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New York City is arguably one of the most expensive cities in the world. The term “affordable” is not used likely here because, for most people, it is still more expensive than living anywhere else in the US. Although, everything has its price and New York City has a lot to offer. It is surely a popular place that still holds the essence of the American Dream. But despite being popular and expensive, this city also offers a few affordable neighborhoods. So, let us today cover the list with some of the most affordable places to live in NYC. And, let us help you find local movers New York to get you there. Let’s dive right in.

Riverdale is one of the most affordable places to live in NYC

New York City encompasses hundreds of cities, boroughs, neighborhoods, and villages. And all the places we are about to show you will be compared with living in NYC. Simply because by living in the NYC area, you are bound to move through the city, spend money there, work, or even live in the very center. This obviously depends on the budget you have. That being said, let us begin with Riverdale. This place is widely known for its expensive estates and splendid schools. Most of the real estate is private and highly expensive to rent, let alone purchase. Despite this, it is still one of the most affordable places to live in NYC. Renting price is a bit lower than in NYC with around $2k for one-bedroom and studio apartments.

a woman and the NYC landscape
Start exploring the New York area and you’ll soon realize that Riverside is one of the best choices out there.

The cost of living is 10% lower than in NYC and an amazing 30% lower for real estate. The groceries, utilities, healthcare, and transportation are pretty much the same. Although, the transportation methods are a bit different. You can always use a cab and a bus. The subway is a bit further away from Riverdale so that one won’t be an option unless you take another form of transportation to reach the subway. Luckily, residential movers New York are affordable in Riverdale. At least you can count on having a slightly bigger budget after your relocation.

Our next stop is at Windsor Terrace

On the south side of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, you’ll find a small residential area of Windsor Terrace. This place has no more than 20k residents and it is diverse, cozy, and welcoming. A huge advantage is to have Prospect Park near your home. You can walk your pets, and kids, and exercise there. But at the same time, the location raised the price of properties there. Even so, it is still one of the most affordable places to live in NYC. The housing market is always favorable for Windsor Terrace, but the only downside is that you will have to wait a bit to find a property for rent here.

Windsor Terrace as one of the most affordable places to live in NYC
Windsor Terrace is small, cozy, and affordable.

Such an affordable place that is so close to NYC is always in high demand. At this point, the price does not matter because families who live in this neighborhood do not plan on hiring movers NYC to NJ and relocate anytime soon. Simply because housing and the cost of living are much lower when compared to the surrounding neighborhoods. But you must know this and always have Windsor Terrace on your list when searching for affordable neighborhoods in New York.

Off to Inwood

Now we are moving to Inwood. This place is strange because the overall livability score is below average. When you check on the schools and job opportunities, you would say that this place is nothing special. Although, it is surprisingly cheap across the map. The cost of living is 25% lower than in the rest of New York. Real estate is almost 65% cheaper as well while rental prices are around 15% cheaper. With the overall 25% lower prices for the cost of living, this place is more than affordable. Especially when you consider that it is located on the northern edge of Manhattan.

Manhattan at night
Settle in Inwood and live affordably right next to the forever-famous Manhattan.

But the most important benefit is that this place is extremely safe. Crime rates are 15% lower than in New York and 25% lower than the national average. Some would say that this place is even boring, and it has nothing special to attract young people and tourists. Well, it depends on how you look at it. Yes, it might not have nightclubs, but it has many parks and playgrounds. And in the end, we can say that it is a good place for families with kids. It is safe, affordable, and in a good location. Hence, place this one high on your list and check with Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage when you can start moving. Inwood awaits!

Finishing with Roosevelt Island as another of the most affordable places to live in NYC

Our next destination is Roosevelt Island. This place has a bad rep due to being a former host to several hospitals, prisons, and an asylum. It is only a 2-mile-long island and there was nothing much to it. Up until the middle of the 20th century when this place transformed into a residential neighborhood. Moreover, it has many offices and business-related buildings as well. And you’ll be glad to hear that here you can find affordable offices as well as apartment units. The range goes between $500k and $950k while renting is between $2.500 and $3.000.

The only downside is the bad rep and the fact that this is an island between Manhattan and Queens. Those two factors lowered the price of real estate and the costs of living significantly. If you can look beyond these two factors, then you are in for a treat. Just make sure to call your commercial movers NY well in advance in case you are relocating a business here. Moving a business is more complex and it requires a bit more time as well as precise calculations.

It is possible to find affordable places in NYC

These were the most affordable places to live in NYC. No doubt there are quite a few more and if you start searching today, you might find the best one for you. Just make sure to prepare for the relocation as well. Call your movers in advance, book the moving date, set the budget, and start packing. Good luck.

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