your moving day is over at last, with the great help of movers in Bayonne NJ, you can finally relax and enjoy your new home. Or can you? The massive stacks of cardboard boxes strewn over your new house will remind you that it’s still not time to unwind. Yes, you should be fully aware that there is still one major chore to complete: unpacking. When you put all the items and your belongings in the right place, stays the question of what to do with used moving boxes. The easiest solution is to throw them away, of course. However, it is not the most useful way of getting rid of moving boxes. There are a few better ways to unclutter your home from used cardboard boxes. Read on to find out what they are.

    Keep your used moving boxes

    If you’re unsure what to do with your moving boxes, the most sensible solution is to disassemble them and store them until your next move.  If you plan to move out again in the foreseeable future, you’ll want to save the cleanest and the least damaged moving boxes. NJ movers and packers will know how to help you pack your belongings again. So, the one use of your moving boxes is to keep them for the future. However, pay attention to storing them in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, and somewhere where insects can’t get them.

    A person under a pile of moving boxes
    What to do with used moving boxes is always a question

    Keeping them for storage is what to do with used moving boxes

    Another thing you may realize after you finish unboxing is that some of the objects you’ve just unpacked will need to be stored. What can you do if that happens? Well, it is easy! Just use some of the boxes you have left, but you intended to throw them away. Movers from moving company Jersey City NJ have probably left most of the boxes in a good condition.

    So, take the least damaged and the thickest and store your belongings. Then you can keep them in the attic, in a garage, or in the basement. If your house or apartment doesn’t have any of these rooms, renting a storage unit is always a good idea. Movers NJ can always give you a piece of advice on this matter.

    Labeled boxes
    Use the boxes for storage

    Get involved in some DIY projects

    It is a good idea to keep your boxes for a future move. It is an even better idea to use them for storage. Piano movers New Jersey can confirm that storing instruments in boxes is one way to protect them. However, you can keep your boxes for a use that is more interesting and fun-DIY projects. What to do with used moving boxes:

    • Wrap your gifts. If you run out of regular gift boxes, used moving boxes are a great substitution. You can wrap them the way you want, use markers to draw in them, or even glitter to make them unique. Holidays and birthdays have just become more special.
    • Use them as covers. If you want to paint your walls, make a hall, or do anything messy, use the boxes. Just flatten them over every surface. Then just throw them away. You will have a clean house, and the boxes had more than one use.
    • Let the kids play. They can use them for making different shapes, drawing, making forts, etc.

    More fun for kids and pets

    Everyone knows that cardboard boxes can provide hours of pleasure and enjoyment. If you’ve recently relocated with little children, moving boxes include playing with your kids. Make a puppet theater out of a huge moving box or a playhouse or dollhouse out of cardboard boxes. Also, since cardboard boxes are completely safe and no one can get injured, make beds for your pets. We all know how cats enjoy spending time in tiny boxes. Put some towels or old blankets, and your dogs will enjoy their new home.

    Sell the boxes

    Try selling your used moving boxes. There are plenty of sites on which you can put an ad. Also, ask via your social networks if someone wants to buy used, but in very good condition moving boxes. Another way to get some money from your used moving boxes is to give them back to your movers. Residential moving companies NJ can always buy some boxes from you. Of course, if they are not damaged. Sometimes you can even plan ahead and make a deal with movers before your relocation. You both save time, you save some money in addition. It’s a win-win situation.

    Don’t know what to do with damaged moving boxes-recycle

    If you have the boxes that are left in a poor condition, or if they are completely damaged or torn, the safest option is to recycle them. Every city has more than one recycling center and recycling information is easily available. Organize the boxes, follow the recycling rules and take them to a recycling site. Of course, some centers can come and pick up the recycling material, i. e. your used moving boxes.

    Reduce reuse recycle on a paper
    You can always recycle damaged boxes

    Give away or donate boxes

    You should have no trouble giving away your cardboard boxes to those searching for free moving boxes. Of course, they have to be in a good shape. There are probably many people who would want free moving supplies. Same as with selling, post an update on social networks. Or, if you know someone who is about to move-give the boxes to them directly. Another good solution is to give boxes to charity. Donation is always wise and it is great to know that you have done something significant.

    If you didn’t know what to do with used moving boxes after a move before, you do now. You can keep them for your next move, or simply store items in them. The most interesting solution is to make DIY projects, let the kids play, or do it together. Giving away or donating the boxes are great ways to make someone happy and feel satisfied. In the end, you can always sell and get some of the money you spent on relocation back.

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