Moving in with your partner in NJ: Tips to combine two households

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    Usually, combining households results in chaos and duplicates of everything. This is particularly true if two existing households merge into one. Hiring moving companies NJ and moving in together can be exciting, but it can also lead to heated debates and hurt feelings if tastes and housekeeping styles collide. With these helpful hints, you can be assertive and set the stage for a peaceful transition. What can you do to ensure a smooth moving in with your partner in NJ?

    Take an inventory of your items and select the better of the two

    According to our experts from residential moving companies NJ, moving in with your partner in NJ is also a great time to clear out any excess clutter. It may appear overwhelming to do this for both homes, so break it down room by room. Surprisingly, the most difficult room to design will most likely be your kitchen. You’re likely to have an excess of everything with so many different gadgets. Do you need two sets of cutlery, four sets of dishes, and all those adorable coffee mugs? Remember the adage, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.” If you happen to come across a variety of items that might come in handy if you and your partner decide to relocate, self-storage will be your best buddy.

    couple sitting and writing
    Making a list of your possessions will make moving in with your partner in NJ a lot easier

    Commit to open and clear communication

    Respect each other and acknowledge from the start that sharing space (and deciding what stays as well as what must go) can be an emotional experience. When you have something to say that could be interpreted negatively, try framing it in a positive statement.

    Take plenty of photos and measurements of your new home

    Even if it means scheduling an extra appointment to return, do it! According to interstate movers NJ, having measurements and photos to refer to while planning will save you a lot of stress (and arguments) on moving day. It will allow you to avoid situations like the couch not fitting through a doorway.

    Refrain from criticizing family heirlooms

    Items that have been passed down in a family can hold a lot of emotion. Not to mention that they are typically of exceptional quality and worth saving. If a piece of furniture isn’t your style or appears to be fusty and out of date, try updating it with new cushions or drawer pulls.

    Handle differences with care

    Is your partner fond of something you despise? Trying to coerce them into getting rid of something precious to them is likely to backfire, resulting in bitterness and hurt feelings. Start the discussion by coming to grips with your partner about your love for the item in question, then state your case openly, and nonjudgmentally.

    Before giving in (or causing a major squabble), ask if they would mind having the piece redecorated, refinished, or re-covered with fresh material to bring it up to date and make it more compatible with the rest of your decor. Or suggest moving the item in question to a more remote location. Remind your partner that you, too, are willing to make a sacrifice on something valuable to you.

    Keep your budget in mind

    Getting married or living together frequently entails combining finances; however, even the most expansive budget has limits, and you’ll want to retain factors like your job stability and future plans in mind before dropping thousands on a couple of new couches or kitchen appliances. Set a budget based on what you can afford right now. Then, as you walk into the space with new perspectives, make a list of ideas to save for later.

    piggy bank
    When moving in together you should make a thoughtful plan of your finances

    Make a renovation checklist

    Spending money on new furniture may leave you with little money for repairs or renovations. Making a list of the renovation project you want to do eventually will allow you to keep these goals in mind as you make other financial decisions.

    Plan your room layouts ahead of time

    This can be easy. Jersey City movers advise you to go through every room in the new house and decide where you’ll put what. Make some rough drafts or take notes to assist you in remembering what you decide on. Refer to the images and measurements you took during your open house or home tour.

    Prepare by cleaning out your closets

    Be open and honest with one another about how much space you have for your clothes and accessories. If you have too many clothes to fit in the bedroom closet at once, try sorting your clothing and accessories by season and storing out-of-season items in a less accessible location.

    Bulky, heavy items, such as shoes and coats, can also be moved to a secondary closet outside the bedroom. Install high shelves over entryways or keep slim boxes underneath the bed if you need an appropriate place for extra clothing storage.

    Imperfections can help you find balance

    Even if your tastes are diametrically opposed to those of others in your household, compromise is the key to success. Although the matching design was popular a few decades ago, today’s trendy styles incorporate a variety of different elements, textures, and colors for a broader appeal.

    Choose a color scheme

    You’ll find it much easier to mix and match different items if you keep the color scheme in your home consistent, even if your personal preferences and styles are otherwise worlds apart. Keeping guest rooms and common areas in neutral colors can increase your chances of matching.

    color palette
    Keep the color palette consistent and neutral

    Remove duplicates

    Examine each item and select the best example: the sharpest, highest-quality knives, the better mixer, and so on. It can be tempting to keep multiples simply because they are high quality, but consider the number of storage cabinets and closet space in your new home before overburdening yourself. Set a date and make sure to stick to it for giving away or selling the duplicates you won’t be keeping.

    Maintain an open mind when moving in with your partner in NJ

    Context can make or break an argument. If your significant other is adamant about keeping something that isn’t your style, agree to at least give it a shot in the new location. Do it with the understanding that you have veto power if it doesn’t work out. Of course, you must be willing to reciprocate for your partner.

    Moving in with your partner in NJ and combining two lives can be difficult, from deciding on interior decoration to allocating household chores. Most people agree that money can exacerbate the problem. Nonetheless, moving companies Montclair NJ experts agree on some fundamental principles for combining two households harmoniously. Keep an open mind and communicate with your partner.

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