The best Halloween events in NJ to visit after the move

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With Halloween just around the corner in New Jersey, it’s the perfect time to get into the spirit of all things spooky (like a haunted hayride in NJ or visiting a haunted house.) There are plenty of spooky and not-so-terrifying Halloween activities taking place in New Jersey this autumn. New Jersey is traditionally the place to be during the Halloween season. If you are considering moving, some of the best movers NJ houses are here to assist you! And hurry up so you don’t miss the best of the best Halloween events in NJ. Find out where you and your family can get into the Halloween mood by reading on.

What are the best Halloween events in NJ to visit this year?

While conventional Halloween activities like trick-or-treating and costume parades remain popular, New Jersey hosts a slew of creative holiday festivities that enable Halloween fans to go outside the box. This year’s Halloween lineup includes zombies, ghosts, and even the family dog!

Spooky pumpkins
New Jersey does Halloween better than any other state.

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike because it enables everyone to be creative with costumes and play-pretend. If you’re a parent in New Jersey, you may take your kids to non-scary Halloween events like crafts and face painting. There are also many haunted places in New Jersey that will be perfect for frightening your preteens and adolescent children. In the next few paragraphs, we will share with you some of the best Halloween events in NJ to visit this year.

Newark trick-or-treat events

In Newark, there’s something for everyone on Halloween. Families can enjoy parades, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. Kids can also do Halloween crafts and storytelling at public libraries. Adults can go to haunted houses, trails, and Halloween bar crawls. There are also costume parties with music. Special cultural events like the Day of the Dead and Halloween movie screenings are available, too. Check the Newark tourism website for the latest updates on Halloween events. Experienced moving companies in Newark NJ often see a spike in their bookings in the period leading to Halloween because families are rushing to move before these festivities begin.

Irvington’s unique Halloween events

Irvington, with its rich cultural backdrop, distinguishes itself through Halloween events that often spotlight local history and folklore. For example, the city arranges educational haunted walks through districts enriched by stories from the past. These walks offer not just a dose of thrill but also impart knowledge about the city’s heritage, differentiating them from the usual Halloween fare. Irvington Park is one of the main locations where the community gathers for Halloween activities. With a variety of themed stations designed for children and numerous food vendors serving up seasonal delicacies like pumpkin pies and caramel apples, the park becomes a hub of festive energy. Certain residential areas take decorating to the next level, drawing visitors who tour the neighborhoods simply to experience these mini Halloween wonderlands.

Children making Halloween decoration
NJ offers activities for the youngest also

Local businesses in Irvington contribute to the Halloween spirit by organizing a variety of contests that stimulate community interaction. For those facing a move during this busy time, reliable movers Irvington NJ has can handle all relocation aspects, ensuring you can fully partake in Halloween events.

Halloween in Union City

Union City distinguishes itself by combining traditional Halloween activities with community service initiatives. One notable example is the Dia De Los Muertos event, where children get to express their artistic capabilities. There are prizes and plenty of candy for all the contestants. Union City’s local theaters and art spaces frequently contribute to the Halloween season by producing themed plays and performances. Notably, community members are encouraged to audition, offering an avenue for local talent to shine. Neighborhoods often organize Halloween block parties that include community potlucks, bringing residents together for a shared meal and games.

Safety is a priority in Union City, especially during public events that draw large crowds. Streets hosting major events are often closed to regular traffic, and detours are clearly marked. If relocating to Union City is on the horizon, experienced movers Union City NJ is home to can provide specialized services that account for the Halloween festivities, enabling a smooth move.

How East Orange celebrates Halloween

East Orange aims for inclusivity in its Halloween festivities. The city hosts events targeting various age groups to make sure everyone has a chance to celebrate. For instance, daytime carnivals with family-friendly activities like face painting and pumpkin carving ensure younger members of the community aren’t left out. In the evening, adult-centric events such as costume parties and horror film marathons take center stage, offering a more mature way to celebrate the holiday. For these reasons, here are some of the best Halloween events in NJ.

