How to wrap furniture for moving

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    Preparing for a relocation isn’t easy. quite the opposite. It can be really stressful, and exhausting, and it takes a lot of your time. Even if you hire some of the best movers, such as Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage, you still have a lot of work to do. One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to preparing and packing for a move is furniture packing. Those items are often bulky, heavy, and made of a few parts. You have to make sure that you protected it well, disassembled it correctly, and that you can move it out of your old home and fit into the new one. We know that this sounds like a lot and that you might feel like it is a never-ending job. However, if you keep reading, we will explain how to wrap furniture for moving quickly and efficiently.

    Make a plan that will help you decide how to wrap furniture for moving

    The first thing that you have to plan when it comes to packing your furniture is how to get packing supplies, of course. You need to make an inventory list and decide what pieces of furniture you are going to take with you, what are you going to toss out, and what to donate or sell. Once you’ve done that and seen how many pieces you have left to pack, it is time to gather the wrapping materials. You will need:

    • a great amount of bubble wrap,
    • plastic wrap (stretchable would be the most convenient),
    • moving blankets,
    • covers,
    • plastic bags,
    • tape.
    A couple wrapping a sofa
    With our tips, it is easy to know how to wrap furniture for moving

    Once you have gathered all of the materials, you have to decide which room you want to start with. Of course, it is best to start with the one that you don’t use regularly. Also, if it is possible, the kitchen should be one of the first rooms from which you are going to remove the furniture. It will be easier for you and residential movers New York when they come. Since later on, you will have a lot of work with packing the appliances, it would be great if chairs, tables, and shelves weren’t on your way.

    Disassemble and dismantle the furniture if necessary

    Dressers and other large pieces of furniture weren’t made to easily go through doorways and around corners. However, they may be dismantled in order to move them more easily. Photograph them before disassembling them. You will then have a visual reminder of how your furniture ought to seem when the time to recreate it comes. This is especially important if you are moving your office. You and commercial movers NY don’t want any problems later. If you have photos as proof and a guide, it will be much easier later. Don’t just assume you’ll remember how to reassemble that challenging cupboard. You should have ideas on how to redesign your dresser or cabinet using the photos you’ve taken as a guide.

    In addition to that, you should take off the casters, knobs, and other hardware. To wrap individually, unscrew glass-covered doors. Also, remove the legs from sofas, chairs, and tables, if possible. To keep the little bits together, use plastic bags that can be sealed well. Then tape the bags to the furniture, so that you don’t lose them in the transport.

    A couple wrapping a chair
    You will need a lot of packing materials to protect your furniture

    Remove drawers

    First, you must empty the drawers in your furniture. When moving dressers and cabinets, they will get heavier and their drawers will start to open and bounce while being transported or carried. This may harm the drawers’ handles, gliders, and other components. You could be tempted to assume it would be preferable to have the drawers removed. However, if you leave them in and secure them, you may move the complete piece of furniture in a single trip.

    How to use the moving materials

    You should protect your furnishings with moving blankets. For older furniture, especially if it’s wooden, bubble wrap and tape might not be adequate padding. They may deter dings and scratches, but when being transported or stored, they can retain moisture and cause damage. Use bubble wrap as an additional layer of defense. Add a layer of furniture cushions or moving blankets between each item. Consequently, wood won’t come into touch with plastic. This way movers NYC to NJ will also have an easier job. They won’t have to look if the wrapping is destroying the furniture all the time, and you will know well how to wrap furniture for moving.

    A person lifting a couch
    Remove all the legs from the furniture, if possible

    Moving blankets are robust and designed to shield your furniture from knocks and scratches while in transit. Depending on the size and shape of the piece of furniture, you can use one or two blankets. This is another way to make the relocation easier for yourself and local movers New York as well. When it’s feasible, fold the edges of the moving blanket to form corners before draping it over your belongings. Packing tape and stretchy plastic wrap you will use to secure the blankets. Moving blankets are useful for safeguarding doors and covering exposed portions of furniture, including the backs. These you can use for the many types of furniture.

    Should you use cardboard boxes?

    When it comes to using cardboard moving boxes for packing furniture, it is not recommendable. First of all, you would need an endless amount of those to pack everything. Also, you would have to use the largest ones, and they are just bulky. In addition to that, they can’t protect the furniture. Cardboard boxes are great for clothes, smaller items, dishes, and other breakables. However, furniture can’t fit into them. They will only get broken and your furniture would be damaged. On the other hand, cardboard can be used as a way of additional protection. Corrugated cardboard is great if you need to move your items across the floor, or place them tightly next to each other in the truck.

    Wrapping furniture for moving is not difficult

    Now you know how to wrap furniture for moving and you see that it is not that difficult. Yes, you need a lot of materials. And yes, it takes some time. However, when you do it properly, you don’t have to worry anymore. It would be worse if you had to replace the damaged furniture. This way it will be transferred to your new home safely.

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