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You’ve decided to move in with your partner. This means you’ve probably realized that there’s a lot more to it than simply moving your belongings to a new location. You have to take care of a lot of things and sort through your belongings. This is the way to decide what stays and what goes. You also need to talk about money and how much rent you both can afford. Mentally preparing to share a space with each other 24 hours a day is important too. Whether you’re moving in with your partner into an apartment where one of you already resides or finding a new home altogether, efficient packing and labeling may help prevent belongings from “disappearing” during the move and alleviate unnecessary stress. Moving companies NJ can help you avoid unneeded difficulties and moving in together will be an enjoyable, not stressful, experience.

Deciding on a place when moving in with the partner

The next question is whether you’ll move in with your partner or they will come to your place. Maybe you will look for a new place together. Distance from one apartment to the other isn’t the problem, because residential moving companies NJ can take care of your stuff. If you both live in studio apartments and genuinely need a two-bedroom, this may be an easy option. If one person currently lives in a two-bedroom, however, you’ll need to evaluate additional aspects such as commute hours. Also, there are pet arrangements, area attractions such as parks, restaurants, shopping, and safety. Discuss your must-haves.

A woman searching places to live on her laptop and a man rolling the carpet
Decide together where you want to move in

If nothing of your suggestions makes the cut, develop a shortlist of potential venues to begin your search. The decision to go or stay may have less to do with the flat itself and more to do with establishing a shared sense of ownership and beginning a new chapter in the relationship.

Sort out your belongings when moving in with your partner

Whether you are about to find a new place, or just move in at one’s place, you and your partner need to sort out your belongings. Most likely, you’ll discover items that are duplicates in both residences or items that you no longer desire. Then there are the large items, such as dressers and sofas, which may or may not fit at the new location. Before the move, go through your belongings in both places and figure out what you have, what you’ll retain, and what you’ll sell, donate, or throw. This is extremely important if you’re moving to NJ from another state. When you decide what to do with your things, interstate movers NJ will be glad to help you with your relocation.

A couple packing plates and bowls
Don’t pack the things you don’t need when moving in with the partner

If you’re tempted to put it off until after the move or skip it entirely, don’t do that. Everything you keep increases the expense of the move, whether in cash or in terms of the time it will take to move everything. Plus, there is the physical strain it will put on your body. Everything will have to fit into the new location. Moving companies Montclair NJ will relocate all your things quickly and safely. However, consider what it will be like when all of the boxes are in place. Will you be able to store them till you can sort through them? So, before you pack things you need to:

  • Make a list of everything in each apartment
  • Decide what you’ll retain, sell, trash, or give as a family
  • Measure the remaining items (furniture, etc)
  • Determine how much space you require)

Have in mind your new home while packing

When packing moving boxes, make sure everything is labeled and organized according to where it will go in your new house. If you’re both organized when it comes to packing, unloading, and unpacking moving boxes, it will be a breeze. Color-coded labeling is recommended. Each room should have its own colored label. Attach a comprehensive list of each moving box’s contents to the side. When you get to your new house, you’ll be able to organize and unpack the moving boxes quickly, because Jersey City movers will know where to put the boxes right away.

A couple labeling the moving boxes
When moving in with your partner, make sure you label all the boxes

Even if you sift through your possessions beforehand, you’ll almost certainly feel like you still have too much. That’s because you’ll each have goods you’d like to retain, even if they’re not really useful. It’s a good idea to sit down ahead of time and plan how you’ll deal with clutter in the future. You can agree to look through your shared possessions and determine what to keep, sell, donate to a charity, or throw away. You should both be considerate of the other’s demands. Work together to find a solution that is best for both of you.

Consider storage when moving in together

We strongly advise that you discuss storage options before moving into your new home. You may not have enough storage space in your new house to store everything you wish to keep. If you have belongings that don’t fit in your new house, you might want to explore renting a shared storage space. When you move into a larger place, you can always use them (or upgrade from an apartment to a house.) If you decide to rent a storage unit, make sure the boxes are clearly labeled as well. You’ll be able to locate them easily when you need them.

Communicate with your partner

When couples move in together, one of the most significant difficulties they encounter has nothing to do with moving boxes or packing. Every successful partnership begins with open communication. We recommend that you set aside time to discuss your living condition on a regular basis. Whether you need to pool your resources to devise a clutter-reduction strategy or reconsider how you divide costs, it’s crucial to address issues as they emerge rather than letting them fester. Moving in with your partner is not a decision that is easy to make.  But, if you plan carefully and if you are ready to make a compromise, you will enjoy the process and your time together.

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