What Items Should You Put Away After Your NJ Move?

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Your relocation is finally over and you are getting ready to enjoy your new home in New Jersey. And just when you thought that the time has come, you see a bunch of items around you that simply don’t belong there. Before you start to panic, you should know that this happens more than you think. Dealing with excess after the relocation is something all of us can experience after we move. As one of the most experienced moving companies in New Jersey, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage knows how to deal with this. Since you deserve to relax after hard work, let’s see what items should you put away after your NJ move?

Paper and Documents

If for some reason, you didn’t go through all the moving services NJ then you probably missed a couple of steps while packing. While movers will usually focus on professional packing and guiding you on doing the same, you may end up with lots of excesses. Old documents, memberships, or even mail is something you should definitely put away after your NJ move. These items take up a lot of your space, and other than memories- do not have a purpose. Before you start the entire packing process, make sure to double-check these things:

woman carrying boxes
Make a list of all the things you should put away after your NJ move
  • Is the document valid? – Sometimes you will simply leave the expired document and not give it a second thought. Once you do this a couple of times- it becomes a bad habit. Make sure to check are all documents valid and up to date.
  • Is the paper/document a copy? – To avoid pilling up all the paperwork, make sure to check where the original ones are. After you do so you can pack the original and a copy of it. The rest is definitely something to put away after your NJ move. 
  • Is it important? – The most obvious one is how important the paper actually is. Of course, you need to keep things like kids’ first drawings or cute notes, but avoid keeping the ones that are meaningless.

Items That Don’t Fit

You probably know how important is to make a good plan before moving. Moving companies like movers Montclair NJ can help you with making it and avoid possible mistakes. But, if you still end up with some large furniture items that don’t fit your new place, some of them must be put away after your NJ move. In order to avoid all of this, measure your new place and simply try to fit everything on the paper first. If this proves to be harder than you thought you can always ask for more professional help. Here are some items that possibly won’t fit your new home:

  • Electric appliances: If your new place is nothing like the old one, make sure to check will the entire kitchen fit in at all. You can take a couple of pictures or simply measure everything in your old kitchen area. 
  • Antiques and heirlooms: Due to their value and decoration, these items tend to take a lot of space. if you know that your new home is smaller, make sure to make a plan for these items as soon as possible.
  • Gym Equipment: If you are a fan of the sport and have a healthy lifestyle, then you probably have a couple of these. If they don’t fit, then they belong to the list of the items you should put away after your NJ move. After all, it is more fun to just get a gym membership. 
bunch of shoes in the basket
Don’t feel sorry for leaving some things behind! You need space for new items!

Keep in mind that for the rest of the huge items, like musical instruments, piano movers New Jersey have a solution. They will pack and transport them to your new place or a storage unit.


Only once you start packing, do you realize how many clothes you actually have. And just as you do for spring cleaning, you will have to do it for your relocation as well. when you start packing, make sure to prepare a couple of special boxes you will use for old clothes. Go through each piece and decide do you need it or not. Don’t be too hard on yourself, your new home needs fresh and new things and old clothes you don’t wear will just take up extra space. To make things easier for you, keep an eye for:

  • Old clothes
  • Old children’s clothes
  • Clothes and shoes in bags, basement or attic

Get Yourself a Storage Unit

All the items that you must put away after your NJ move do not have to disappear from your life completely. Simply getting a storage unit will do. Throughout the years relying on storage Jersey City NJ helped many residents deal with excess items. You can rent a storage unit for a very good price and simply choose the time period you need it for. Many moving companies offer the possibility of extending the rent which gives you all the space you actually need. The best thing about storage units is that your items are not in the way but you can access them anytime you want.

clothes hanging in the wardrobe
You probably have lots of clothes that you won’t be needing in your new place so place them in the storage unit

With the different variety of real estate New Jersey has to offer, you will probably find an ideal home in no time. That is why organizing your new space is essential. Once you get to know it you can make a list of all the items you won’t need there. You can also be as creative as you want and decorate your new home with some freshly bought things. Keep in mind that there is always a solution for everything that can’t fit in there.

As soon as you make a list of all the items you should put away after your NJ move you will instantly feel better. After a couple of months in your new place, you can always reorganize everything and pick up things you need from a storage unit. This way you get an absolute win-win.

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