Tips and tricks for moving during the winter season

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    Relocating at any time of year may be stressful. However, relocating during the winter months can be particularly difficult. Moving during the winter season has its own set of difficulties, from snow on the ground to bitterly low temperatures. We at Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ have prepared some of our best tips and tricks for moving during the winter season.

    Steps to executing moving during the winter season

    1. Be flexible

    Winter weather is unpredictable; it might be sunny one day and raining or snowing the next. You may also face wind, hail, or other extreme weather. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and conditions in the weeks before your relocation. If a severe storm is forecast on the day of your move, you should contact your movers or truck rental firm to reschedule. You may not be able to accomplish this, but the vendor should be able to due to the reduced workload in the winter. After all, they despise the snow as much as you do!

    a man and women moving during the winter season
    Although moving around the holidays is hard, it is doable.

    2. Start packing early

    Don’t wait until moving day to start packing. The sooner you start, the better for everyone. Renting a moving container might assist a lot here. Choose a steel one, not aluminum. Because they won’t buckle, cave, or shift under heavy snow. They’re also waterproof and rodent-proof, keeping your stuff safe and dry in all weather.

    3. Get your home ready for moving in

    Traveling in the winter entails much more risk than in the summer, spring, or fall. Create a safe atmosphere before loading anything into the truck, automobile, or storage container. Shovel snow away, leaving a wide route for transporting bulky items. Also, keep your pathways clear of ice. De-icing your steps and walkways is an excellent option. You don’t want to trip and hurt yourself or break sensitive objects.

    Consider building shelter along with vulnerable spots. Large party tents and tarps are great for rain protection, but for snow, choose something that can hold the weight or has an angle to slide the snow off. Inside, cover your flooring with plastic sheeting. You and the movers Jersey City NJ will be in and out of the house regularly, bringing wet, snow, and dirt with you. You have plenty to worry about on moving day; cleaning dirt from your carpets shouldn’t be one of them.

    4. Weatherproof your items

    When packing, protect your valuables and delicate objects from the cold. Fragile objects, including dishware and glass, might shatter or break if the temperature changes too rapidly. Wrapping things in heavy blankets might assist in smoothing the shift from warm to chilly.

    To avoid exposing these objects to excessive cold, pack them last into your moving container and unload them first. Electronics should be stowed in your car as they are susceptible to the cold. To keep these valuables secure, wait until you’re going to depart before loading them. If you’re moving something valuable, like a piano, in these gruesome conditions, we highly suggest hiring specialized moving services. Our piano movers New Jersey can move your piano safely even in the coldest weather.

    a person holding a coffee cup
    Nobody likes working and moving during the winter season, so surprise your movers with a cup of hot coffee.

    5. Look after your movers

    Winter moving is far more difficult than summer moving, so consider hiring pros to load and unload your items. They will have more experience relocating in the winter than you, so they will be more prepared to deal with the problems. Prepare a pot of coffee, cocoa, or apple cider (non-alcoholic, of course!) to warm them up when they need a break. They will certainly enjoy it. If you’re hiring residential moving companies NJ, feel free to have a little chat with them as well. As they can share with you some useful information about the neighborhood and advice on how you can protect and store your items.

    6.  Packing your car for a long drive

    Make sure your automobile is maintained before a long-distance relocation. To be safe, pack warm blankets, jackets, hats, and gloves in your car rather than in your moving truck. Do not be stranded without warm gear on the side of the road. Also, make sure you have tire chains and ice scrapers handy in case of an emergency. Be prepared for anything. It’s better to be prepared than under-prepared.

    7. Allow more travel time

    Winter travel takes longer than summer driving, so plan ahead. The driver will need to know if there are any modifications to the timetable. That is unless you are utilizing a moving container. It’s best to plan your route ahead of time, but be flexible. You may find that your favorite route is closed due to snowplow schedule changes. Mobile phone mapping apps like Mapquest can automatically alter your route to avoid any traffic concerns.

    8. Organize your new home for packing

    Prior to moving into your new house, clean and ice-free any paths, and preserve your flooring. Because winter nights are shorter, you should schedule your unpacking time accordingly. Get hold of your moving company to schedule the delivery of your portable storage container. You may wish to keep your items in the container overnight rather than unpacking them right away if the time is late. So you can start anew in the morning. Make sure all external lights are functional before you have to unload at night. Other alternatives include hanging lights or headlamps. Even if it seems obvious, turn on the utilities the day before you move in.

    a man shovelling snow for moving during the winter season
    Make sure your house is ready for unloading the trucks and bringing in your belongings.

    9. Take a deep breath and relax

    Moving during the winter season can be stressful, but it can be avoided with careful planning. Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage can let you relax by providing convenient moving and storage options. Let us help you relocate in the winter. Our moving services NJ are unmatched in the industry!

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