Tips for handling leftover packing materials

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    Moving can become complicated, stressful, and even boring sometimes. Especially because packing is the most challenging and daunting task of all! The thing with packing is that it takes a lot of time, and also includes unpacking. After your best movers NJ are done with their work you can start with organizing your new place, and that is the best part! However, you can find yourself in a situation to have an excess of packing materials. If you don’t know what to do with them, here are some great tips for handling leftover packing materials. Getting rid of them will take some time. However, you can also reuse some of the packing materials. If you are stuck and have no idea what to do with the leftovers, we are here to help you!

    Where to start with handling leftover packing materials?

    Once you are done with unpacking, you should separate all of your leftovers into two categories – those that are completely destroyed and the ones that you can actually reuse. Possibly, your moving services NJ is going to leave you with a ton of packing materials. Separating them all will help you with deciding what you want to do with them. Here are some ideas:

    • Recycle your leftover materials
    • Donate to someone who is moving or to an animal shelter
    • Storage and reuse is one more way of handling leftover packing materials
    • Use it for a DIY project
    Animal shelters can always use some of your leftover cardboard boxes
    Look at that face! You can find animal shelters in your area and donate some of the cardboard boxes! Puppies will appreciate it!


    Environmental awareness is one of the biggest concerns in the 21st century. If you want to contribute, a good way to start is to set an example yourself. If you are already not doing it, now is the perfect time to start recycling. Destroying forests for paper is doing more harm than good to this planet. That’s why recycling is the best way of dealing with leftover packing materials. It is easy, it is fun, and you are contributing to saving the planet. All you need to do is putting your materials in an eco-friendly dustbin. Usually, those are labeled with signs all over them. So, before you put all of your leftover materials to storage Jersey City NJ, take a walk to the nearest eco-friendly dustbin and leave it there.

    Donation is a great way of reusing leftover packing materials

    Yours “junk” could be a treasure for someone else. Go and ask around your neighborhood, or your friends and family does anyone need boxes and bubble wraps or whatever your leftover materials are. If you just moved to the city, with some help from the interstate movers NJ, this could be a great way of meeting your new neighborhood. One more great way of handling packing materials is to donate them to animal shelters, libraries, and such. By donating you will be doing a good deed and at the same time you will easily solve your problem and deal with your packing materials.

    Storage and reuse your packing materials

    One more idea for dealing with your leftover packing materials is to keep them in your storage and reuse them later. In case you don’t have storage yet, you can get in touch with some of the residential moving companies, and ask them how to rent one. This is especially applicable if you were using plastic bins for your relocation. There are plenty of ways how can you reuse those later. They are really handy for storing different things. It is much safer than storing things in cardboard boxes.

    Leftover cardboards boxes are handy for storage
    There are so many ways to use your leftover cardboard and plastic boxes. Use them for storage, decorations, or even some DIY projects.

    DIY project with your leftover packing materials

    It is always a good idea to keep a few moving boxes just in case. You never know when you might need them again. Maybe your kid will need them for a science project or you can use them as storage bins. With some redecoration, those boxes can turn into stylish flowerpots! There are plenty of ways how you can turn your moving boxes and the rest of your packing materials into gadgets. Just use your imagination and be creative! You can make a bunch of home decorations. Those leftovers can really become handy sometimes!

    What to do with different packing materials?

    The most commonly used packing materials are bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, cardboard or plastic boxes, and packing paper. Unless you are really creative and keen on doing a DIY project, we suggest recycling or donating packing paper and bubble wrap. However, you can find it handy during remodeling the house or while fixing something. They could be good for covering furniture or floors and prevent floor damage while painting.
    Usually, there is a lot of styrofoam peanuts among leftover packing materials. The thing is this material is very difficult, almost impossible to degrade in soil. So the best thing to handle leftover styrofoam peanuts is to recycle them.
    When it comes to boxes, the best possible way of handling the extras is to reuse them for storage or land them to someone. You can also try and sell them.

    DIY projects are one more way of handling your leftover packing materials
    DIY projects are one more way of handling leftover packing materials! Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

    Conclusion for dealing with leftover packing materials

    In the end, you may already do know about the ways of handling leftover packing materials. Also, it is possible that you didn’t have a clue what to do with them and we manage to get you the ideas. Now it is up to you to decide which way you will choose. If you want to be ecologically aware you can go and try recycling in NJ. You can help someone in need, by donating your leftover packing materials for the move or some other reason. Maybe your pet will love it as a toy. Maybe your kids will need it for the science project. We gave you so many options, all you need to do is pick one and make your life easier after the move by dealing with all of your leftover packing materials.

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