Packing essentials for an international move

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What a great day, you’re moving to a new country! First of all congratulations and Bon Voyage as the French say. Secondly packing and moving a lot of things for an international move can be quite expensive. So we at Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ would like to help when it comes to packing essentials for an international move. We’ve had a lot of experience with ex-pats so we’ll give you some unique and quite useful advice. It’s also understandable that nowadays nobody is sure about what the future might hold, so more and more people are moving in all directions (locally, interstate, and internationally). Now let’s dive in and start packing for your international move!

The first two things when it comes to packing essentials for an international move are documents and medications

We know that this might sound like a cliche, but documents are the first thing that you should pack. Triple-check it if needed and please copy and sent scan them so you can upload them to your Google Drive or any other cloud service that you use. Also, a good example is to copy them physically but without a real deal, there’ll be problems. We as experienced international movers NJ will provide you with a list of some of the most important documents when traveling abroad.

  • Vaccination history
  • Children’s school records
  • All of your cards (credit and debit)
  • Shipping documents
  • Plane tickets
  • Prescriptions for mediation
  • Medical insurance records
  • Health records
  • Visas and passports
  • Certificates of birth
A woman with a notebook, a phone, and a teacup next to her is writing something about packing essentials for an international move;
Write down all the packing essentials for an international move.

Bring any prescriptions you might need with you when you first arrive in the new city. Don’t forget to take extra medications just in case the other country doesn’t have them at that specific period in time, or doesn’t have them at all (so do the extra research online). This will spare you the time and expense of looking for fresh alternatives in a foreign country. Plus you’ll have to google this new city for a local pharmacy in hope that they know the language. Especially if you’re moving to Germany, Belgium, or somewhere where people don’t speak English that well. If you’re moving to Asia, buckle up (especially in China).  So keep close by allergy medications, medical kits, and water purification tablets (especially if you’re going to a place like Africa or anywhere where you can catch up with diarrhea quickly).

Suitcase and clothes and carry-on luggage

The best  NJ movers and packers can help you with this if you don’t have time. So think about hiring pros to help you with moving. But when it comes to packing a suitcase you’ll go to need some tips and tricks. You will want to save as much space as possible but don’t overdo it, because as you know that you’ll pay for your luggage per pound. In American Airlines when flying internationally you can take up to 50 lbs / 23 kgs for economy class.  If you’re flying first class or business you can take up to 70 lbs / 32 kgs and 50 lbs / 23 kg for any excess charged bags (yes, they’ll charge you additionally for any extra pounds so be careful). Also, when flying don’t pack your most comfy shoes, instead wear them that day!

Two girls packing essentials for an international move;
When packing your luggage use one of the techniques provided in the text.

When it comes to packing clothes, you can use any vacuum bag to help you reduce the size of clothes but don’t forget that they won’t reduce the weight. Other than that there some of the most famous packing techniques are Bundle Packing Clothes, Folding Clothes, and Rolling Clothes.  So some of the gadgets that you might consider keeping on yourself are sunglasses (especially if you’re moving to the Bahamas or any sunny country or during the Summer – Spring period).  In your carry-on ( cabin/hand) luggage pack dry tissues, wet wipes, compression socks, noise cancellation headphones, snacks, neck pillow, chargers, book, or any other form of entertainment). For moving large items from your house contact the most reliable movers in Newark NJ so you can relax and travel without any worry.

Health insurance and household goods

When it comes to moving abroad don’t forget international health insurance. You should always check what it covers and pick a family package (if you have a family) and don’t try to save money here. Because another country will charge generously and low premiums won’t be able to cover some serious injuries, surgeries, and diseases. It should also include maternity coverage, rehabilitation, treatment of chronic conditions, emergency coverage, and access to local medical services. There are numerous frequently asked question blogs and websites that you can visit to find out more about international health insurance.

While pills and money around it;
Do the extra step and research different international healthcare insurance to see what they offer.

Now if you don’t have enough space or you’re downsizing think about renting a storage Jersey City NJ. This way you’ll be able to keep one part of your things that can fit into any other category. Some of the decluttering categories include sell, throw away, donate, recycle or store. So be careful when decluttering since this way you’ll save a lot of memories and money. Storing is also pretty good if you want to rent your place in the US. You can just put some things here while keeping some in your apartment that you’d like to rent, and take the rest with you.

Final thoughts on packing essentials for an international move

Thank you for reading our article on packing essentials for an international move and we hope that you found it useful. Now let’s sum this up quickly. First of all, take care of all of your documents and place tickets. Secondly pack all necessary especially prescribed medications, and bring a bit more just in case. Pack tightly suitcases and carry-on luggage and buy some good insurance! Finally, if you can’t carry something store it here in NY or anywhere across the US.  Have a great trip and we hope that you’ll have a great moving experience too!

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