The ultimate move-out cleaning checklist

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So you’ve decluttered, packed all of your belongings and you’re bargaining with movers; but you haven’t done move-out cleaning? As one of the most reliable moving companies NJ has we would like to help you with that. We’ve created the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist. Either way, if you’re selling or renting you’ll have to deep-clean your apartment. Now if you’re renting you’ll have to do it to get your deposit money back. Most renters want you to return the apartment to the condition that you found it in. On the other hand, if you’re selling you can get a higher price if it looks perfectly clean. This isn’t something required by the law when you’re selling, but come on who would buy a dirty apartment? So let’s dive in!

Before you start the ultimate move-out cleaning

First, make a plan for your house or apartment. Put as many things as possible in the boxes or move them somewhere else. We as Jersey City movers would recommend that you could put all of your belongings in a temporary storage unit if you’re moving in the summer use the one with an air conditioner.  You don’t know how can some things start to smell or decompose under a high temperature. Now buy or gather everything that you’ll need for cleaning:

  • Microfiber cloths and other kinds of cloths
  • Save some old clothes that you wanted to throw away it’ll come in handy
  • Mop and a bucket
  • Sponge and different cleaning products
  • Vaccum and a duster
Different detergents on the table;
Prepare all the cleaning products and detergents in case something spills.

After you get all of these things, remove nails, screws, and pins from the walls. After you’ve done that you can putty them smoothly. If you have to put your chairs anywhere or on something like a bed that would be a good idea because sweeping, mopping, and cleaning will be much easier that way. Don’t forget to rinse the clothes, mops, and other scrubbing and rubbing tools, also don’t forget to empty the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the whole empty house

We, as one of the most experienced residential moving companies NJ has, advise you to clean all the windows since the house will be empty and you’ll have everything ready. After you’ve cleaned the windows you can dust the light fixtures, ceiling, mirrors, window blinds, fan blades, countertops, shelves, windowsills, and vents. When you’re done with dusting you should vacuum everything, also do it inside drawers and in other closed items like cabinets.  After vacuuming you should sweep all the tile, hardwood, or any other type of floor that you have, just remember to use the right cleaning products for that. That will depend mostly on the type of surface, wood, tile, etc. Finally, you can clean the tracks and sliding doors and remove the stains on the walls or any hard stains that you couldn’t clean before.

You can apply these tips to all types of rooms, like living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms. Because cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are a bit different since these are rooms where more dirt and stains can be found.

A woman dusting a lamp while thinking about the ultimate moving-out cleaning checklist;
Dusting should be first on the moving-out cleaning checklist because after it falls to the floor you’ll just vacuum it.

Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen can be an exhausting job since you did a lot of cooking and baking there. You’ll see how much mess you made over the years and you didn’t even realize. So the best cleaning products because they’ll give you the best results and they’ll save you a lot of time. The first thing that you would want to do is to apply cleaning solutions to these tough stains. While you’re waiting for the cleaning solution to do its magic you can clean the rest of the kitchen. Let’s get started by dusting cabinets (inside and outside) and washing the dishes so you can place them inside. After that, you should clean all the appliances that you have like a toaster, fridge, microwave, blender, dishwasher, oven, freezer, coffeemaker, etc. Finally throw out the garbage and put a new bag in the bin.

The ultimate move-out cleaning checklist ends with bathrooms

This is logical since you’ll have to keep all the chemicals somewhere and you’ll have to use the toilet if you have to go. Here you’ll have to scrub a lot and use gloves for protection. So start with cleaning the countertops, mirrors, sink, cabinets, sanitizers, glass doors, bathtubs, and curtains, and mop the floor. Finally when this all is done if you have any trash can empty it and leave a roll of paper.

Hiring a cleaning company

As interstate movers NJ can see that people nowadays hire companies to the cleaning for them. Now there are many reasons why people are doing this. The most common ones are allergies, stress from the whole moving process, not enough time, toxicity, etc. Now if you want to hire professionals they’ll do it better but at a higher price because the most expensive part is the labor work itself. So if you want to be sure that you’ll get your deposit money back this is a good option. Now if you want to DIY it’s okay but you’ll have to be aware that it will be time-consuming.

A person cleaning a surface near the sink
If you don’t want to stress out over cleaning, just hire the pros. It’s much easier and they’ll do the job probably much faster.

As experienced moving companies Montclair NJ we can tell you just that it’s totally up to you. Since nobody knows your allergies and work schedule better than you do.  We can help you when it comes to moving and provide you with advice but when it comes to cleaning you have to decide for yourself. This was our ultimate move-out cleaning checklist and we hope that you found it helpful. Clean your home properly and a stress-free move!

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