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With over half a century of experience, our moving company has been through everything. We do our best to treat every customer with special care because that’s what they deserve. Thanks to years of hard work and experience, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage goes as one of the most reliable moving companies aroundTherefore, make sure to contact us if you want to experience what we call – a stress-free relocation. Our job is to listen to what our clients have to say and tend to accomplish their every need. We do our best to treat them with the utmost respect. That’s the task that some of the most reliable residential movers New York offer never failed. Get in touch with us and apply for a free and accurate moving estimate!

items that residential movers New York have packed
Our goal is to make our clients happy!

How will you benefit from hiring some of the top residential movers New York has to offer

While you may not know that, we must inform you that we put our clients’ needs first. Not only do we take care of each relocation process individually but also with special care and treatment. Our motto is to do everything with integrity, professionalism, and courtesy.

Additionally, we make sure to keep in mind how important efficiency is to our clients. We do our best to stay humble because our customers are the only ones that matter. With the help of our residency experience relocation to experience relocation that is easy. In case you thought a stress-free relocation didn’t exist, that was because, up until now, we didn’t get a chance to be your local movers in New York.

Whether you’re moving around the corner or to another country, our moving services can cover everything for you. We know how good it is to have someone to rely on, especially when you’re moving. That’s why our long history of hard work taught us to stay dedicated until we make our clients satisfied. We offer various services, depending on your special needs. Besides residential and commercial movers in New York, we can provide you with:

Don’t settle for less than the best with our movers

No doubt you can get a stressless relocation should you decide to pick us as your movers. With the level of dedication and ambition we invest with our clients, we can guarantee a successful move. Although it is sometimes hard to be ahead of time, we do our best to stay that way. There are times when you can’t predict something or get into some inconvenient situations, that include the eviction notice. That’s why we came up with our special moving service – eviction moving. With the experience on our side, we will make time be yours. Our team of highly trained professionals will help you relocate your items wherever you may need them.

two people shaking hands
Once we make a deal and schedule your relocation, the time will come for choosing the right moving services

Hiring us is more than easy!

While some companies out there require you to go through all kinds of procedures before hiring them, we do things differently! Once you decide to move, all you need to do is let us know. We will only require a couple of details including your current location, where would you like to go, and a preferable date. When we go through that, we can talk about additional matters like your budget, the services you will need, and much more. Our employees and operators can answer all of your questions so feel free to ask right away. We will be more than happy to assist you on your way to moving to the new location.

Our residential movers in New York offer the best combination of excellence and affordability

Making sure we organize a smooth relocation is one of our main focuses. Doing our best to deliver an excellent service for a very affordable price is what we do best. We had more than half of the century to take our services to perfection. With each day passing by, we believe we are becoming better so that we could help you relocate with ease. Just some of the things our residential movers New York can provide you with are:

  1. Top-quality packing of your belongings.
  2. Planning your entire relocation process.
  3. Transparency and reliability from the first handshake.
  4. Always being there on schedule.

Our hard work paid off, so we can gain even more experience now through our movers in New York. Expanding our business and having a chance to work hard each day, only proves to show our dedication. There is nothing as important as gaining trust from our clients. That’s why our NY residential movers do their best to never let you down.

Girl talking on the phone
Get a free moving quote from our New York residential moving company!

How can our New York residential movers make your move completely stress-free?

We know the saying that time is money. That is why we never forget how important it is for our customers to save as much money as possible when relocating. We will never lie nor make any situation seem more appealing than it is. You can count on our residential movers New York, to be honest, and transparent because that’s what they always are. From disassembling your bulky items to transporting your fragile belongings, our workers know it all.

You should know that we will also always offer you useful advice. Since it’s not ours to break your bank, we will honestly tell you how you can save your money. We would highly recommend you do all the things you can on your own until we arrived. But, we will never fail you or the promise we made. Our sole mission is to accomplish our task and to relocate your belongings with the utmost safety. Contact us to get a free moving estimate!

We are the ones who can show you, New York, the right way!

