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- J. Rosenrauch

Many thanks to you and your staff.  First and foremost the guys were extremely courteous and accommodating both at pick up and drop off. The efficiency at which they operated was phenomenal.

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I recommend Eagle Van Lines



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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

Indeed a rip off and damage items.

I agree with Kate

Don’t love itDon’t love itNot greatGoodGreatLove itRate Us
I recommend Eagle Van Lines

Very negative experience with this company. Changed rate after contract signed added costs that were not in the original agreement, and horrible movers - rude and unprofessional.


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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

The worst moving experience possible: rip customers off; goods arrive damages; horrible customer service. DO NOT US THEM

Marilyn Aguirre-Molina

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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

Avoid using this company at all costs.

We relocated from NYC to Florida and for the first shipment of furniture we used a different company - it was a smooth and efficient move. Then by chance, we used EAGLE: THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND DISASTER TO DEAL WITH!! From the (1) pick up in NYC (Movers complaining about the number of boxes) to (2) problems regarding when the delivery would arrive (kept changing arrival days) to (3) changing prices all along the way (even after price agreed to and contract signed) to (4) the actual delivery when the lead mover (Yanni) was not only hostel, and agitated, but also verbally aggressive!!! His behavior was completely out of line because we were not in the least unpleasant or rude to him. He wouldn't unload the truck until we paid an additional $75 for bringing the truck up to the loading dock - we had no choice. Then, he refused to remove the furniture from the truck until we handed him the payment -which was $400 more than was in the contract but that he said was for additional footage.

On top of this, 4 boxes arrived broken and damages, even though they were marked Fragile.

I have NEVER DEALT WITH SUCH UNPROFESSIONALISM AND INCOMPETENCE. If you use them, then you're a fool. Your first encounter with them over the phone is deceiving because they present as if they are a credible company but once the contract was signed and deposit paid, it was a nightmare! The only course of action is to take them to court for damages!!

I had no choice but to give 1 star, but that's too many for this company. DO NOT USE EAGLE VAN MOVING AND STORAGE.

Theives and liars!!

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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

This company is a rip off, they overcharged me, damaged my items and they did not put my bed back together as outlined in the contract. The owner is rude and unprofessional, stay away!!


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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

Eagle's movers arrived 2-3 hours late on the day of the move, even though they "guaranteed" their arrival time. As a result, I almost missed the flight to my new location.
The foreman who came to my house claimed I had more than 600 sq ft of items (NOT true), I was pressured into leaving hundreds of dollars worth of my belongings behind (even though they were on the inventory), and then he wrote down a final price that was about $450 more than the estimate. Panicked about missing my plane, I signed the form he gave me at the end so they would leave. The foreman said I could "call the office" if I want to dispute any charges.
I did, but of course did not get a response from the owner as promised. Once my items finally arrived (5 days later than I was told), Eagle held my shipment for ransom until I paid the (incorrect) price they wanted me to pay! And of course they require cash at that point of the process (probably for this very reason). When I spoke to the owner, he acted as if he knew nothing about my disputed charges. I still have not been refunded for the extra $450 I paid. It was for "packing materials," which must be ordered by the customer. Yet I didn't order any packing materials (in fact, I'd bought my own in advance!) and had no idea the movers were using them.

Kat O'Shields

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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

