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    For the longest time, people viewed moving as a stressful, joyless experience. Hundreds of chores took away all their free time, and constant racing all of their energy. Fortunately, those times are long gone. Today, you can enjoy every minute of your move. You can soar through it, unburdened and unrestrained by worries and pressure. Today, you have Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage, ready to take it off of your shoulders. We are here to lighten the load, so you can light up on a journey to a better life. Give us a call today, apply for a free moving estimate and let some of the finest movers New York offers lend you their wings.

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    Don’t let moving anxiety ground you. Get in touch with Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage and soar above!


    Our Services

    Local Moving

    Make your local move swift and simple with the full wingspan of Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage solutions.


    Residential Moving

    Save time and energy on moving your family and most valuable possessions by relying on our residential movers in New York.


    Commercial Moving

    Avoid delays and minimize downtime while relocating your office under the guidance of our NY commercial moving coordinators.


    Your satisfaction is the priority of Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage

    Since our founding in 2002, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage aimed to provide an exceptional moving experience. Our focus lies in the utmost efficiency and effectiveness of our moving solutions. We concentrate on thorough preparation and flawless execution. Yet, we refuse to view individual relocations as just another day on the job. Instead, we:

    • Focus on the personal side of moving, paying attention to individual needs of your move;
    • Invest ourselves and commit to finding an ideal moving solution for your situation;
    • Adapt our services to suit the requirements of your household or business.

    Our unwavering dedication and more than fifty years of experience in the industry earned us the title of one of the best NYC moving companies. But, we don’t let that go to our heads. Instead, we keep working to improve our services so we can bring you an even better moving experience. A personalized, stress-free, and joyful relocation you deserve.

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      Even The Big Apple can’t break the determination of our New York movers

      Experience, training, and dedication play a crucial role when moving locally. They are necessary for any type of move. However, the city the size of NYC has ways to place many more obstacles on your path. From traffic to narrow staircases and hallways, each problem demands an ingenious approach. Yet, even these don’t present the problem for our NYC movers. We have nearly twenty years’ worth of knowledge and experience tackling exactly these challenges. Our services offer safety and security when moving within NYC, both in case of:

      Whether you’re moving to a new apartment on the 15th floor or moving your office, our NYC moving company has the skills to execute it. And – to do so with utmost efficiency.

      A young couple hugging after the relocation with the finest movers New York has.
      See only the bright side of moving within NYC. It’s possible with our New York movers by your side.

      Forget about the risks and focus on yourself

      The complexity of a moving process can cloud even the brightest of minds. Simply, there’s too much to handle, at any given point. The fact that relocation is a constant race with time doesn’t make this any easier. Quite the contrary – it generates confusion and anxiety, thus making you susceptible to mistakes. And mistakes, even the small ones, can jeopardize the entirety of your move. But, with some of the best movers New York has by your side, you won’t even have to think about those risks. Our experts designed our moving services to combat problems and uncertainty. Therefore, you can leave the entire process in our hands, and rest easy. We’ll handle every detail of it:

      • Planning your relocation from start to finish;
      • Assembling a team of trained NYC movers, experienced in your particular type of relocation;
      • Choosing an experienced driver and suitable vehicle;
      • Equipping your team with tools and accessories necessary for safe loading/unloading;
      • Disassembling and reassembling of your furniture and packing of your belonging.

      Still, we’re not focusing only on this, the technical side of relocation. Moving is as demanding psychically, as it is physically. So, we ensure you always have the guidance and support of our knowledgeable personnel. At any point during the process, you can turn to our NYC moving company for an update or expert advice. After all, a wealth of information is a major factor for the success of your relocation.

      Reliability and security – you can have both with the finest movers New York has

      The first step in every relocation is auditing the budget. It allows you to plan accordingly and avoid wasting your hard-earned cash. However, for most people, this is a significant tripping stone. Relocation is an extensive process, with phantom expenses lurking at each corner. This uncertainty is what creates confusion and escalates stress levels. Fortunately, now you have our NYC movers to introduce order into that chaos. With our free moving quote, you can begin drafting a responsible moving budget. It is an excellent starting point, as it gives you a pretty accurate estimate of moving costs.

      A businessman holding his hands up
      We’re NYC moving company that doesn’t let clients deal with uncertainties.

      However, as one of the most reputable movers New York has, this is not our preferred way of doing things. “Pretty accurate” simply doesn’t cut it for us. We want our customers to have absolute security, without worrying about overpaying or hidden costs. To that end, we always advise our clients to give us a call and schedule an on-site estimate. That way, we can familiarize ourselves with your particular needs, and offer the most accurate price estimate possible. But, we don’t stop there, either. To truly ensure you won’t pay a dime more than necessary, we offer a binding Flat Fee Pricing. That’s where we stop – when you know, with certainty, what you’re paying for and what you’re getting.

      In case you need move moving-related help, make sure to reach out and hire some of the other services we provide:

      As long as you have the right support, guidance, and transparent costs in front of you, there is nothing you can’t achieve when moving. So, make sure to get in touch with our Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage representatives so we can find the best way to help you.

      Spread your wings and fly through the relocation with our NYC movers

      With the right people by your side, overcoming the challenges of moving becomes a breeze. But, with some of the best movers New York has – you won’t even have to think about them. You can take your time to enjoy and relax before the move. Or, you can take that time to further improve your business. But, in both cases, you can focus all your energy and effort on the new beginning. Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage is here to make that possible for you. Contact us today and ensure you soar into your new life brimming with energy and enthusiasm.


      Enjoy the Freedom of Stress-Free
      Relocation with Professional Movers NJ & NYC

      Save Time

      • Make sure to clear the doorway for our team to get the boxes out.
      • Put door stoppers on all the doors.
      • Label your boxes to simplify the loading and unpacking process.
      • Keep your kids and pets occupied while we work.

      Save Money

      • Handle the packing yourself.
      • Secure packing supplies for movers to use.
      • Disassemble what you can from the furniture you have.
      • Secure direct access to your house or apartment building.

      Protect Assets

      • Wrap mirrors and fragile items twice
      • Relocate jewelry and valuables personally
      • Put guns and other weapons in a gun safe.
      • Pack and transport all titles, deeds, and other documents personally.

      At Your Schedule

      • Don’t schedule your move for closing day.
      • Don’t wait schedule your move last-minute.
      • Aim to lock in your move at least two weeks in advance.

      Our Guarantee

      • As smooth and efficient moving process as possible.
      • Packing and moving your belongings according to AMSA standards.
      • Planning all the ins and outs of your moving process.
      • Transparency and honesty from start to end.
      • Always on time and ready to help you soar through the moving day


      What Our Client’s Say

      “Extremely happy with my move..”

      Extremely happy with my move, the guys were absolutely amazing. They worked very hard, fast, organized and they were very nice as well. Jeff the job manager is fun to work with, he is responsible, honest and a hard working guy. Everything went smooth. Special thanks to the owner Ilay who made my move smooth and easy.

      Estere Crisona

      “Eagle did a great job..”

      Eagle did a great job with our two-day move from Jersey City to the Jersey shore! Very efficient packing and loading, with delivery of all our possessions intact. They also did re-assembly of furniture at our new home. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

      Susan M


      About Us

      With 50+ years of combined experience in the moving industry, Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage has become one of the most trusted residential and commercial moving companies in NJ/NYC. Our company treat each family or business individually, learning about you and your moving needs. With our team, you can trust that your need will be met with professionalism, integrity, courtesy, and efficiency. Request your free moving estimate from our movers NJ today!


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