And when you have us on your side, getting to know New York is easier than ever! Since this city is one of the most popular ones on the planet, no wonder people wish to move there so much. But being so on the spot doesn’t mean that moving to New York is easy. You will need to find a suitable neighborhood that will go along with all your needs and the lifestyle you wish to pursue. Keep in mind that this city has 8.468 million residents and they tend to come from all around the world. If you never had a chance to visit before, having a trustworthy partner to drop you off will be super convenient.

person showing thumbs up
Our residential movers from New York have plenty of experience so don’t worry if this is your first relocation ever

If we take a look at the statistics, the state that sends the most people to NY is New Jersey. Thanks to the short distance and the connection between people, back in 2019 NJ send more than 31,942 people to New York. The opposite moving route is equally popular and that same year, New Jersey welcomed 58,664 people from New York. Other states play a huge part as well, but Europe and Asia don’t fall far behind. Now that the Global Pandemic is over and when NY is slowly getting back on its feet, more and more people are choosing it as their new home.

New York living costs

And once you let us help you move there, you will slowly have to adapt to the lifestyle NY offers. A huge part of it will be living costs, which are different than most states and cities in the USA. At the moment, the living costs in this city are rated 168.6/100. Even though they go way above the average, they are still much lower than some other places in the USA. Housing is still the most expensive and it goes up to 224.3/100. This means that if you plan on settling in NY you have to focus on your budget right away. Having a good and stable job can help you a lot, and with a good income, you will not feel the difference that much.

The best time for moving or visiting New York

If you already get a chance to move to NY or at least visit it, you should choose the perfect time for it. Those who plan on settling in should consult residential movers from NY. After helping so many people move there we certainly know how to avoid busy periods and traffic jams. When it comes to New York, a lot of people will say that there is no such time there. This city seems like it never sleeps indeed and before you know it you can find yourself stuck in traffic and spending more time than you should.

operators looking at their computers
Our team is ready to answer all those questions you may have about your upcoming move

The most ideal time for moving to New York has to be during February. The prices will be much lower, there will be no tourists as usual, and your relocation will be pretty laid back. On the other hand, the busiest period is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Streets will be filled with people and cars and it may seem impossible to reach your destination. Of course, if you have friends or cousins who already live in NY, they can give you useful information on this firsthand. 

We will help you move to NY with your family

Moving alone and moving with your family are two completely different things. And since we understand that there is no time to waste, we will make sure both turned out perfectly. But it is no secret that moving with your family requires a little more attention and preparation. You will need to make sure everyone involved is ready for the relocation and is having a good time. Even though you may think our job is only to move your items, we can do so much more. 

As soon as you give us more details about your relocation, we will get back to you with a good and strategic plan. That includes a suitable time for moving and additional tips for packing and preparing. Once you get them all, you can fully focus on family members and help them prepare as well. You will have enough time and space to do so which is one of our primal goals as well. Moving and living in New York really can be an experience of a lifetime, as long you turn to the right people.

Our movers know what efficiency means

Staying dedicated to our mission, we never fail to listen to what our clients ask for. Thanks to years of tremendous experience, we learned how to accomplish the maximum results without wasting resources. We are proud of the fact that we treat each family and business individually, showing how that person is important on their own. Recognizing that, we became one of the most reliable moving companies working and living in New York. After all, our huge client base is the biggest proof. Countless residents who managed to move their homes, offices, and companies will gladly do it all over again with us. Our entire team is looking forward to seeing you there as well!

a couple packing items
Relay on our NY residential movers and packers to save time and energy.

Get premium services from our hardworking residential movers in New York

After more than fifty years of gaining experience, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage became one of the most respected moving companies around. Simply by doing our job and constantly putting in the effort, we made sure to accommodate our clients’ demands. Being some of the most trusted residential movers New York has, we make sure to always go one step ahead to meet our customers’ needs and excel in them. That’s the reason why our clients can have trust in us. Make sure to contact us to get your top-notch moving service now!

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