The Art Of Decluttering: Find Serenity Before Your Big NJ Move

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Moving comes with a few complications. The first thing that you must do is pack and organize your space. Many find this task time-consuming and even boring. However, you should not skip it. If you declutter your space before your big NJ move, things will go much smoother. In this article, we will talk about why decluttering your space is a crucial part of the move. Moreover, we will take a look at the most effective ways of decluttering. Additionally, whenever you need help with your move, contact the best NJ moving companies that will help you out instantly!

Decluttering before your big NJ move – why is it important?

If you happen to think about how many things you have in your house and even about decluttering them, you may get demotivated. Nevertheless, decluttering is vital for a successful move. Firstly, when you declutter your space, you will know what you want to transport with you. This way, loading your valuables in the moving truck will be so much easier, and you will have peace of mind. Secondly, you may get rid of things that occupy your space and don’t want to transport with you. You can either donate them or sell them. This way, you will know what it’s more important and how many items you have with you. Finally, loading what is only necessary means that you may pay less. This comes from the fact that your items will occupy less space in the storage.

Now that we have seen why decluttering is important, we will see how you can do it in the most effective way. There are thousands of different ways of decluttering, but these are the most effective ways to do it fastly:

  • Start decluttering by room
  • Start from smallest to biggest
  • Make way for big pieces

It may be overwhelming, but do not skip it! Moreover, when you have credible NJ movers and packers, this will seem like a piece of cake!

a woman cleaning windows
Decluttering before your big NJ move is a one-way to success

Decluttering by room

It is best for you if you take the big step first. That step is decluttering by room. For example, start with the bedroom. What will you find there? Of course, big pieces of furniture and small things, such as clothes, books, etc. As we mentioned before, get rid of things that serve you no purpose. Put them in one large box and label them in a way that tells you that they’re not coming with you. If they are in good condition, you can donate them to a local charity. You can donate old books or magazines to the local library. Also, you can sell old pieces of furniture that are still in good condition. You can also invest that money in future moving expenses. When moving furniture, get some help from others since they are heavy. The best solution for your concerns is hiring reputable international movers NJ residents trust time after time!

Start from the smallest to the biggest

Once you divide everything by the room, you can separate big and heavy loads from small and light ones. If you have kids, involve them too! This way, they will feel like a part of something big and important, and you get additional help in decluttering. It is also crucial to teach them the importance of keeping their valuables safe. Keep your measuring tools near you, as they can indicate previously mentioned categories. Be sure to check three important dimensions of your items – weight, length, and width. Keep similar things together and try to be as precise as possible. Moreover, you can check what professional moving services NJ has to offer for any piece of advice that you may need.

measuring tools
Precision is important when it comes to separating items by category

Clean your space

You will probably find hidden spots that you frequently miss when cleaning. Now it is time to get rid of dust and dirty spots around the house. Once you moved everything out of space, get your supplies and start cleaning. You can always get additional help from family members or friends. Each of them should be in charge of one room in the house. This way you will be sure that your old house will remain clean for the time to come. In addition, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary pieces of dirt flowing around you while you do other chores

Additional decluttering things you can do before your big NJ move

Maybe the most important thing is – don’t rush! Try not to overburden yourself and enjoy the process. If you are messy, your move will be messy too! Set the limit and date on which you want your decluttering process to be done. Take a piece of paper and write down the number of things you are carrying with you. Many people try the “12-12-12” method of decluttering. Take 12 belongings you want to discard, gift 12 to someone, and of course, sell 12. You will discard 36 things that serve you no purpose by just following this pattern! Finally, when you hire reliable interstate movers NJ based, you will move to your destination happy and satisfied.

white kitchen
Decluttering will ease your move

Relocate with the right movers

There you have it! We covered why decluttering is important before your big NJ move! Once you start doing it, you will see how easy the move will be once you clear out everything that has been bugging you. As we mentioned before, you should not rush! Our team will help you settle in New Jersey. They are also experienced in packing and loading valuable clients, so you are in safe hands! Decluttering should not be an overwhelming task because it will actually make the whole relocation way less daunting! Just think about how many unnecessary things you have that you should have gotten rid of years ago. Now you can do it in the span of a few days! This can also bring you and your family members together, as you are all on the same duty!

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