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    You have just relocated to Jersey City and there are many things to do before you can completely settle in. Your movers Jersey City NJ left the site and there are boxes all over the place. Luckily, you have your plan on what would be the next step on your journey. One of those moving stages is to organize a storage unit. Obviously, some of the furniture and boxes will go there so you must work on it and prepare your unit for your items. Therefore, let us prepare your storage unit together and ensure your items are safe inside.

    Are you still searching for a storage unit?

    In case you are still searching for storage Jersey City NJ and you want to rent one, let us help you find it. As you know, you will find the best unit providers on the internet. But before you make your choice, you must implement the correct search criteria. Firstly, you want to have a unit near your home so you won’t have to spend days going back and forth. Then, you want your provider to be licensed and to have a good reputation. To find something like that you should compare companies across the board and compare prices as well. Moreover, note that storage units located outside of the municipality area are way cheaper than those within city limits.

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    Search for the best storage unit provider on the internet. You will find one soon enough.

    We can recommend you to rent your storage unit from one of the local moving companies NJ. Preferably from the moving company you are using to relocate you. Simply because you are keeping the entire moving process in one bucket. And if you have already found a reliable service provider, you should stick to it. But in the end, you will make a decision that is most convenient for you and your budget.

    You will organize a storage unit easier if you possess one of the many perks they come with

    You will organize a storage unit depending on the perks it has. Only you know what kind of storage unit you have rented but again, in case you are still chasing one, here is what you must know. But if you already have a unit with these perks, then this info will be valuable as well. Consider the following:

    • 24/7 access.
    • Surveillance and a guard on site.
    • Climate-controlled storage units.
    • Outdoor or indoor unit.
    • Near home or on the outskirts of the city.
    • Small, medium, or large unit?
    inside of a storage facility
    Rent storage units with all the perks you need. Make sure it is convenient for use.

    As you can see, there are several options to choose from. So, the ideal combination would be to rent a unit that is a part of a larger facility. To be a climate-controlled indoor unit with 24/7 safety measures applied. Also, if this unit is 15 minutes drive from your home then you are all covered. But such a combination is usually rentable for businesses and you most likely do not need it for personal use. But depending on the location, access, size, and type of the unit, you should organize and form your plan around it.

    Packing for storage is important

    To organize a storage unit you must have some kind of a shelving system or at least a piece of furniture where you’ll stack all your boxes and other items. You can even use a wooden pallet and stack all the boxes on top of it. It all depends on the way you are using your storage. Maybe you do not need any of it. But be mindful of the way you pack. If you have a shelving system, then you should use smaller cardboard boxes and plastic bins to stack and label everything nicely. This way you’ll always know where your items are. This is good if you are using your storage as an extension to your garage or a business. You can also use hooks and chains to hang many items on the ceiling like seasonal items such as ski equipment, Christmas tree, shovels, etc.

    make a plan and organize a storage unit
    Use a shelving system, wooden pallet, or a piece of furniture to store your boxes inside the unit.

    As for packing, you will pack for moving anyway so use the regular packing materials. You will need cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and blister packs. Just label and set aside the batch of boxes that should go to the storage. If you are using moving services NJ and you purchased packing service, then you should notify your movers there is a set of boxes that you will drop off at the storage unit.

    Organize a storage unit with a thorough decluttering process

    Once you rent a storage unit, you will get the idea to bring as many items as possible there. But we highly advise you not to do it so. Leave enough room to move around and never clutter the space completely. You should declutter before moving and get rid of the unnecessary hoard. This way you won’t bring any unwanted items to your storage or your new home. So, while packing, set aside all the items and furniture you do not need anymore and once you are done donate everything. Your relocation will be easier, cheaper, and eventually, you’ll have more space.

    Clean your unit inside out

    Once you finally sorted your belongings out and organized your unit, you should clean a bit. All better-equipped facilities should have a maintenance crew no matter if you rent from a storage unit provider or one of the residential moving companies NJ. Although, they will clean only outside and around the building. What is inside your unit is your business and no one will ever enter. Therefore, clean your unit regularly to avoid getting mold, ants, rats, any kinds of headaches.

    Have fun with your friends in Jersey City

    Lastly, you should ask your friends to help you clean and organize your storage unit. They can spend an hour or two and speed up the entire process immensely. After you are done, you can explore Jersey City together. Check out one of the best restaurants, shopping places, and bars in the city. Surely Jersey City has a fair share of those. Stroll through all the parks, green areas, and playgrounds it has to offer and check out the family-friendly neighborhoods as well. But we are sure you have this planned already and we are glad you have chosen NJ as your next destination. Good luck and have fun there.

    You are ready to organize a storage unit. Just clear your schedule for one weekend and start early. Your unit will be organized and ready for use in no time.

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