Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies in NJ

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We all know that the transport industry is expanding every day. There are more and more moving companies out there that offer various types of moving services. Among movers, there are people that scam people or conduct business in bad faith. But, before we get into the best ways for dealing with fraudulent movers, we have to consider reliable moving companies out there. Finding reliable moving companies NJ has to offer is one of the best ways to avoid any problems while moving your home. Here are some tips from professionals on dealing with fraudulent moving companies in case you encounter them.

How to avoid dealing with fraudulent movers?

Most people tend to hire professionals when moving. They find moving services NJ has to offer and let the professional movers do all the work. However, that may not always be the case. Fraudulent movers commit scams every day. That is why you should do everything in your power to avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies.

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Make sure to research moving companies in-dept before hiring any moving company.

To do that, make sure you listen to the professional’s advice and research companies you like in dept. Here are some tips that will help you find reliable and quality movers:

  • Check the mover’s ID number. To avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies, make sure to check if the moving company you are interested in has the ID number. Quality NJ movers and packers will always provide this information to potential customers. With the ID number of the company, you can check if the company is listed in the official mover’s database. This way you will be sure that you are dealing with a reliable and registered moving company.
  • Transparency. Every reliable moving company out there will provide all the information about the company you ask for. Details about the company like the official address, the moving quote, services movers provide, etc. If movers are open and share information about the company and their business you are dealing with a reliable company.
  • Moving specific items. Movers also specialize in some type of specific relocation. If you need to move a piano, consider finding piano movers New Jersey has to offer. These movers should explain the relocation process upfront and provide you with an estimate of the costs. Reliable movers usually conduct their business this way.

How to spot fraudulent movers?

Keep in mind that fraudulent movers develop quite elaborate stories to make you believe that they are the moving company you can trust. However, people who can recognize the red flags usually see through their lies. First off, movers don’t provide much information about their company. They skillfully avoid telling you’re their company ID number or the office address so you cannot trace them. On the other hand, fraudulent movers also provide you with a reasonable quote.

Quote or the price of your move depends on many factors. Many reliable moving companies will provide you with a similar moving quote. However, fraudulent movers may offer lower moving quotes just to get your attention. Keep in mind id the offer is too good to be true, it is a red flag.

Fraudulent movers will usually offer to transport all of your belongings. This is a huge red flag because import and export laws are strict about the transport of certain items like flammables, foods, plants, etc. Reliable moving companies usually provide you with a list of items you shouldn’t pack when moving home. On the other hand, fraudulent movers offer to transport all of your belongings no questions asked just to get their hand on your belongings.

glasses on paper
Make sure to read the contract before confronting fraudulent movers.

Ways of dealing with fraudulent moving companies

In case you hire a moving company to relocate your belongings and spot some red flags, you may be dealing with one of those fraudulent moving companies. If you notice that movers are might be scammers, consider your options.

Consider reasoning with them.

If some of the red flags arise during the moving day while movers pack or are about to load your belongings onto the moving truck, it is time to act quickly. Check your moving contract and possible changes or alterations. Keep your moving quote close and try reasoning with them. In case they ask for more money, do not under any circumstances agree. In this situation, try discussing the terms of your contact and terms. If your movers still are insisting on you paying more money or make a problem, consider contacting the authorities.

You can always file a complaint

In case you end up as a victim of moving fraud, you should file an official complaint. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has the official site that provides this option. File a complaint and may be able to help identify fraudulent movers. This way you will help others from becoming victims of the same con artists in the moving industry.

Hire a layer

A quality layer may try to cancel your agreement with a fraudulent moving company. The layers will review the official contract you have with the fraudulent moving company and take action. Layers may be able to get you out of the contract and get you out of the bad situation.

police lights
Make sure you call the police if movers tent to leave with your belongings.

Contact the authorities

One of the possibilities when dealing with fraudulent moving companies is that you notify the authorities and call the police. If fraudulent movers are holding your belongings hostage and ask for more money, police may intervene. In that case, fraudulent movers may face theft charges.

Notify the media

The best way of dealing with fraudulent moving companies is to make sure you recognize them. However, if anything else doesn’t work, you can notify the local media channels about fraudulent movers. This way the public can be aware of the moving scams happening in the area. Taking this action is the last resort but you may be able to help someone else from becoming the victim of moving fraud.

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