The movers and customer service representatives themselves were amazing. Professional. Courteous. Fast. But. That’s where the compliments end. My pick up was seemless. The lead mover broke down the pricing to me step by step and told me that he would have the company deduct the deposit from the delivery which I was fine with. The delivery, well, not only did I not get a call to reconfirm I also didn’t get a call to tell me when they started the clock. I had to contact them. Then they called saying they were on their way, well three hours later(drive is only hr 50mins) I get a call that they’re in traffic, no big deal it happens. Well shortly after I get a call that they were in a car accident with my belongings in the truck. They would have to have a tow truck come get the truck with my things and drive it back to their facility in jersey(they told me they were only 26 mins from my new location at this point) then move my stuff to a new truck then again deliver them to me. Al in all this took an additional 5 hours. This is where things took a huge turn for the worst. I called Eli the owner and told him of my disappointment and that I had to cancel two appointments because of this, and that I wanted a discount off of my bill. He told me that I was trying to take advantage of him and that he knew all that he needed to know about my personality and the type of person that I am. I was insulted to say the least. But he finally gave in and gave me $50 off of the total for the inconvenience. When I thought that things would go smoothly from there, I was soon to see that I was wrong. When the movers arrived we go over the charges since I have to pay up front, I see that they didn’t take the deposit off. I tell them what me and the original mover agreed to and they tell me I’m wrong, the mover calls Eli, Eli calls someone in the office and they agree that I indeed had not had the deposit deducted from the pickup. I pay the fee, give a tip and cold water bottles(so much for me being the horrible person that Eli accused me of being, I still wanted his movers to be hydrated). Stuff is moved in quickly and the drivers are off. The next day I get a email that a transaction was successful. The company without my authorization charged the amount equal to the deposit AGAIN. I reached out and they tell me that I was wrong and that the deposit had indeed been taken off of the pickup. I leave a message with Eli and he calls me back and says he spoke with the original mover and that he now believes me and that the second charge was an accident. No it wasn’t. It was intentional because you thought I was lying. Why wasn’t the original driver contacted the first time the issue came up? Now I unpack and turn on my TV and there is a black spot on the screen. I want to put in a claim after all they were in an accident with my stuff on board but I’m so exhausted of dealing with Eli, that I don’t trust him to do the right thing.

Chaddrian Calhoun

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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

1) They showed up over an hour late, 2) the “add ons” (including charging for each roll of packing tape and $30 to “purchase” a wardrobe cardboard box, which we gave back to them to reuse) represented almost a 50% increase in cost from the estimate, 3) three of our boxes had ants crawling all over them when we got them in our apartment, and 4) they practically demanded a full tip in spite of the above. Otherwise they were nice and professional.


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I recommend Eagle Van Lines

Horrible service, was told my items would arrive during a certain time period in which they did not, customer service very very rude, everyone you speak with it very rude they don’t care about the customer or their belongings. Worst company ever will never recommend they should be out of business


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We have used EVL multiple times and are always impressed! They are kind, friendly, efficient and professional. We are SUPER Satisfied! Our last move we had Zion and his crew, they were AWESOME!! So hardworking & SO efficient!

Jen Brown

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Great service and professionalism all around. I was completely satisfied with the price the swiftness of the move and honesty of the business from set up until completion


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Moving is never fun, but the best decision we made was hiring Eagle Van Lines. From the in person estimate with Eli to working with Zion on the day of the move, it could not have been easier. Loved how he coached the other members on the team in how to move our heavier pieces safely. Everything was completed quickly and professionally. Highly recommend. And don’t skip out on the in home estimate. We paid exactly what was quoted to us.


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They were wonderful. The customer service was great as well. Thank you

Candence Appling

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Great guys. Professional. Hard working

John milan

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I was not pleased with the miscommunication concerning how many boxes or bins could be taken without an additional charge. Secondly, from the time they picked up from my moms house to when it actually got on the tractor trailer to be delivered to Florida was also a miscommunication; and Thirdly, when the one driver delivered he did not unbox and take away the 2 wardrobe boxes which I was told would happen. The driver which was one person Who arrived in Florida because the other drivers may have been left at another location was unprofessional. At this point my mom is living in Florida by herself having to unboxed everything I get she can do the other boxes but the wardrobe boxes for a senior citizen unacceptable. Additional monies was paid and this was ludicrous based on the service we received I will not use nor recommend EVL. Both Hector and Eli are the worst communicators I've ever dealt with in a business! Never again will I allow EVL of Jersey City New Jersey .

On behalf of my mom NJ to FL

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The 3 men that showed up were extremely friendly and happy to wrap and pack everything in site, even items we didn't anticipate being moved by them. They even went out of their way to pick up items at a different location then what was requested in our estimate. Really happy about the experience and professionalism. This is my second move with them, highly recommend.


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We were very satisfied with their professionalism.


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Everyone was very courteous & professional and took good care of my furniture. It was inconvenient that they wanted payment in cash or certified check, and that the quote did not include "packing materials" which added about $300 to the cost and afterwards they left the "packing materials" (lots of paper & plastic) for me to dispose of. I recommend asking for an estimate of the cost of packing materials up-front.

Julia Murphy

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They made our move very easy. Always available by phone and email. Definitely get the free binding estimate so you know exactly what the cost is. The 3 movers that came on the day were friendly and quick. I have already recommended them to a friend who is moving next month.

Annalise Nielsen

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