What are the different types of moving insurance?

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    There are many things to take care of when moving. From planning and organizing the move to researching moving companies NJ and finding a good one to take care of your move. But one of the more important parts of moving, an often overlooked one is moving insurance. Whether to get one or not. And if you are going to get one, what kind to get and is it worth it. That depends on many things, including the value of things you are going to be moving. Either way, it would be good to learn more about all the types of moving insurance and decide what kind to get for your move.

    Why is moving insurance important?

    You might be hesitant to pay more money for moving insurance after paying for the move itself. But keep in mind how many things could go wrong during the move. And even if you hire one of the most reliable residential moving companies NJ there are things that can happen and your items can end up getting damaged during the move. And aside from damage, some things could just get lost during the move. Good insurance would cover that too.  So looking at the bigger picture spending extra money on insurance is definitely worth it. Especially if you are moving things that are valuable. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered if something goes wrong during the move. And if your things get lost or damaged.

    Man using a computer researching different types of moving insurance
    You should know why moving insurance is important and what kind of insurance you can get

    There are a few types of moving insurance and basic carrier insurance is one of the most common ones

    This is the lowest coverage policy and it is also the most common one. Most of the professional moving companies are going to offer it and so will your interstate movers NJ. The good thing is that you are going to get this insurance for free because it’s part of the official safety standards. And a licensed company must have it. The not-so-good part is that you will only get small coverage for your things if they get lost, damaged, or destroyed. Which is okay if you are not moving a lot of highly valuable things. But if you are you might want to go for a different type of insurance that offers better coverage.

    Declared value protection is considered a mid-level type of moving insurance

    With the declared value protection your entire inventory is going to be evaluated by the moving company and they will make a declared values insurance policy. The insurance covers 1.25% of the value of the inventory. But the distance of the move and other things can also factor into this. That is why it is good to find and hire good Jersey City movers which know what they are doing and are reliable. So that you can get a fair declared value insurance policy. You can calculate the value of your inventory before the move and decide is it worth getting this kind of insurance for your move. And keep in mind that there are better options if you want better protection.

    Businessman giving a contract to woman to sign
    You need to take your time deciding what kind of insurance suits you the most before signing

    Full coverage insurance is one of the better types of moving insurance

    This is a more comprehensive insurance policy. With it, you are going to receive full cash value for the things that get lost or damaged during the move. If you have a lot of expensive items that you are going to be moving then this kind of insurance would be suitable. But keep in mind that this is also the most expensive type of moving insurance. While it is the more expensive type of moving insurance, prices vary from one moving company to the other. So while you are researching moving companies Montclair NJ make sure to inquire about their insurance options and how much it would cost for your move. So that you can find the one that suits you the most at a good price.

    Items of a higher value are covered in a different way

    A higher value inventory list is going to be made for these items and you are going to have to check and sign it before the move. It would be smart to transport these items on your own in a car or truck, or a van if you have one. But if you want your movers to handle it make sure to put it on the inventory list. And to check the list to make sure that everything is on it. This will help you a lot later on if you have to make claims against the moving company for damages. Things that are above $100 are considered higher value items. They are things like:

    • Antiques
    • Cameras
    • Computers
    Interior of a cozy studio with antique furniture
    Protecting your expensive antiques during the move is important and you need good insurance for them

    Third-party moving insurance is also an option

    Getting third-party insurance is also an option, and it can be a good one. Third-party insurance is not included in the price of the move, you need to keep that in mind when getting prices from insurance companies. You should consider third-party insurance if you are moving a lot of things that are valuable, or if you just want additional protection for your things should something go wrong.

    There are some things that limit your mover’s liability

    Whatever kind of moving insurance you get this is something you should be aware of. You shouldn’t pack any hazardous or perishable items without informing your movers. That being said, hazardous items are not allowed for transport in the first place, things that are flammable or explosive for example. So when researching types of moving insurance you should keep that in mind. Another thing to know is that moving companies are not liable for damages in transport to things in boxes that were not packed by them. That is why it’s important to let your movers pack your things. They have a lot of experience with that and will pack them safely. And this way they will be covered by insurance.

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