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    For what reasons might short-term storage work for you? If you don’t have enough room at home, renting a storage unit to save items you don’t need right now but still want to keep is a smart practical solution. Actually, renting a storage Jersey City NJ is much like having an extra room in the house, except that it’s outside the main building. When used sensibly and thoughtfully, a (self-) storage container can be a great storage alternative during a house move. So, obviously, the question of what to put in your New Jersey storage and what NOT to put in storage while transferring may soon dominate your thoughts, adding stress to an already tough situation. Please read on for a list of the most commonly stored items, since this will help you decide what to put into self-storage. 

    Research storage restrictions

    It’s not possible to store absolutely everything. If the storage facility you’re considering doesn’t provide a list of items that you can’t store there, you should ask for one. It’s generally not a good idea to keep anything flammable in a storage unit. It’s not a good idea to keep things like food, medicine, and plants in a storage container because they will inevitably spoil. Learn more about what you should not put in your New Jersey storage. Some movers Montclair NJ have experience and may have good advice in this regard.

    person handling items you should put in your New Jersey storage
    You can always ask workers for advice on what to put in your New Jersey storage

    Here are some things that are best suited for storage units

    Holiday decorations

    This makes them perfect to put in your New Jersey storage unit, as you will only need to access them once a year. They’ll be out of the way and won’t need to take up space in your attic, garage, or basement until you need them, but you’ll always have easy access to them. Send us a box full of holiday lights, inflatable pumpkins, and plastic Easter eggs.


    We had hoped to move toward a paperless society, but instead, it appears like more paperwork is being generated than ever before. The rule is to always keep it safe. It is important to keep all financial records, including tax returns, medical bills, receipts, and business expenses. Typically, they advise keeping these items in storage for at least seven years. Put all that paperwork into self-storage so it’s out of the way and secure, but not cluttering up your house.

    corridor with red door at the end
    There are a lot of different units for you to choose

    Old furniture

    If you have extra furniture taking up valuable rooms in your garage, attic, or basement, renting a storage container may be the best option for you. It would be convenient to park cars in the garage or use it as a workshop, but there is now too much clutter to make it possible. If you have a large family or children who are still growing, you could find that having more room in the basement and the attic is a big plus. Piano movers New Jersey are the best option for moving anything bulky. So don’t be afraid to call them if you need help.

    Old appliances

    Perhaps one of the more unexpected items on our list, but a common sight at our storage facilities all the same! Maybe you’re attempting to sell a stove, or you just got a new dishwasher but you can’t bear to get rid of the old one. The disposal of a piece of outdated machinery is unnecessary. Safekeeping in storage is guaranteed till use or sale.


    Many people have too many garments to fit in a single closet. There could be significant seasonal differences between summer and winter footwear. Boots, shoes, and sandals are all acceptable footwear to keep in a self-storage unit. If you need more storage space but don’t want to build a whole new room, self-storage may be the answer. The changing of the seasons allows you to modify your wardrobe to meet the demands of the new season. If you have a need to move a large number of clothes, then moving services NJ will be a lot of help.

    Large appliances are well suited for storage as well

    Many common appliances, such as ranges, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators, are too big or heavy to fit in your new home. Similarly, if you’re moving into a new property that already has some of these major appliances, you might want to keep them in storage until you need them. It’s not surprising to see home appliances in storage because it’s a bad idea to have multiples of anything in a small place (how many dishwashers do you need?). Just be sure to gather information from the Better Business Bureau before paying for any storage.

    storage units with numbers 9 8 7
    There will definitely be a unit with the size you need

    Books that you don’t read shouldn’t take up space

    No matter how small your new place is, you should make room for at least a few books. Since you might not be able to fit all of your books and magazines into your new home, it’s only logical to think about temporarily storing your most prized collections. You should go through your library and get rid of the books you don’t like because you’ll never be able to read them again before you move. Give away, donate, or sell the books you no longer need because they will get heavier once they are packed in containers. The books you decide to archive should be ones you want to keep for the foreseeable future.

    Collectibles and artwork pieces

    According to the Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ professionals, during a house move, collectors’ antiquities and artwork are some of the most common items to be stored away. Given the frantic nature of most house moves, this is a reasonable choice. Yes, you as well. The best storage facilities in the country are among the safest in the country since they have not just 24-hour video monitoring but also fences, gates, fire protection systems, live guards, and sufficient insurance.

    Pack strategically

    Think about the system you’ll use to keep your stuff safe. The bottoms of the containers are the best spots for storing bulky, heavy items. Prioritize the items you think you might need in the near future and put them where you’ll see them first. If your storage space is long enough, be sure to leave yourself an access point along its length. Your purpose while preparing things to put in your New Jersey storage is to guarantee that your assets are in the same ideal state when you take them from storage as they were when you first stored them.

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