The best Essex County places for singles

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Essex County is a gem in New Jersey. It has long been recognized for its bustling communities and dynamic lifestyle. But if there’s one segment it truly shines for, it’s the singles. With rich culture, entertainment hotspots, and picturesque neighborhoods, it’s no wonder that Essex County places for singles are a topic of interest for many. If you’re a single individual considering a move to this dynamic region, choosing the right moving partner is crucial. One name that consistently stands out with top-tier services is Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage NJ. With their expertise, relocating to your dream destination in Essex becomes a hassle-free experience.

Explore the best Essex County places for singles

Whether you’re a lover of artsy neighborhoods, bustling downtown streets, or tranquil parks, Essex has something tailored just for you. In case you’re considering moving with movers Essex County has to offer, you should explore the top 4 best places in Essex County for singles:

  • Newark
  • Montclair
  • Irvington
  • Bloomfield
A woman reading about the best Essex County places for singles
Essex County boasts a rich mix of urban and suburban spots perfect for singles.


Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. It resonates with a distinctive urban charisma, drawing a diverse crowd from various backgrounds. Central to Newark’s identity is its rich cultural fabric, beautifully displayed across its lively neighborhoods and amazing dining spots. For singles keen on plunging into Newark’s lively atmosphere, prime neighborhoods like North Ironbound, South Ironbound, Central Business District, and Lower Vailsburg, as well as the popular Ironbound, Downtown, and University Heights, stand out. Housing in these areas presents various options, with the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is around $1,498.

One can’t speak of Newark without acknowledging its energetic lifestyle and entertainment scene. Hotspots such as Hell’s Kitchen Lounge and QXT’s Night Club are magnets for those seeking spirited evenings. Also, events like the Newark Arts Festival inject artistic vitality into the city annually. When it comes to employment, Newark offers many opportunities across different industries. Its proximity to New York City further broadens potential job prospects and commuting options. As for getting around within Newark, the city prides itself on superb connectivity with facilities like Newark Penn Station, PATH, and an extensive bus network, ensuring movement is efficient and swift. For individuals contemplating a relocation to Newark, securing the services of trustworthy movers in Newark NJ is paramount to ensure a smooth entry into this dynamic urban paradise.

A woman wearing blue suit
Newark’s diverse neighborhoods present a vibrant urban lifestyle for the adventurous single.


Montclair is also one of the Essex County places for singles and it is a town that’s all about the arts. Everywhere you look, from streets to buildings, there’s a touch of creativity – think galleries, theaters, and wall paintings. If you’re single and thinking about moving here, places like Upper Montclair and Walnut Street are ideal. They’re great spots to live, with a range of rents, so there’s likely something that fits your budget and style.

When it comes to fun, Montclair doesn’t disappoint. You’ve got theaters, including the popular Wellmont, lively music spots, and tasty places to eat. Some favorites are Raymond’s and Cuban Pete’s. If you’re job hunting, there’s good news. Montclair has many local businesses, offering various opportunities. And if you’re aiming for bigger jobs, remember New York City is just a short trip away.

For those who love the outdoors, Montclair shines. You can go for hikes at the Mills Reservation County Park or just relax at Anderson Park. And if you decide that Montclair is the place for you, remember to get some help with your move. Trusted movers Montclair NJ locals rely on can make your transition smooth and easy. All in all, Montclair has a bit of everything, making it a top choice for many singles.

An interior of a theater
Montclair’s theaters and cafes make it a top choice for culturally inclined singles.


Irvington boasts a storied past that seamlessly melds with its emerging modern sectors. Tracing back to its historical roots, this town was once a hub of activity, and remnants of its rich heritage can still be witnessed in certain quarters. For singles eyeing to make Irvington their new haven, affordable housing is a highlight. Particularly, areas like Lower Clinton Hill, Upper Clinton Hill, and Civic Square stand out, offering budget-friendly residential options that don’t compromise on quality.

When it comes to unwinding after a hectic day or enjoying a weekend, Irvington offers many spots. ‘Club Eclipse’ is famed for its pulsating music and lively crowds, offering the perfect backdrop for dance enthusiasts. ‘The Southern Comfort Cafe’, on the other hand, brings a slice of the South with its delicious cuisines and cozy ambiance. Furthermore, the annual ‘Irvington Township Music Festival‘ is an event that cannot be missed, drawing locals and outsiders alike and spotlighting the town’s rich musical scene.

For those worried about employment, Irvington sits near major job markets, making it a strategic spot for daily commutes. Its local economy is steadily growing, with sectors such as retail, healthcare, and education providing ample opportunities.

Also, for singles eager to engage with the community, Irvington is welcoming. Numerous community events, workshops, and local groups encourage newcomers to mingle and make friends and connections. Whether it’s participating in local clean-up drives, joining a book club at the ‘Irvington Public Library’, or simply attending town hall meetings, there are countless ways to immerse oneself in the community’s fabric. In essence, Irvington is not just a place to live; it’s a place to belong. Movers Irvington NJ offers are the best choice if you decide to move here!

A man in a green t shirt
For a touch of history coupled with modern amenities, singles are turning to Irvington.


Bloomfield is often referred to as the “Garden City.” It is an inviting destination in New Jersey, known for its lush greenery and warm community spirit. It’s no wonder singles find it to be an appealing choice when considering relocation. When looking for the perfect neighborhood to settle down in, areas such as Brookdale, Halcyon Park, and Watsessing stand out. They offer residential tranquility and proximity to urban amenities, ensuring residents get the best of both worlds.

