Ways to make moving to NYC more enjoyable

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    You probably already know that New York City is one of the most populous mega-cities in the world. It has long been described as the financial and cultural capital of the world. Living in a city that never sleeps is as fun and exciting as you can imagine. On the other hand, packing up your entire life in boxes and moving is not as enjoyable as living in NYC. We understand the struggle that comes with packing and moving. Whether you are moving from another city or just down the block, hiring residential movers New York, or arranging everything by yourself, moving requires preparation and planning. This guide will try to simplify the process, help you plan and organize your activities so you can make moving to NYC more enjoyable.

    Get to know the area you are moving into

    This might sound like an obvious thing to do. Googling crime rates, cost of living, and regulations is probably something you have already done. But we recommend visiting the place also or even staying near for a couple of days. You want to make sure you get to know the place a bit better before you move. Look for local restaurants, shops, and other places that will be of service to you once you move. Park and other communal spaces may also be important, especially if you are moving with children. Ask your neighbors for directions or simply open your Google Map and start exploring.

    a person measuring the window in order to make moving to NYC more enjoyable
    Measure your windows and doors before the move.

    Measure everything!

    Some doorways in New York are extremely small and you want to be sure every piece of furniture can fit through it. Whether you hire local movers in New York or decide to do it yourself this is something you must do. You do not want to find out on your day of move that your favorite sofa cannot fit through the door. Other things you should measure are windows and walls. This will help you know if you should bring your curtains and shelves with you or give them away.

    Get rid of things you don’t use

    We all have things that we haven’t used for months or even years. Instead of relocating unused belongings so that they continue collecting the dust in your new home just get rid of them. Don’t just throw them away! You can organize garage sales, sell them online or donate them. Make sure to measure your apartment in a case of downsizing you should either sell things that can not fit or rent a storage space. In case you need a storage space a lot of professional moving companies in New York offer this service and you can ask them about the details. Storage solutions can be short-term and long-term depending on your needs.

    Start packing

    Well here comes the hard part. In order to make moving to NYC more enjoyable, you should plan and organize your packing. If you have decided to pack by yourself start looking for packing supplies and make sure to label your boxes that contain fragile items. When you pack always make sure to wrap your belonging as you don’t want them to have any bumps or scratches. Another option is to hire a moving company. Most professional moving companies offer packing services.

    Whether you need to move your office and are looking for commercial movers NY or you are just moving with your family they can help you pack and make the process much easier. You should be aware that this service costs extra and if you are on a tight budget this might not be the best option for you.

    movers ready for relocation
    Hiring movers will definitely make moving to NYC more enjoyable.

    Hire a moving company so you can make moving to NYC more enjoyable

    Moving can be an overwhelming process. Carrying the boxes by yourself up and down the stairs and arranging everything can in the end waste a lot of your time and effort which could be spent in a better way.

    Professional moving companies like Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage can help your moving be less energy-draining and less stressful. Most of the companies will give you free estimates based on the number of belongings you have. This will help you know the price in advance so that you can plan your budget in advance. Another advantage of hiring a moving company is that they will provide efficient and quick service and provide safety for your belongings. Note that you should always do your research as there are some fraudulent companies that do not have professionally trained movers and are not certified nor reliable.

    Cancel or transfer all your utilities and home services

    Pay attention to these utilities and make sure to cancel or transfer them to your new address:

    • Electrical
    • Gas
    • Internet
    • Trash
    • Cable
    • Water
    • Insurance
    • Magazine subscriptions

    Don’t forget to change your mailing address. You can do that online and it will take 10 days to process. Also, your cable company and your credit card companies need to know that you are moving. Make sure to contact them a week before you move. Forgetting to cancel your utilities can lead to paying unnecessary bills and fees. About a month or so before the move you should call utility companies like electrical, water, and trash and notify them about the date of your move.

    friends taking a selfie after packing
    Friends and family can make moving less stressful and fun.

    Ask for help

    Friends and family make everything in life easier. To truly make moving to NYC more enjoyable you should ask your friends for help. Even if you are just moving down the street and have hired your local movers New York you can always use some help. A fun way to do is to plan a packing party. Put on the music buy some snacks and boxes and invite your friends to help you. This way the time will fly by and you won’t even notice you are packing. If you have little children they can help too, organizing their toys and putting them away in boxes is a task they can easily complete.

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