Unpack like a pro: the first month after moving in

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    During your home moving preparations, you have probably heard a lot of advice on how to pack your household inventory. But most likely you did not get any advice on unpacking after the move. Although properly packing can speed up the unpacking process, you can not turn back time. Everything that you own is already packed and brought to your new home. Now you are sitting among the ton of your moving boxes and trying to figure out what is the best way to unpack your possession efficiently. There is no doubt this is a complex task. Moreover, many people still live with unpacked boxes months after moving. Luckily, our movers in Bayonne NJ can show you how to unpack like a pro. With our help, you will organize your possessions quickly. In addition, you can have fun during the unpacking process, too!

    Distribute your boxes strategically and you will be ready to unpack like a pro

    Let’s be honest, when you have a mountain of moving boxes all across your new home, it is impossible to figure out where to start. For that reason, our experts from residential moving companies NJ would not judge you if you are running away from this job for days. Whether you are about to move your home tomorrow or you have arrived with your items several days ago, we will lend you a helping hand.

    Brown cardboard boxes
    You should take time to distribute your moving boxes.

    The first thing you should keep in mind: moving-in days are completely crazy. Even if you did spend days coming up with a perfect moving-in plan, you will probably not resist the temptation to throw all of your moving boxes in a pile close to the door. Since you know you can sort them out later, you will just go take a rest and get your energy back. Whether you did this or not, you can not leave your boxes there anymore.

    Clean before you unpack your moving boxes

    Even if the proper distribution of your moving boxes is important, don’t forget about the cleanness. So, the next thing you need to do according to our NJ movers and packers is to check if your home is cleaned and ready for unpacking. If not, take time to dust and clean your home or hire cleaning services. Your home is clean and neat? Now it is time to put your boxes into the rooms where they belong. These two things are something you should do on the first day after your move. We know that you are tired after the long time you did spend on moving preparations. Nevertheless, if you want to unpack like a professional, you will need to stick to a plan. Believe us, every time you postpone any unpacking job, most likely you will not complete it when you plan to.

    The wooden brush
    Don’t start unpacking until you finish cleaning tasks.

    Even if you don’t have time to unpack any of your boxes when they are in the places they should be, everything is just perfect. This will enable you to know where are packed and placed things you may need in case of emergency. On the other hand, if you know that you have to dive into moving boxes and have no idea what you will find inside, this will stress you out. So, follow the labels on your moving boxes and take them to the room where they are supposed to be. In case a certain room is still on your cleaning list, take the recommendation from the moving company Jersey City NJ and do the cleaning first. Start from your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom and you will not make a mistake.

    Make a timeline for the week after the move and unpack like a pro

    Whether you did come to the new home from another neighborhood, city, or state, there is a list of things you need to complete. And unpacking is pretty time-consuming which can be the main reason why you want to leave it for later. Luckily, our Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ experts remind you that you can unpack your items whenever you want. So, you can focus on the rest of the important tasks and finish them first. When it comes to unpacking, here is what you should not skip during the first week after moving in:

    • make sure to have essentials handy, everything else can wait for a while. Check your essential bag and see if there are packed things you will need in the next few days. If not, write down what essentials you need to find and unpack.
    • find and unpack the clothes your will need soon. Although it can be tempting, skip unpacking seasonal items you will not need for months.
    • check what kitchen items you need to unpack aside from items inside your essential bag. Plan to unpack and place in your kitchen things such as dishes, pots, pans, favorite glasses and cups.
    • plan to unpack all bathroom items that you use frequently. This will enable you to make a long bath or your spa hour whenever you need it.

    Declutter once more during the first month after moving in

    Many people don’t pack and move things they don’t use that often. Instead of that, they place them in storage or sell them before the time for moving comes. But when you need to move your home urgently, you don’t have time to sort out your items. Luckily, unpacking is the time when you can correct a mistake that you did. So, take the advice from our piano movers New Jersey and consider do you truly want to unpack items you are not sure will you ever use. If you are not sure about a certain item, you take it back to the box.

    A person plans to unpack like a pro while looking at an empty closet
    After decluttering you can unpack like a pro. So, consider what you will place in your closet.

    It s not easy to survive moving across New Jersey and New York. But when you make it, this short article will help you unpack like a pro. Turn your favorite music on and enjoy unpacking at your new home. Hope you will enjoy this task while spending time at your new home!

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