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Plants are delicate things. They need a lot of care and attention to survive. Of course, when you’re moving, you can’t leave your favorite plant behind. You have to take it with you and make sure it survives the ordeal. Moving is often stressful for humans. Even more so for plants. You need to make sure that the movers transport your plants safely and that the plants have everything they need. This is especially true for long-distance moves. Of course, it often depends on the plant in question. Some delicate plants require extra attention. However, no matter what kind of plant you have, you don’t want it to go through some unfortunate event during your move. It’s important to start your new life without mishaps. Therefore, you should know how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move properly. It will make your life a lot easier.

Why is it difficult to prepare your plants for a long-distance move?

Moving long-distance can be stressful enough on its own. However, if you have to take extra care of something precious to you, it can get unbearable. Of course, moving with plants is nowhere near as stressful as moving with pets.

plants of someone who doesn't know how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move
It’s important to learn how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move before the moving day arrives.

On the other hand, you can compare it with taking care of and packing fragile items. You need to be extra careful and make sure that you don’t give your plants extra space in the moving van so that they can move. However, it’s important to give them enough space so that they can breathe and that they don’t get trampled. Moving with your plants could seem like too much work. But you can make it work if you think of plants as valuable antiques. Delicate plants require pretty much the same care as your most fragile antiques. Therefore, pay extra attention when you’re loading them into the truck.

Take care of your valuables

A reliable moving company like Eagle Van Line Moving & Storage NJ can help a lot during long-distance moves. However, they strongly recommend transporting valuable items yourself. This could apply to your house plants as well. You don’t want to take any chances. Since you care about your plants, you should transport yourself.

After all, you know what your plants can handle. If you don’t think that anyone else could take good care of them, you should do it yourself. Even during a move. Furthermore, moving companies themselves don’t want to be responsible in case something happens to your plant. Often moving contracts don’t cover plant transportation. Therefore, you shouldn’t enforce that responsibility on them. It’s better if you do it because you know how to handle it. In any case, you’re sure to be more careful with your plants than the movers. No matter how reliable they are.

moving van
Moving vans and plants don’t mix. Do it yourself, just to be extra safe.

There are steps you can take to prepare your plants for a long-distance move

As you’re well aware, plants need special conditions in order to thrive. Sunlight and water are a must-have package deal for any living thing that has chloroplasts. Of course, no one expects you to be on the lookout during the entire moving process. If you feel the moving stress getting to you, you can rely on good preparation. Since you already know how to care for your plant, you can do that beforehand. Remember to do the following:

  • make sure to cut off any dead leaves or branches
  • water them on the day of the move at least once
  • make sure you give them exactly the right amount of water
  • try to mind the temperature (transport them in your car and rely on air conditioning)
  • check on them regularly during the moving process

Doing all this will make sure your plants arrive safely but remember to stay cautious.

Timing is important when it comes to both moving and plants

Moving is all about the timing. If you’re planning to move in the near future, chances are that you haven’t decided to do that yesterday. You probably have months and months of preparation behind you. As you know, there are some things that you should do before you contact the moving company.

Furthermore, you’ve probably planned to move at the exact time of year that works best for you. Timing is important when it comes to moving. You can say the same about the plants. They require delicate timing if you want them to grow big and strong. Therefore it’s important to know what kind of treatment suits your plant. Usually, it the cold and wet combination that works best. However, at a certain time of year, some plants thrive under the watchful eye of the hot and dry combo. Do your research and make sure you do everything right.

a plant of someone who knows how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move
Before moving it, you should learn to prepare your plants for a long-distance move. Take all the necessary steps.

No need to rush, your plants come first

Now you know all the basics and you can easily prepare your plants for a long-distance move. The best thing you can do in order to make sure the transportation goes smoothly is to manage your time well. If you do your research right, you’ll know how best to take care of your plant during the moving process. Make sure it gets whatever it needs. You can still rely on the NJ long-distance moving company for a move. Your movers can do a lot of the heavy lifting and you can be sure that moving with a moving company is a lot easier. Furthermore, if you find that your plant is too delicate for a move, you can always leave it with a friend or a neighbor for a while. You can come and pick it up sometime later. No need for the plant to be exposed to moving stress.

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