Risks of office relocation in Hoboken

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It is time to move your office to a more promising environment. But before you start packing and working with local movers NJ you must know all about the hardships that might await you. Office relocation can bring several risks and challenges that can affect the business’s operations, employees, and financial stability. So, let us cover the common risks of office relocation in Hoboken and make sure you are ready for them. Let’s take a look.

Downtime is one of the risks of office relocation in Hoboken

As you may know, office relocation can disrupt business operations and result in downtime. This can lead to a loss of productivity and revenue and must be avoided at all costs. And to do so, you should have a proper moving plan. Starting with the communication between coworkers and team management, all the way to packing and working with movers. Probably the hardest part will be the packing process but as long as you have helpers, it can be much smoother. So, inspect the situation first, inform everyone involved, place your plan on paper, work on your schedule and moving date, and finally, call reliable movers such as Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ. Their corporate moving team will take care of all your moving-related needs.

colleagues working in the office
Make a plan upfront to keep the workflow unobstructed. Engage all employees, spread tasks, and follow protocols.

Costs might be the problem as well

Relocating an office involves various expenses. Usually, we have costs related to leasing or buying new premises, moving costs, and the cost of re-establishing the IT infrastructure. These costs can significantly impact the business’s financial stability and are surely one of the risks of office relocation in Hoboken. But probably the biggest one is the rental cost. Luckily, the cost of renting office space in Hoboken is somewhat affordable. It can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the location, size of the space, amenities, and lease terms. The average price of renting office space in Hoboken, NJ is approximately $45-$50 per square foot per year.

Also, consider the moving services NJ, the time you must invest, and the downtime to your business. As well as all moving-related expenses, chores, responsibilities, and errands you must run. All those tasks will cost a bit and you should crunch the number before you embark on this journey.

Employee morale and productivity

One of the risks of office relocation in Hoboken is employee morale. Relocating an office can be stressful for employees, affecting their morale and productivity. Employees may have to adjust to a new commute, work environment, and location, which can be challenging and lead to decreased productivity. More so for those who are losing their job in the moving process. If you are moving to another state, this means your employees must follow. This is rarely an issue, but some workers might be unable to leave their neighborhoods for various reasons. Therefore, you must keep this in mind and figure out beforehand how can you make the moving environment more pleasant for all your employees. You should especially go over the line for employees that are about to lose their job. Maybe you can do something about it and bring them with you.

employees having a conversation
Let your employees on board as soon as possible and give them enough time to adjust to this change.

For the rest of the crew that will relocate with you, assign tasks, engage them in the moving process, and reward them in the end. Yes, you will have Hoboken movers covering all moving-related tasks. But your employees can help immensely if they organize and pack themselves.

Customer and client impact

Moving an office can affect the customer and client base of a business. A move to a new location may make it difficult for customers to access the business’s services or products, leading to a loss of revenue and customer loyalty. If this is the case, you must inform all parties involved way in advance and reassure them that business will run unobstructed and with little to no downtime. Hopefully, your business is running mostly online so you won’t have issues with this one.

IT and communication disruptions are surely risks of office relocation in Hoboken

Office relocation may require changes to the IT infrastructure, leading to disruptions in communication, and technology-related issues. This means you must prepare your new offices and make sure everything is ready for your business. At least a month before you move in, you must send an IT crew to test the internet and the environment in general. If you do so, you’ll have enough time to remove any obstacles before your commercial movers NJ bring furniture and equipment in.

communication and internet cables as disruptions that can be risks of office relocation in Hoboken
Send your IT crew a few weeks before your relocation to test the internet and communications systems.

Legal and regulatory compliance in Hoboken

Relocating an office may require compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as zoning laws, building codes, and employment regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to legal and financial penalties. This means you must take care of the legal aspect of things, well in advance. Pay special attention to the following laws and regulations:

  •  Environmental regulations – Hoboken has several environmental regulations that businesses must comply with. Those are waste disposal, hazardous materials handling, and air and water quality regulations. You must obtain all required permits specific to your business.
  • ADA compliance – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that businesses make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If your new office space is not already ADA-compliant, you may need to make changes to ensure compliance, such as installing wheelchair ramps or elevators.
  • OSHA compliance – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations that employers must follow to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace. If your Hoboken office space is not already compliant with OSHA regulations, you may need to make changes, such as installing safety equipment or ensuring that the building has proper ventilation.
  • Employment laws – New Jersey has several employment laws that employers must comply with. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA) are the most important ones. You may need to update your employment policies and procedures to comply with these laws.

Several things you must do by yourself. To transfer services, establish a PO box, and relocate your assets as well. Simply contact your internet provider, a local post office, and your bank. Luckily, everything can be done online by filling out a few forms.

Get familiar with Hoboken laws and regulations

Other than regular office laws, there is nothing out of the ordinary in Hoboken. If you are moving your business within the city, you are probably already familiar with facility, zoning, and employment-related laws. Even more so if you have an HR department that is covering this part for you. But if you are moving to Hoboken for the first time, then you should contact the Hoboken City Clerk to obtain a list of specific laws that might affect your business relocation. Then again, this is better done by a legal body so you better seek one if you do not have it already.

Now you know enough about the risks of office relocation in Hoboken. It is essential to plan and mitigate these risks before undertaking an office relocation. Ensure a smooth transition and minimal impact on the business’s operations, employees, and customers. Good luck.

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