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    That joy about your new place looks like it’s never going to vanish. But suddenly, all the excitement you feel right now looks a little bit foggy because of all the things you still must do. It seems like you can’t see the end of your relocation. There are some boxes that are still packed tightly and items you can’t even find in all that mess. Day by day, box by box, and then you realize – you need to check and change a lot of important documents now. Like handling all about the relocation wasn’t enough, there is post-move paperwork you still have to take care of.

    Even if you had help from a professional moving company like Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ, moving is a stressful occasion that takes a lot of time. Let us help you with the paperwork problem. Keep reading and put that smile on your face.

    Make the list

    These are the magic words we like to hear. The organization is a half-done job and if you start planning your move that way, you’ll reduce a lot of stress that can accumulate. You could start writing the to-do list on a daily basis. That will become a must but the thing is, you will definitely have some order in everything you do. Start planning things in advance but even if you don’t have enough time, we’re here to help. Hire eviction movers NJ to move efficiently in no time and without messing with your daily schedule.

    a to-do list to check on post-move paperwork
    Making a to-do list will help you to organize yourself better daily.

    Dealing with a lot of government institutions and facilities is never easy. Even if it can be easy, it can take a lot of time and energy. Create the greatest moving checklist that will contain all of the things you have to handle. Above all this, checking and crossing out things from the list gives you a lot of satisfaction. That feeling of succeeding in anything in life is amazing, even if it’s that one list. Try it. That is also one of the ways to avoid extra expenses while moving. The checklist will also help you avoid hidden costs of moving and be well organized.

    Ensure everything is working in your new place

    You have to take care of all of the things you need in the new place that will provide you normal living. Make sure to check everything before signing a moving contract, but we’re also here to help. Contact the companies in charge of some utilities from the list. Better do that before the move, but unless you forget, that is definitely some post-move paperwork you need to handle. Here are the tips on whom you should call first.

    • Internet provider – nowadays this is the first thing to hit on. A lot of other companies have online schedules and you can get your appointment after a few clicks. This will save you a lot of time.
    • Water and electricity company – this is supposed to be working already, but check everything in advance.
    • Bank and postal service – you don’t want to miss some of the important letters or bank cards coming to your address. Informing these companies on time will save you a lot of post-move paperwork you actually don’t need to handle later.
    • Gas company – after you decide what kind of heating do you need, arrange everything accordingly.
    • Telephone company – a lot of people today mostly use cellphones to avoid post-move paperwork, but if your new place has a phone cable, you should make a contract with your name on it.
    • Medical records for the whole family and pets, if you have some;
    • Other utility companies like sewage, or garbage companies;
    • Magazines, newspapers, and other subscriptions.
    cat with the package waiting in front of the door
    Avoid dealing with missing packages and subscriptions by changing your address on time.

    Insurance is a must-do post-move paperwork

    While you are unpacking, check if all of your belongings reached the destination safely. If anything came broken or damaged, call your insurance company immediately. That way you will notice them about the move and your new address. Don’t forget to give them the new phone number, if changed. All of this can usually be done by a simple phone call. There are many reasons you should take moving insurance because it always pays to be protected. Don’t hesitate and do things as soon as possible.

    Educational institutions require a lot of paperwork

    This step is very important if you are a student, or if you have children that attend school/university. Otherwise, you might just skip it. Also, it depends on where did you move. If your move is local and there is no need to change schools or universities, you just need to notify the institution about your new address.

    Otherwise, there is a lot of legal documents needed for changing the school. Remember to keep all of the important school paperwork in one place and contact the new school as soon as possible. Don’t wait, because you could miss a lot of classes because of the transfer.

    a student coming to new school
    The transfer to a different school can even cost money. You should prepare all the documents in advance.

    If you are moving internationally, there is even more post-move paperwork

    The to-do list on moving stays almost the same even if you are moving to a different country. A good organization is a key to a stress-free relocation. Remember to check if your passport (and visa, if needed) is valid – these documents are needed for the whole family and the pets.

    The second thing to check is the driver’s license. Some countries won’t recognize it as valid and if you check that timely, you will know what to do. Also, your car will need new license plates, so it’s best to hire an agency to do that for you.

    Lastly, international movers NJ are always there to help you with your international relocation. Dealing with post-move paperwork is easier if you have a professional moving company to do everything else for you.

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