What to do after moving into a new house in NJ

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Your moving day is finally finished! Now, you are probably wondering what to do after moving into a new house in NJ, where to start? There is so much that needs to be finished. As soon as your movers NJ have finished with their job, settling in can start. Here are some tips that you can follow for a more efficient move-in process.

Start unpacking, after moving into a new house in NJ

Of course, you will start with unpacking first, right? Believe it or not, some people have to immediately focus their attention on other tasks outside the house. When you need to start with a new job or school, you might not have enough time to unpack. It’s ok, you will get there we promise. The best way to unpack and settle in is to do one room at a time. Especially if you need to be somewhere else for the majority of the time. If your movers Jersey City NJ offers an unpacking service, you should take it. It will certainly be money well spent.

family unpacking after moving into a new house in NJ
The first thing you need to do after moving into a new house in NJ is to unpack

When you need to unpack and don’t have enough time, you should begin with a bedroom. No matter how much time you have, you will need to sleep somewhere and you will need clothes to change. When you do one room at a time you will clear out those boxes efficiently. Also, it is important to unpack and clear out at least some areas, so you can enjoy your new home.

If you rented storage Jersey City NJ, then you can also bring boxes multiple times. Just make sure that you label every box, so you know where it needs to go when you move in.

Don’t forget to change locks after you move in

During all the commotions of relocations, you can easily forget to change locks. It is important to do it after you move in because you never know who has the keys to your home. It doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody will misuse your keys, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Change all locks and get new keys. Some experts advise that you also check if there are spare keys hidden somewhere. If you are not changing locks, then make sure that you check everything. You don’t want somebody to be able to enter using spare keys, whenever they want.

Set up utilities, if you haven’t done it already

If you plan and organize your move to the details, you’ve probably already checked and hooked up utilities. However, if you haven’t had a chance, start with this as soon as you step inside your new home. Call utility companies and make sure that you have everything running after moving in. It is better to do this in advance, so you have everything working on a moving day. Especially if it is very hot or cold outside and you need to cool or heat your new house.

Deep cleaning is required after moving into a new house in NJ

If you have enough time and energy to clean yourself, you should prepare cleaning supplies at once. Every time you move into a new place you need to thoroughly clean bathrooms and the kitchen first. Clean them the first day you arrive. If you have hired moving services NJ, wait for them to finish and then start with cleaning. You don’t want to clean while movers are carrying around furniture and boxes only to do it again once they finish.

cleaning floor
Make sure that you clean your new home properly, especially if someone else lived there before you

Protect your floors if the weather is bad

If you are moving in while it is raining or snowing, don’t forget to cover your floors. There will be mud everywhere, so save some time from cleaning and protect your floors with plastic covers or cardboard. Hire a cleaning service, if your budget allows you to. Professionals will do a way better job than you would do with cleaning.

Change your address

If you haven’t had time to do it before relocation, do it now. Change your address in your bank, and insurance, and if you are moving from outside New Jersey change your documents.

Organize home improvements and maintenance

If you bought a house, you will most likely have to do some minor improvements. Whether it is regular maintenance or something that needs to be fixed, you should plan those repairs according to their urgency. In case you have some bigger repairs, you need to schedule them right after moving into a new house in NJ.

couple fixing curtains
There will be a lot of things to repair after moving into a new home

Take some days of work after you move into a new home

Many residential moving companies NJ offer so-called post-moving services. You can hire a professional or do it yourself. Unpacking service is the most wanted one, then you have junk removal service, etc. Basically, you can hire somebody for every job after the move, or you can finish everything yourself. It is a question of both time and money. If you have an opportunity to take a couple of days from work, make sure you do it. Moving is time-consuming and demanding. It is better that you are home to either oversight the workers or to have time to do the job yourself.

Declutter while you are unpacking

Lastly, don’t waste any time, after moving into a new house in NJ. If you have packed in a hurry, now is a good time to declutter. Throw out everything that is not useful and avoid cluttering your new place. Also, donate all the items that you will not use or that don’t fit into your new home. That way your new house in NJ will be clean and organized and you will be able to enjoy it.

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