Ways to enjoy spring in New Jersey

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    Spring is a beautiful season. The air is crisp and the flowers are blooming. And after a long winter, the warm weather and longer days will give you a lot of opportunities to explore the Garden State! And Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ has prepared an article on ways to enjoy spring in New Jersey so keep reading more.

    Enjoy spring in New Jersey by light hiking

    You don’t have to hike for hours to see all the beautiful views in New Jersey has to offer during springtime. Walk over the footbridge in Paterson to see the panoramic views of Great Falls. This is such an easy walk with some amazing views! And you can even enjoy the view from the parking lot. Considering that Paterson has a rich history, you may want to stay around for a museum visit. The tallest waterfalls you will find in New Jersey are located in Layton and they are absolutely stunning! Also, there are a couple of hiking trails if you want to spend more time in nature and enjoy a picnic. So if you’re planning to move here for the beautiful nature, hiring local movers NJ will make your relocation much smoother.

    Paterson NJ, waterfall
    You can really enjoy spring in New Jersey by going for some easy hikes.

    Learn something new at the Liberty Science Center

    Liberty Science Center was opened back in 1993 in Jersey City and it was the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. So if you’re a fan of science and exhibits, visiting this center is a must for you! The exhibits include Eat and Be Eaten – an exhibit that explores the predator-prey relationship of animals, Skyscraper! Achievement and Impact – this is one of the most comprehensive exhibits of skyscrapers, and communication – a huge exhibit that explores human communication. Liberty State Science Center is a great place for families with a lot of exhibits and activities to enjoy. And if this is something that you would like to enjoy on daily basis hire some of the best movers Jersey City has and relocate to this beautiful place.

    Visit the Liberty State Park

    Enormous lush Liberty State Park is located south of Historic Downtown and past the Morris Canal Basin. There are huge open spaces and a dedicated barbecue area making it a perfect spot where you can enjoy spring in New Jersey. It has some of the best waterfront views in NYC and the view of Lady Liberty looks gorgeous. You even have the access to Liberty Island as well as Ellis Island Museum from the park. Plus, you can take a relaxing walk through the breathtaking riverside.

    liberty state park, NJ
    Liberty State Park is a great place with lots of greenery and open space where you can enjoy springtime to the fullest.

    Spend the day on the water

    If you plan to move to or from Jersey City, you may want to take a break from packing and enjoy spring in New Jersey. A great way to do it is by going to the Late Hopatcong which is located in Hopatcong State Park.  This is the biggest lake in the state and it’s 9 miles long. Here, you can either canoe or kayak and you can even stop at one of the restaurants for lunch! Also, you can take a paddle at the Hudson River between the 2 urban centers – Jersey City and NYC. Kayaking between the cities may not be a usual thing, however, it’s a fun and unique way to see the city views. Wawyanda Lake is another place you can go to for a chill paddle. It’s suitable for all skill levels. Just make sure to bring a picnic with you and spend some great time with your family on one of the islands on the lake!

    Visit a botanical garden

    Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers in the spring. And botanical gardens across the state are a good opportunity to enjoy some great experiences with your family. There are a couple of gardens in NJ that offer all kinds of family-friendly programs. The botanical gardens offer the opportunity for your family to discover new flowers and make new memories together. In case you decide to hire moving companies Montclair NJ and relocate here you will surely enjoy Van Vleck House & Gardens which is one of the best botanical gardens in the area. But also there are some gardens we recommend you visit in New Jersey:

    • Sayen House and Gardens, Hamilton Township, NJ
    • Deep Cut Gardens, Middletown Township, NJ
    • Summerville’s Gladiolus, Harrison Township, NJ
    • Magnolia Garden, Magnolia, NJ
    • Morris Arboretum, Morristown, NJ

    Visit Sandy Hook

    The entirety of the Highlands area of NJ including Sandy Hook Bay and Sandy Hook Beach feels like going back in time. Its proximity to the ocean offers some amazing views of water, NYC, and even Long Island! However, it also means that homes here are lifted up on stilts. And the houses that aren’t are already having construction work done. As beautiful as it seems, the homes here are prone to flooding during storm season. However, in the springtime, this relaxed seaside place is worth visiting.

    sandy hook beach, NJ
    Step back in time and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean and NYC at Sandy Hook.

    Have fun at Diggerland USA

    This is the only construction and water-themed park in the country and you will find it in West Berlin. Adults and even kids can drive as well as operate real construction machines. The machines were designed to be safe, clean, and fun. There are over 40 attractions and rides, a zip line, a rock wall, an arcade, and more! There’s something for everyone at this amusement park. However, the attractions we recommend are Shake N’ Roll, The Greased Beast, and the Roxor off-road.

    Are you ready to enjoy spring in New Jersey?

    New Jersey is a great state to move to with the help of moving companies in Newark NJ. There are lots of activities to enjoy. From light hiking to visiting parks and museums, spending quality time with your family on the water, or having fun at an amusement park, there’s something for everyone. So if you are planning to move to the area, make sure to take advantage of the amazing weather and explore everything that Garden State has to offer.

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