Ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes

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    Dressing up in different costumes has been very popular for centuries. It is a special evening when everyone can look different and be someone else, at least for a short time. Every October before Halloween, we have to think about having an original costume for ourselves and our little ones. Remember that time when you didn’t know where to store all of your things so you hired one of the Hoboken moving companies to store them for you? You probably have dozen of quality cardboard boxes that you can use to make a costume. In addition, you will stay on the budget. Is there something better than making them with recycled materials like boxes? No worries, we are here to share some wonderful ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes. So let’s be creative!

    Pizza delivery

    Don’t you simply love that crispy and hot slice of pizza right from the oven? I bet you are thinking about it right now. You probably throw boxes every day because you don’t need them. If you are one of our local movers NJ who experienced relocations, then you don’t have to worry since you already have a lot of boxes at your disposal.

    Pizza in a box as a prop to make Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes
    Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, it can be delicious as well.

    This costume is so simple, and it is made in 15 minutes. Go get that box or just order one while we are helping you to design your perfect Halloween costume.  It is ideal if you go in pairs with someone, although it can also be individual. All you need is:

    • cardboard (large piece),
    • scissors,
    • color paper or white paper and some color pencils,
    • glue,
    • stapler.

    Cut two large triangles of the same dimensions. One will be your front and the other the back of your costume. Then cut the edges to make your slice round. Cut the yellow paper into strips, and then start gluing it. That will be the cheese. Cut circles just like slices of mushrooms from white, and onions or some spice from green paper. Glue it all together. Staple a piece of paper that will go over your shoulder and your costume is done! You can always make it with white paper and let your kids color it. That way they will have fun and you can use that time to finish unpacking after movers NJ helped you relocate. If you have a partner who goes with you, he can go as a pizza delivery guy! All he needs is a cap and a pizza box!

    A cardboard robot

    If you are in a hurry and your kid needs a last-minute Halloween costume, then a robot is a perfect idea. Our ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes are here to save you! The armholes will be enough to hold the costume, while the head can be free. Or you can use an additional box for it, on which you will cut openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Instead of a slit for your hands, you can make a costume from two larger cardboards that you will connect with a rope. If you want to additionally mask the child’s legs and arms, you can use kitchen aluminum foil.

    Robot ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes
    Ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes can be fun for little ones as well.

    If your chores are waiting for you, you can opt for a simple solution. Include your child and let them color and draw what they want. That way they will be occupied and you can use that time for something else.

    The magnificent butterfly

    Boys will be happy as robots, zombies, and ghosts, but our little girls require something more colorful and graceful. For this butterfly costume, you will need:

    • black leggings or tracksuit,
    • hairband,
    • cardboard box,
    • scissors,
    • glue,
    • rope,
    • color pencils.

    For big and wide butterfly wings, use white cardboard. Draw on the newspaper the shape of the wing you would like to have, cut it out, and transfer it to cardboard. Cut a wing shape out of cardboard and decorate as desired. To do this, use color pencils and your imagination. Glue the cut shapes to the cardboard and allow the glue to dry.

    A butterfly toy
    A costume for your girl with a royal butterfly spirit.

    To attach the wings, cut four slits on the wings four times. The slits should be 4 cm wide and the same distance apart. Make two slits at the top of the wing, and two slits just below the middle of the wing. Thread the rope through the slits to make the straps. Tie the ends of the ribbon to the lower part of the wing. Try the wings on the child to determine the exact length of the tape.

    Spiderman mask

    You have a Spiderman costume, and you are thinking about how to make a mask to go with your costume? Make a cardboard mask, because it is the easiest and most convenient way to make different masks. To make a Spiderman mask with your own hands, you need to go through a few simple steps.

    Get the material you need such as cardboard, scissors, glue, and a piece of string. Print the mask on a sheet of cardboard and lightly cut it along the contour. If you cannot print directly on the cardboard, first print the mask on a sheet of A4 paper, then cut out the contour and paste it on the cardboard base. Then make holes in the mask with scissors. Measure the elastic band or string of the required size and fasten it to the holes on the base of the mask.

    A Spiderman hanging
    Your child can disguise himself as his favorite Spiderman hero.

    Reuse is one of the main goals of ecological behavior. Our movers NJ to NYC have the best possible quality service and amazing advice like this that they can use in everyday life. These ideas for Halloween costumes from cardboard boxes are just something that we can do with the large number of recycled materials we have at home. In addition, it will reduce your budget, and you will provide children with an important environmental lesson. 

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