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    If you are moving to a smaller home or simply want to declutter, see here the NYC charities that offer free donation pick up. Don’t hesitate to donate, because charities that are organizing a pick up make donations so much easier. Find a charity before you schedule your Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage and your move will be easier and smoother. A free pick-up for large donations is the key for NYC residents since many people don’t own a car.

    NYC charities that offer free donation furniture pick up

    Donating clothes, toys or shoes is not as difficult as it is donating furniture. And when you don’t have a car, it can be practically impossible. Fortunately, some charities welcome furniture donations and will gladly pick them up. Here are some NYC charities that offer free donation pick up:

    • Angel Street Thrift Shop
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • The Salvation Army
    • Hour Children
    • Housing Works

    When you are donating something, you should carefully choose the items that you want to donate. Do not donate clothes or furniture that is so worn or trashed that it should be thrown away.

    Woman donating
    Be sure to donate items in good condition

    Angel Street Thrift Shop

    This thrift shop is here for 17 years. They are supporting programs that help fight HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and substance abuse. They accept clothes, shoes, furniture, books appliances, sporting goods, and musical instruments. Please inquire about items that they don’t accept. They will schedule a pick-up service throughout New York and Tri-State Area.

    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps people with a lack of decent housing. They are helping people to build, repair or renovate their homes. Habitat ReStores is a section of stores that receives donations such as furniture and other houseware, appliances, etc. Just make sure that you are donating gently used furniture and other items. If you are moving, you can have your local movers New York pack everything except furniture for donation. Habitat offers free pick up for large furniture and other large items. You simply need to call the nearest Habitat ReStore or fill out an online form on their site. It is easy.

    The Salvation Army is one of the largest NYC charities that offer free donation pick up

    The Salvation Army is the second largest charity in the States, as you are surely aware. If you are willing to donate, they are yet another of the NYC charities that offer free donation pick up. You can also help by volunteering, donating food, can even donate a vehicle. If you are in a moving process or you are decluttering, there is Salvation Army Greater New York Division that could use your help. Their site offers you a free pick-up scheduling option. When you are donating large pieces of furniture, you can also expect a tax deduction for the donated items. It is a perfect opportunity to help somebody and have some benefits, financial and emotional as well.

    donating boxes
    Salvation Army is one of the most well-known NYC charities that offer free donation pick up

    Hour Children

    Hour children is an organization that is focused on helping women and their children. They help people with housing, job training, and childcare. Everything that one family in need can require. If you are planning to donate furniture, do it before the move. When you are donating furniture, the relocation with your residential movers New York will be cheaper. Usually, the price is based on the quantity, that is the size of the move.

    Hour Children will pick up large donations, free of charge. Call them and schedule a pick-up. Besides the items you can donate, there are items that this charity does not accept. Those items are stuffed animals, used toys, cribs, car seats, books, beds and mattresses, medical equipment electronics.

    Housing Works

    Housing Works provides a pick-up for furniture donations. It depends on your location so the best is to call them and ask for details. Or you can fill out the online form and schedule. They will accept furniture in great condition as well as other household items, clothes art, etc. Read a full list of items they will and that they won’t accept before you get a quote from commercial movers in NY. Declutter your home before your packing and moving day. You will help somebody in need and save some money on relocation at the same time.

    boxes for donations
    Some charities will only accept furniture

    What you should keep in mind when donating?

    Although all types of donations are welcomed somewhere you need to be mindful of the items you are donating.  Assess their condition and do not donate items that are damaged and in a bad condition. Charities’ pick-ups are not junk removal services. They are working for a good cause, and so should we all. There are a lot of charities and organizations that receive donations in NYC. Therefore, make sure to explore them before you decide what items will you donate.

    Nowadays, decluttering and minimalism are a trend in a way. So, there is a quite number of people that want to clear out their homes. Though it is remarkable to donate items you should only donate items and furniture in good condition. And charities will accept only those donations. If you are moving from NYC, declutter before you find movers from NYC to NJ. Donate items that you don’t want to take with you. Don’t’ throw them away if they are in great condition.

    How to decide on a charity?

    Some charities have a specific group of people that they are helping and others are offering their help to everybody. If you have something near and dear to your heart, go with it. If not, you can find any NYC charities that offer free donation pick up and schedule them.

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