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Preparing for the long-distance move, you will have to leave some of your things behind. First, the fewer items you are moving, the less expensive your move will be. The second reason is that movers won’t allow some items into their trucks. And finally, moving some items across the state borders is forbidden. To spare yourself from uncertainty, discuss the matter with Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ. They will advise you about the items you shouldn’t move long distance. And they will provide you with a full list of items they are forbidden to move. So, the list will help you with decluttering and packing.

Items you shouldn’t move long distance

There are a number of items that moving companies are forbidden to take on the track. And, they will have to refuse to load them, regardless if you are moving locally or long distance. However, when it comes to long-distance moving, the list is even longer. For example, moving locally companies might allow you to transport food. Of course, you will have to pack it strictly following their requirements. But, moving food long-distance is not allowed under any condition.

In addition to these, there are things that you should leave behind as they will be surplus in your new home. Also, it can be more cost-effective to buy some things than to pay for their transport. For example, check with your mover the cost of transporting a large wardrobe. You might find out that purchasing a new one will cost you less. Moreover, the old one you can sell.

Wardrobe with hangers
It can be more cost effective to buy some things than to pay for their transport.

Things you should leave behind when moving long distance

We already saw that there are two categories of things that you should leave behind. Actually, there are items you will not be allowed to load on the moving truck. And, there are things that would be too costly to move. Or they would simply not match your new home.

Items you will not be allowed to load on the moving truck

We can identify several types of items in this category. Sol, let us briefly explain why you can’t move them long distances. And what those items are.

Hazardous and flammable materials

No mover, residential moving companies NJ including, will allow you to load hazardous and flammable materials. So, you should dispose of such materials. Doing so take care to do it in the right way. For example, you can’t just take household chemicals, or things from the garage and throw them in the trash container. Also, before disposing of them, check with neighbors or relatives if they can have some use of them.


On the one hand, plants can contaminate a moving truck. And the rest of your belonging too. For example, regardless of how carefully you have inspected and packed them, your plants can cause the appearance of lichens and molds. And staying for a long time closed in the moving truck, they can easily spread over your other possessions. Besides, the movers will have to bear the costs of cleaning their trucks. And, many states have policies of not allowing some plant species to enter their territory, even in transit.

Photo of indoor plants as some of the items you shouldn't move long distance
Plants are not allowed into the moving truck.

Perishable items

The perishable items can easily get spoiled by spending a long time in the truck. And, as well as plants, they can contaminate the truck and the rest of your possessions. Besides, they will cause a bad odor. Getting rid of such smells from the trucks and your possessions can be time-consuming and costly. And, in case you smuggled such items in the moving boxes, long distance moving companies NJ will not be obliged to reimburse you for damages. Moreover, you can be asked to pay the costs of cleaning their truck.

Moving your pets long distance

Ordinary moving companies will never allow your pets into their moving truck.  They simply are not authorized to do such transport. And, your pets won’t be able to spend long periods locked in the truck.

Other items you shouldn’t move long distance

Apart from the items that movers are not allowed to move, there are some items that you shouldn’t move at all. Not because it is forbidden but because it will cost you more money to relocate them than to buy new ones. Also, it is advisable to have a fresh start with new items.

Bulky, heavy, and old furniture

When moving long distance, the factors influencing the transportation costs are distance and size of your move. To avoid paying high moving bills, it can show as a wise decision to leave behind bulky, heavy, and old furniture. So, you can always sell those items, and use the money to purchase new pieces. Being on a tight schedule, maybe you won’t be able to sell them immediately. If so, you can keep them in storage Jersey City NJ for some time.

Clothes and footwear

Check your clothes and footwear before packing. You might realize that some of those items you were not wearing for years. Such items you can sell, or donate. Also, in case you are moving to a warmer climate, you will not need heavy, winter clothes. So, pack only clothes and footwear that you like, and that will be sufficient for a warmer climate. In case you are moving to a colder place, you should buy winter clothes after the move. First, you will save up on moving costs. Second, in your new place, there will be a better choice of winter clothes.

Women Looking at the Clothes in the Wooden Box.
Don’t move long distance clothes and shoes you are not using.

Make your move simple

You might also have some specific items in your home. If you are not sure what to do, check the moving services NJ. For example, you might have a home-based office. And you are not sure how to prepare it for the move. Or, which of the items from your office the movers will accept? They will be able to help you with such issues. And to give you useful advice.

Now you know all about items that you can and can’t expect the movers to accept. Following the above suggestions, and discussing the matter with your movers, you will be on the safe side. You will know exactly what to pack. And which items you shouldn’t move long distance. Besides, you will be able to determine whether it is cost-effective for you to transport some of the things you own.

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