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Moving can be stressful and difficult as it is. If you are moving long distance with kids it means that you have a lot more responsibility and commitment on your back. It will take just a little bit more time and nerves than you expect in the beginning. Of course, you can always rely on some of the moving companies in New Jersey for coming to help. However, they cannot do all of your work. You will still need to get prepared and try to organize to move long distance with children on your own. If you are struggling with some problems, like where to start, how to arrange everything nicely, follow through with this guide that we prepared for you.

The talk – first step when you are preparing to move long distance with children

There is actually never good timing for dropping big news to your kids. As a parent, you should know how they can react and prepare on how to deal with their response. Try to be calm as much as you can be. Let them know that the decision is final and that you will be there for their emotional support if things become difficult and they feel sad about relocating.

Explain to them that it might be hard for all of you to leave your current home and move long distance but that you will overcome the sadness together. Tell them that only with joined forces you can build a wonderful new home. Present the move like an adventure and step forward in your future as a family. Tell them how much fun it will be spending time together, planning and organizing everything, and you will be surprised how excited they can get.

Mother is talking to son
The talk is the first step in preparing to move long distance with children

Hacks for the move with children

When you are a parent you are having a full-time job. If you are planning on moving long-distance with kids you will want to spend as little time on packing as you can, to focus on your other duties more.

  • Don’t change kids’ routine – preparing to move long-distance with children will be challenging. Try not to mess with their sleeping and eating schedule.
  • Make packing strategy – plan and organize everything in advance. It will take some time but will surely save you from any difficulties you can find on the way.
  • Pack your things first – seeing all of their stuff packed could be a little traumatizing for kids.
  • Ask for help – ask friends and family or hire a babysitter to watch kids while you are packing so you can work on that without distractions.

Start packing on time

The sooner you start – the sooner it will be done! We are sure that you, like most people, keep a  lot of unnecessary stuff around your house. Start with separating goods that you need and the ones that you don’t need. Find a way to get rid of the second pale and maybe throw a little yard sale. That way you can earn some money while having a little get-together with your neighbors. When you know the amount of stuff and clothes you are dealing with,  you can start planning a packing strategy that will work best for you. Although, you can save some time and nerves and hire professional NJ movers and packers if you find yourself short on time with preparation to move long distance with children.

Women is preparing to move long distance and packing while listening to music
Find the best packing strategy for you

Planning the day of the move

When the day of the move comes you want to have everything prepared. That includes all of the stuff you will need during the long-distance transportation with children. Either you travel by car or by plane, make sure that you have everything that you need.

If you have toddlers, put together a list of necessities you will pack in your kids’ bag. Think about everything you might need, pacifiers, enough diapers, changing clothes, favorite toys, blankets, etc. On the other hand, if your children are older, ask them to help you out with preparing for the road. Pack them a little backpack with favorite books or toys that might help them in fulfilling their time during the transport to your new home. Keep reminding them that you are going on an adventure together and that you will have a great time on the trip.

Include children in preparation

No one knows your kids better than you so you and your partner will know exactly what their needs could be. With all of the chaos that moving with children is going to bring, find time to respect some of your children’s ideas. Maybe they will give you suggestions that you don’t even have time to think about – like throwing a farewell party for your family, friends, and soon-to-be old neighbors.

Moving doesn’t have to be all boring and tiring. Include your kids in planning and helping you out. That will give them better insight into what is going on and how to deal with the move. Make everything look like a game. Add some competition between siblings, for example: who pack more of their stuff for the day, gets a reward. It could save you some time to concentrate on other things before your NJ residential moving company arrives.

Mother and daughter are preparing to pack together
Include your kids in preparing to move long distance

Get back to the previous routine

When you arrive in your new home, don’t start unpacking right away. Take the essentials you will need for the day or two and find some time to relax and enjoy. After a long trip and exhausting work you’ve been through, all of your family deserves a relaxing time. Give yourself a treat by exploring local fun activities that you can do with your kids. Or just order some food and have a meal together. Get back to your old patterns as soon as possible. It will help them with adjusting to the new environment by feeling comfortable in the same way as in the old one. Move long distance with children is challenging with all of the things you need to deal with going through the process, but we hope that you will find these tips handy.

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