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Relocation is a big deal. And if you have different great – or bad – experiences with moving companies NJ, you should share your thoughts with the world. Still, you want to write objectively, and not complain that you had bad weather on your moving day (as this is something movers have no impact on). So, let’s see how to write a helpful moving review.

Why you should write a helpful moving review

Before we start with how let’s first elaborate on why is it a good idea to write a helpful moving review. Namely, many people who are looking for reliable moving services NJ don’t really know what to expect. And since you’ve already been through this experience, you can try to help them out with your opinion.

a girl preparing to write a helpful moving review
Let’s first elaborate on why is it a good idea to write a helpful moving review.

Secondly, we have to establish one thing: a review is your personal opinion on what you have experienced, maybe with residential moving companies NJ or office movers. But most importantly – this opinion should be justified. So, how to do it right?

Say what was good

When you begin, start with acknowledging what was good about the experience. Let’s say you found a safe storage Jersey City NJ based. Try to explain what made you satisfied – and why.

Your writing should help other people

First, you can say what made you decide to hire your movers. Did you get the recommendation for your movers? What did you know about them? Mention the important things such as price and speed. What about the services they provide? Are they enough? Say a few words about this. If you feel like you’re not sure what to write, it’s ok. After all, writing effectively is a skill that you learn with time.

Answer the main question – how was your overall experience?

Describe your experience

You have specified the company and service. Now it’s time to move on to the main part of the review: answer the main question – how was your overall experience? Was it good or bad? What did you like and what made your move easier? Still, be careful. There is no need to retell the entire process of the move in detail. It is important to formulate the things that helped you out. This can be an example:

Quality service with a prompt response

I had very good communication with the this-and-this moving company. They answered all my questions clearly and offered a reasonable price for their services. They also suggested some of the services I didn’t consider, such as packing services which were very helpful in the end and helped me to save time.

It is advisable, of course, to write briefly, without missing the important details. Basically, three or four sentences will be enough.

Explain your overall impression

Now it’s the time to say what you like and what you didn’t like, but be sure to tell people – why?

What helped you with your move? Or what did you learn about relocation? What seemed most stressful? Would you hire this company or would you handle things differently? Surely, you can write about everything that comes to your mind. With moving reviews it is better to say too much than to say nothing. And you always have time to edit things out! Also, you can say something about the moving crew. Were they nice and did they communicate well? What did you do to make their job easier?

Sum it up

Once you wrote everything, you need to sum things up. This is a time to write your overall opinion. Would you hire the same movers again? What would you avoid and what would you definitely do again? You can use the following synonyms and expressions:

  • I liked this moving company because: they were efficient, they made an impression with their work, they were honest and nice, etc.
  • Good service: fast, responsive, reliable, experienced, easy to communicate, etc.

As you can see, writing a good review is not that hard. The main thing is to think well and use our tips and plan step by step. And remember: in a good review, your opinion is the most valuable. So feel free to say what you’ve been through. Also, you can say about your moving needs. For example, it’s not the same when you move with kids and when you move your office.

a couple wrapping a chair
If nothing constructive comes to mind, then don’t write a moving review as this doesn’t help anyone.

Be honest

A review is useless if it is insincere. Explain why you like something or not. Did the company had any delays? Was the price the same as agreed? Did you get the free estimate? And did the move go smoothly? What was that helpful thing you haven’t considered before? How many days did it take you to prepare? This is true for both good and bad things. Write about what you think is good and what you think is bad.

Let the criticism be constructive

Be constructive. “I didn’t like this moving company,” is not helpful to a potential customer. If nothing constructive comes to mind, then don’t write a review. You have to remember that critical review is important. Often an honest review can be what saves the customer from a bad experience style, non-existent services, and weak assistance.

So, when you write a helpful moving review, remember that a good review should offer the potential customer two things. The reviewer’s view of the experience and his opinion on whether it is good or bad. Of course, try to always be kind with your words and help movers improve their services in the future. Good luck!

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