For those who appreciate a good coffee or seek lively entertainment, Bloomfield offers many interesting spots. ‘The Corner’ is a beloved local coffee shop, perfect for morning pick-me-ups or afternoon catch-ups. Meanwhile, ‘The Wooden Spoon Saloon’ offers a trendy space for evening relaxation, serving a mix of refreshing beverages and gourmet bites. When it’s about the local economy, Bloomfield showcases robustness. Major employers include Bloomfield College and the Bloomfield Public School District, both offering a range of employment opportunities for locals.

An active lifestyle is easily maintained here, thanks to the town’s emphasis on wellness and sports. Numerous gyms, including ‘Frogs Fitness,’ dot the cityscape. For those inclined towards mindfulness and flexibility, ‘Bloom Yoga’ is a popular choice, providing serene sessions that cater to both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Additionally, wellness centers ensure that residents have access to holistic health services.

Making the move to this verdant haven? Consider partnering with reliable movers Bloomfield NJ residents trust to ensure your transition is as smooth as the town’s serene parks. In a nutshell, Bloomfield isn’t just about scenic beauty; it’s about a quality of life that harmoniously mixes nature, community, and urban conveniences.

Other Essex County places for singles

Apart from these places in Essex County, there are other spots worth a mention. Read more about them.


Livingston stands out in Essex County for its upscale lifestyle. It’s a town where quality meets comfort. One of its key attractions is the range of high-end shopping centers. Whether you’re looking for designer wear or luxury items, Livingston’s shops have it covered. But it’s not just about shopping; the town radiates an elegance that appeals to those seeking a refined way of life. Wide streets, manicured lawns, and well-maintained homes are the norm here. Simply put, for anyone wanting a mix of luxury shopping and classy living, Livingston is the go-to place in Essex County.


Millburn has a charm that particularly resonates with singles. At its heart is the Paper Mill Playhouse, a renowned venue where arts and culture come to life. Whether you’re a theater enthusiast or simply looking to enjoy a night out, this playhouse promises memorable experiences. Beyond the theater, Millburn’s streets are dotted with boutique shops offering unique finds, from vintage treasures to modern chic. This allows singles to explore, shop, and even meet like-minded individuals. The town’s social vibe, combined with its cultural attractions, makes it an ideal spot for those flying solo. And for those considering a quick move or facing housing challenges, eviction movers NJ provides reliable services in the area.

A woman at a shoe store
Millburn stands out with its boutique shops and the famous Paper Mill Playhouse.

West Orange

West Orange, a gem in Essex County, offers a rich mix of history and modern living – a blend that singles find especially appealing. Central to its attraction is the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. This landmark isn’t just for history buffs; it’s a hub for community events, workshops, and gatherings, making it an ideal spot for singles to socialize and learn. Beyond the park, West Orange has a lively town center with cafes, eateries, and small shops, creating numerous opportunities to enjoy solo adventures. The town’s balance of historic sites and contemporary venues means there’s always something happening. Whether it’s a weekend market, a local concert, or a casual meetup at a cafe, singles will find West Orange engaging and welcoming. In a nutshell, it’s a place where the past meets the present and where singles can forge connections amid a backdrop of rich history.

Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove is one of the great Essex County places for singles. Unlike the constant buzz of bigger cities, Cedar Grove offers a tranquil setting characterized by tree-lined streets, chirping birds, and friendly neighbors. This town provides an idyllic environment for individuals to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. The local parks and trails are perfect for peaceful walks or morning jogs. Yet, it’s not all about solitude. The community here is tight-knit, hosting regular events and gatherings where singles can connect and build relationships. Local cafes and diners offer cozy corners for reading or catching up with friends.

How to make your transition to Essex County a smooth experience?

If you’re a single individual gearing up to move to Essex County, ensuring a smooth transition can make all the difference. Start by researching the areas that best cater to your interests and lifestyle. Perhaps you’re drawn to Montclair’s artsy vibe or Newark’s diverse cultural scene. Once you’ve chosen your new town, draft a moving checklist tailored to a single’s needs, considering space, budget, and essentials. Next, familiarize yourself with local hotspots. Dive into cafes, gyms, libraries, or parks to relax and potentially meet new people.

Pre-move decluttering is also essential. As a single, streamlined living can offer both comfort and efficiency, bring along only what truly matters. Upon arrival, be proactive. Attend community events or join social groups, making it easier to create connections in your new surroundings. Also, explore transportation options when you want to venture out or commute. A move can seem challenging, but for singles, Essex County offers many opportunities. With a little preparation and the help of residential moving companies NJ offers, you can make your new start both effortless and enjoyable.

A woman packing boxes
Whether it’s nightlife, culture, or peace, Essex County places for singles have it all.

Choose one of the top Essex County places to call home!

Essex County shines as one of the top destinations for those seeking the best places to live, especially for singles. From bustling city atmospheres to quieter suburban retreats, the range of Essex County places for singles is diverse and inviting. Every corner of the county, whether urban or suburban, promises culture, convenience, and community. For those on the hunt for dynamic nightlife or those desiring peaceful park visits, this region delivers. The emphasis on community and connectivity further ensures that singles feel at home, fostering new relationships and exploring varied interests. When considering the best Essex County places, the options are not only abundant but also rich in experiences waiting to be discovered.

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