Moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ: All you need to know

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Moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ is an exciting journey filled with new opportunities and experiences. This is especially the case when you hire one of the most reliable moving companies, such as Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage NJ, to conduct your move. Whether you’re relocating for work, family, or simply seeking a change of scenery, this move brings with it a chance to explore the charms and conveniences of Edgewater, a picturesque town along the Hudson River. We’ll walk you through all the essential information you need to know to make your transition as smooth as possible. From comparing the cost of living to finding your dream home and settling into your new community, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s discover what it takes to make the move from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ a successful and enjoyable one.

The cost of living comparison

When considering a move from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ, one of the crucial factors to weigh is the cost of living in each location. Edgewater tends to have a slightly higher cost of living compared to Newark. Housing costs, in particular, are noticeably higher in Edgewater. The rental and real estate market in Edgewater often reflects the appeal of its waterfront properties and proximity to New York City. The average rent for an apartment in Newark NJ is $1,465, while the average rent for an apartment in Edgewater NJ is $3,684. Utility costs, such as electricity, water, and heating, can also be somewhat higher in Edgewater. However, it’s essential to note that these increased costs often come with a higher quality of life, excellent schools, and access to various amenities and recreational opportunities.

A girl studying because moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ brings great educational opportunities.
Moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ brings great educational opportunities.

Education in Newark and Edgewater

Both cities have their strengths in this regard. Newark, being a larger city, offers a variety of public and private school options. The city is home to several prestigious public magnet schools, charter schools, and private institutions. On the other hand, Edgewater has a reputation for its quality public education. The Edgewater Public School District is known for its dedication to student success. Additionally, Edgewater is in proximity to several well-regarded school districts in neighboring towns along the Hudson River, providing families with options for top-tier education. If you have school-age children, it’s advisable to research specific schools in both Newark and Edgewater to find the best fit for your family’s educational needs. Consider factors like school rankings, extracurricular activities, and the availability of advanced placement programs.

Job market differences when moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ

When evaluating the job market in Newark, NJ, compared to Edgewater, NJ, there are some key distinctions to consider. Newark, as one of New Jersey’s largest cities and close to New York City, offers a diverse and robust job market with a wide range of industries. You’ll find opportunities in finance, healthcare, education, and transportation, among others. It’s also a hub for various corporate headquarters and government institutions, which can be advantageous for job seekers.

A man and a woman making a deal.
Edgewater is home to a growing number of businesses, particularly in the hospitality, retail, and service sectors.

Edgewater, on the other hand, is a smaller town with a more limited job market. While it may not have the same breadth of job opportunities as Newark, it does have its advantages. Edgewater is home to a growing number of businesses, particularly in the hospitality, retail, and service sectors. Additionally, its proximity to New York City provides residents with access to a wide array of job opportunities in the city, which is just a short commute away.

When deciding between these two locations, your career field and job prospects should be a significant factor in your decision. Newark’s diverse job market may be more appealing if you’re looking for a wide range of options, while Edgewater’s charm and access to New York City might be attractive if you’re willing to commute for work. Conduct thorough research and consider your personal career goals when making this decision.

Find the right neighborhood

Newark is a diverse and vibrant city with several neighborhoods to choose from. The Downtown area offers a mix of historic and modern living with easy access to cultural attractions and transportation hubs. The Ironbound District is known for its Portuguese and Brazilian communities, offering unique dining and cultural experiences. Other neighborhoods like Forest Hill and Weequahic provide residential tranquility and access to parks.

When you decide to move, movers Newark NJ will bring all your stuff to Edgewater NJ, the city that boasts scenic waterfront communities that appeal to many. The River Road area features luxury high-rises and townhomes with stunning Hudson River views. The Binghamton and Shadyside neighborhoods offer a quieter, more suburban atmosphere, ideal for families. Additionally, Edgewater’s proximity to the river provides residents with beautiful waterfront parks and walkways. It’s essential to consider your lifestyle, budget, and priorities. Newark offers a wider range of neighborhoods, while Edgewater focuses on waterfront living and a more suburban feel.

Places to see and visit

After moving with movers Edgewater NJ, you’ll find a wealth of exciting places to see and visit in your new area. Here are some notable attractions and destinations to explore:

  1. Edgewater Waterfront: Begin by exploring your new town’s scenic Hudson River waterfront. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the riverwalk, picnics in local parks, and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline.
  2. Mitsuwa Marketplace: Experience a taste of Japan at Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese supermarket and food court. Savor authentic Japanese cuisine and shop for unique products.
  3. Edgewater Commons: This shopping center offers a variety of stores and restaurants.
  4. Palisades Interstate Park: This park offers hiking trails, picnicking areas, and opportunities for birdwatching.
  5. Liberty State Park: A short drive away in Jersey City, this expansive park features the Liberty Science Center.
A mover packing
With the right professionals, you will have a pleasant relocation

Enjoy your move

Moving with residential moving companies NJ offers a unique opportunity for a fresh start. We’ve explored various aspects of moving from Newark NJ to Edgewater NJ, from the differences in cost of living to the educational and job opportunities available. Edgewater’s scenic waterfront, diverse neighborhoods, and proximity to cultural attractions make it an appealing destination. Your adventure in Edgewater NJ is just beginning. We wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life. Welcome to Edgewater!

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