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Packing is the worst part of every relocation. When it comes to this action packing your kitchen, may be a challenge. If you are moving long-distance, professionals recommend that you choose some of the best movers NJ offers to help you relocate. If this is your situation keep in mind that professionals know specific rules and regulations for packing. Movers are there to help you pack your pantry, kitchen your appliances, and everything else. Before you make a decision of packing your home and foods on your own, consider tips on packing foods as professionals would.

Should you pack food when moving?

Deciding whether to pack your pantry or avoiding it when moving may depend on many factors. The biggest factor is the distance of the move. In most cases, when moving long-distance, it is best to get rid of all the foods before packing. One of the reasons is simple – perishable foods are one of the forbidden items when moving. It’s possible to pack your pantry items if you are moving on your own. Also, when moving short-distance, within the same area it is safe to pack foods. However, even then you should make sure to avoid packing certain foods.

jars on shelves
Movers are there to help you pack your pantry, kitchen your appliances, and everything else.

Packing your kitchen may be the most difficult part of the packing process. However, it is important to plan ahead before you start packing your home.

Consider some facts before packing your pantry

Depending on your relocation it is important to consider some of the facts that may affect your final decision to pack your pantry:

  • The distance of the move. In case you are relocating long-distance, your movers will advise you on packing foods. Make sure to consider not packing any foods if you need to ship belongings across the ocean. If that is the case, packing any foods may present a problem for your movers.
  • Proper packing. In case you are relocating short-distance, you may consider packing and moving some foods. It’s easy to pack your pantry if you are moving to a new home within the same city. On the other hand, make sure not to pack perishable items with the rest of your belongings.
  • Pack essentials. If you are moving long-distance or you drive to your new location, you will need to take some essential items with you. Consider packing essentials that you will use after you get to your new home. Along with essentials, you should consider packing some sandwiches and food for the road. If you use leftovers to prepare snacks and food for the moving day you may avoid throwing away excess foods when moving home.

How to pack your pantry with ease

Knowing when to pack foods when moving is crucial. Make sure to make a plan before your moving day. It is best to consider using all the foods in your home before the moving day. Before you choose one of the best long distance moving companies NJ has to offer, consider making a plan for food use. Consider not going to the store for bigger shopping sprees before the moving day. If you want to pack your pantry for a move, make sure to know which foods you can pack. Only after you use most of your perishable foods before packing.

jars with spices
If you use leftovers to prepare snacks and food for the moving day you may avoid throwing away excess foods when moving home.

After you use up all the perishables, make sure to get the right packing supplies for packing your pantry. Consider using no-spill packing boxes to pack your pantry. If you use no spill-box you will be able to pack fragile items. Make sure to secure all the spice jars and closed items from moving. Make sure to have on hand enough packing materials to secure jars or bottles from moving during transport. Consider buying smaller moving boxes or use plastic bins when packing your pantry.

You need proper packing materials

If you decide to pack items from your fridge, make sure to properly pack certain items. If you have frozen foods you wish to pack make sure to use specific containers. On the other hand, if you are relocating long distances, you should donate frozen foods and only transport canned goods.

In case you have fruit or vegetables you wish to transport, make sure to protect them properly and secure bags. Make sure to use vegetables days before the move. Also, you may take fruit with you as refreshments on a moving day. Keep in mind that movers will pack and move your fridge on a moving day. They won’t be able to relocate the fridge in case you don’t prepare it properly. Make sure to unplug the fridge one day before your movers arrive.

Choose the best movers for your relocation

When choosing a moving company for your relocation there are numerous aspects you should consider. Quality movers usually have the best ratings and numerous good reviews. Quality movers can advise you on packing. On the other hand, movers know specific import and export laws. They can pack all of your home belongings and advise on packing any foods you may need to relocate. In case you need to relocate in a hurry, consider hiring the best eviction movers NJ has to provide. An eviction relocation specialist can help you evict your home with ease or help you move out in a hurry.

a full pantry
Make sure to avoid packing perishable foods.

What to do with leftover food when moving?

In case you decide not to pack any foods when moving you should consider donating them. Before you pack your pantry, you should set aside the foods you will donate. Sometimes it is better to buy new foods after the move than transporting them. If you decide to donate perishable foods before the move, it is best to find the nearest charity. Numerous agencies will distribute foods you donate to those who need them most.

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