Spider web as a Halloween decor
Don’t hesitate to discover all the fun in NJ

To make the most of your Halloween experience in East Orange, early planning is advised. Many of the most popular events have limited capacity and require advance registration. Consult local event listings, social media pages, or community boards to stay updated on what is happening around you. Make sure to also keep an eye on ticket availability and any required registrations to avoid disappointment. If you’re coordinating a move to East Orange during the Halloween season, movers East Orange NJ offer services that can be tailored to accommodate your participation in local events.

Celebrations in Bloomfield

Bloomfield provides an ideal setting for Halloween. Historical societies frequently collaborate with event organizers to offer Halloween gatherings that are not only entertaining but also educational. The city’s historic districts, many with buildings dating back to the 19th century, offer the perfect ambiance for ghostly revelry.

The Halloween parade in Bloomfield is a notable event, attracting residents and visitors alike. With elaborately designed floats, performances by local artists, and a community costume contest, it is a hallmark of the season. Another one of the popular Halloween events in NJ is the Haunted History Tours, where guides share eerie tales linked to famous landmarks, providing both spine-tingling moments and an educational experience. If you’re planning a move close to the Halloween period, experienced movers Bloomfield NJ can provide specialized services designed to facilitate your move while allowing you to engage in the local festivities.

Family-friendly Halloween events in New Jersey

If you are a new parent, your little family deserves to enjoy Halloween too. To help you move faster and more efficiently, our eviction movers NJ are here to make sure you will be in your new home before the holidays. Newborns don’t seem to care about anything except their mommies and milk, but we’re sure you’d love to have pictures and memories of their first-ever Halloween. And if you are a family with little ones and toddlers and younger children, these next few family-friendly events will be perfect for you! And we promise your kids won’t be spooked out too much.

A mom and her toddler dressed up as Snow White going trick or treating
Trick or treating is every child’s favorite part of Halloween.

Here are our top 5 picks for family-friendly Halloween events in New Jersey:

  1. Six Flags Fright Fest
  2. Skylands Jack O’Lantern Experience
  3. Boo at the Zoo
  4. AddamsFest 2023
  5. Brite Nites 2023

Haunted Hayrides and Haunted Attractions for Halloween Jersey City

If you are looking to entertain your preteens and teens, however, first of all, good luck! It’s really hard to impress those little Gen Zs. But we have some pretty good choices for you. New Jersey has the best-haunted hayrides and haunted Halloween attractions in the country. If you call them now, our best movers Jersey City will make sure to get you settled in before the holidays. So that you can enjoy these wonderful NJ attractions.

Discover Halloween in Hoboken

Hoboken in New Jersey is famous for going all out on Halloween, with activities to suit all ages and preferences. Whether you’ve got kids in tow or you’re out with friends, there’s something for everyone. The city’s annual Halloween Parade is a big hit, with imaginative costumes, floats, and often live music to enjoy. It’s an event that draws both local families and visitors. For parents with young kids, there are well-organized ‘Trick-or-Treating’ routes planned by local stores, where child safety is a top concern.

If you’re in the mood for adult fun, the bar crawl is a must-do, with a variety of pubs offering special Halloween drinks and deals. The community really gets into the spirit, with many residents going all out to decorate their homes and businesses, adding to the festive atmosphere. Plus, Hoboken’s convenient location, just a short hop from Manhattan, makes it easy for people from all over to join in the fun. It’s a top spot for anyone looking to celebrate Halloween in a big way. So, if you are in the mood for some Halloween fun, reach out to reliable Hoboken movers to make sure you get there on time for the celebration.

a ghost path as one of the Halloween events in NJ
The Haunted Hike at Martin’s Brook Park is one of the most visited Halloween events in NJ.

For a really frightening evening, walk down a ghost path in Summit’s Martin’s Brook Park. If you have little children, choose the 6 to 7 PM time period, which is a bit less frightening. Prepare to scream between 7 and 8 PM, when characters hiding along the path will appear when you least expect it. When you reach the conclusion of the trek, you will be rewarded with free sweets and cider.

Don’t hesitate to join the Halloween fun

If you’re not quite sure yet and you need additional reasons why you should hurry up and move before the spooky season begins, listen up. New Jersey provides a fulfilling experience whether you are a parent trying to have fun with your kids or maybe a young soul looking for an unforgettable night out, you are sure to have fun. So come and enjoy the festivities and see what Halloween events in NJ are all about!

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