The most simple first apartment checklist ever

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    Do you have a checklist for your first apartment? If not, you’re not alone. We’ve talked to a lot of people who are just getting started in the real estate game and they either don’t have a list at all. Or they’ve got one that’s too long, complicated, and expensive to be realistic. Here’s the thing: Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ wants to help you make your dream of home ownership come true. And that means taking care of the basics so that you can focus on the fun stuff later! So, we came up with the most simple first apartment checklist—just so you know exactly what to look for when you’re looking for your first place!

    Set up all your utilities before you move in

    Make sure you have all of your utilities set up prior to moving day so that there are no interruptions in service when you move in. This might mean paying upfront for services like electricity or gas. So that there aren’t any surprises later on down the line when you receive bills for services that were used during the move itself. Which can happen if those bills were sent directly to the previous resident.

    a woman and a man checking the most simple first apartment checklist
    We made the most simple first apartment checklist for you if you don’t have moving experience.

    Cleaning supplies that are essential to have before you start unpacking

    Before you start unpacking everything, there are three things that we think you should have on hand when you get to your new place. These things include cleaning supplies and a good vacuum cleaner. You will be amazed at what a difference a good vacuum can make when it comes to cleaning up after yourself! Plus, having one will give you something productive to do while you’re waiting for the movers to bring over all of your stuff.

    What is more, you should have a cleaning kit with you. This kit should include everything from paper towels and toilet paper to sponges and disinfectant wipes. And yes, even soap if there isn’t any already in the bathroom! These items are essential for getting started in your new place.

    Movers in Bayonne NJ advise you to buy some cleaning supplies before moving day so that you’re prepared for any messes that may come up while unpacking. You never know what kind of surprises might be hiding behind those boxes…

    Bedroom essentials

    The easiest thing is to make sure your new place is fully furnished before you move in. However, some apartments don’t come with furniture or appliances and you have to buy your own stuff. Having to buy everything from scratch at once can be a real budget buster. That’s why NJ movers and packers created this list for you to help you out. When it comes to bedrooms, you will not need much here, as for other rooms. However, you will definitely need a bed, a mattress, pillows, sheets, dressers, and so on. This is pretty obvious—but don’t forget about other things like lamps and nightstands! Having these items ready will make unpacking much easier. Because all you will need to do is unpack them from the boxes they come in.

    A bed in a bedroom
    For bedrooms do not forget to list items like pillows, mattresses, sheets, and so on.

    Living room essentials

    Your living room will probably be where you spend most of your time when you’re home alone or with friends. This is also a room for which you will need to buy the majority of items. Moving company Jersey City NJ recommends you get some furniture for your living room first—a couch or love seat will do just fine. However, you may want to stock up on plenty of comfortable seating options. Whether they are couches or chairs or ottomans—plus lamps for mood lighting.

    A TV is optional if you don’t watch much TV. If you do watch a lot of TV or movies, definitely get one! You can also get decorations like lamps or vases if they fit your style. And don’t forget about entertainment systems like game consoles or DVD players!

    Kitchen essentials

    This room may seem like an easy one. However, you will need to think about a lot of things for this room. Firstly, make sure to have enough dishes and pots, pans, bowls, and cups, so that whoever’s coming over won’t need to eat off of paper plates.

    Also, make sure to have some basic necessities like salt & pepper shakers or tongs. This way, it will feel more like home than just a bunch of random stuff thrown together by someone who doesn’t really care about how their house. Also, you will want to invest in a fridge (or at least a small one), stovetop/oven combo unit (or at least one burner), and all of the necessary pots and pans for cooking. If you already have some of these items, call residential moving companies NJ to help you out with moving and unpacking. They offer a variety of services!

    A woman cooking in the kitchen
    Investing in a big and good fridge is always a good idea.


    Don’t forget about decorating! Even though it’s tempting not to think about this stuff until after everything else is done, remember that decoration is still important. There are many things that can make your new apartment feel like home again. Especially if you already have some art or valuable items that you want to take with you. In case you are an art lover and have a piano, contact piano movers New Jersey. They will move your items safely and securely.

    Hire professional movers

    Hire professional movers to help you out with your move. This might seem like an obvious one, but it can make all the difference in how smoothly things go. Especially if you’re moving into an apartment with friends or family members who don’t have much experience with moving large items. Once you hire good movers, you’ll be able to focus on other things while they’re doing all the heavy lifting! What is more, you can save money on hiring U-Hauls and moving trucks, and you’ll get to relax while someone else does all the heavy lifting for you. The most simple first apartment checklist is here for you, and we hope it will be of great help!

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