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If you want to ensure a stress-free relocation, the smartest thing to do would be to hire dependable and experienced NJ movers and packers. Contact Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ and let us help you plan, organize and execute a smooth packing and moving process, no matter where you need to go. Let us help you save valuable time and energy so you can enjoy your relocation. Apply for a free estimate, choose a moving date, and let’s start preparing your possessions for the move!

packed items that NJ movers and packers prepared for a move
Leave the time-consuming process of packing to our packing experts

Packing doesn’t have to be stressful with the help of Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ

Relocations can be quite complicated, as well as exhausting. You are basically uprooting your entire family, and adding a host of new activities to your already full day-to-day life. Managing the necessities that the relocation can impose can be quite challenging. However, there is a way to minimize the required effort and ensure the safe and timely arrival of your belongings to your new home. All you need to do is have quality movers at your side! Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ will provide you with reliable NJ movers and packers, ensuring that you can relax and take it easy. We will take all of the relocation and packing work on our shoulders, allowing you to simply enjoy the process.

Make your move completely effortless, by hiring our NJ movers and packers

Every home has numerous precious and sentimental items. Those are the items that give a personality to a home, after all. When the moving day arrives, you will want to transition those belongings to your new home. At Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ, we deeply understand the significance and value of these items. We will make sure to treat them as if they were our own prized possessions. This is one thing about us that you can be 100% certain of. We always consider every move we do to be the most important one. It is the most important for you, after all, and we can do no less!

Reach out to our packing services for the ultimate convenience

An organized packing process is integral to a successful relocation. Most of the time, the packing process is quite time-sensitive, and you might not be able to afford it the attention it deserves. After a hard day’s work, as well as going through all other engagements and chores, packing might seem like an afterthought, one that you would rather leave for tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that you need to be careful when packing your items. Therefore, you need plenty of focus and energy, which may be hard to come by.

And that is where our NJ movers and packers come in. Our employees are highly skilled and know how to pack any item to perfection. Before we set them to do a single packing job, we ensure that our packers undergo a rigorous training program, which includes adherence to AMSA packing guidelines. Our NJ packing services work fast, efficiently, and safely. You can have them pack your belongings a few days in advance or they can do so on the day of your move. But you can be certain of one thing, all of your belongings will arrive in the same condition they were before wrapping, boxing, taping, and covering! We even include a carpenter service, allowing you to select a custom-built crate for any piece! When you allow your items to be packed the Eagle way, you get a guarantee of safety and security!

a crate for a chandelier
We use only the best packing materials available and create custom crates to ensure the safety of your items

"Extremely happy with my move.."

Extremely happy with my move, the guys were absolutely amazing. They worked very hard, fast, organized and they were very nice as well. Jeff the job manager is fun to work with, he is responsible, honest and a hard working guy. Everything went smooth. Special thanks to the owner Ilay who made my move smooth and easy.

Estere Crisona


Our NJ movers and packers use the best materials

As we are really big on the safety of your items, we only use packing supplies of the highest quality. Our moving boxes are made out of the sturdiest materials, and all of our packing materials are the industry’s finest. However, this does not impact the price of our services all too much. We have streamlined our processes to be able to offer you a great deal for your relocation. We want you to think “wow” when you get a quote. But we will never compromise the security of your belongings. We offer amazing quality at affordable prices. That is what Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ stands for!

Opt for partial or full packing services

If you want to optimize your moving budget, you may want to hire partial packing services in NJ, as opposed to full services. The main reason for doing so is that you can pack most of your items on your own, but leave the complicated, or extremely valuable ones to us. It will save you a lot of time and effort and will provide your belongings with the best protection. Of course, we are fully capable of packing your entire household, even within one day. All you need to do is let us know how some of the best packers NJ offers can assist you the best. We are at your service, after all, and will ensure that you have the easiest time relocating!

We can also help you with last-minute packing in NJ or NYC. Our team always has everything they need inside a moving truck and will be able to assist you. Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ always comes prepared, and is always willing to lend a helping hand! 

Moving Made Simple Through Strength & Wisdom

You deserve to experience a moving process liberated from stress and our moving company is here to deliver that.


Other moving services at your disposal

Our range of moving services is not limited to packing only. We offer several moving “packages”, such as:

But that is not a comprehensive list, of course. Relocations are all about small services, and listing them all is quite redundant. But you do need to know that we are capable of much more than this list would indicate. If you don’t see a specific service on the list (and you know your move requires it), feel free to let us know. Our team can usually provide the service outright, or come up with a satisfactory solution. At other times, we will simply point you in the right direction. We will never leave you “hanging”, no matter if you are moving across the beautiful State of New Jersey or across the world.

map of the world
Whether you need to move across the street or around the globe, we are here to assist!

Moving Made Simple


Get some of the best packing services in NJ – Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ!

With over 50 years of experience in the moving industry, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ has become one of the most trusted moving companies in the New York / New Jersey area. When it comes to relocations, we treat every single one of them individually, considering each one to be “the most important”. Our NJ movers and packers work with integrity, courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency. If you want to ensure that your relocation proceeds just the way you want it to, getting in touch with us is the right choice. Contact us today and we will help you save time and create an amazing relocation process!

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