How to spend your fisrt week after moving from Hoboken to Jersey City?

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    Moving to a new area, even if it is simply from Hoboken to Jersey City, might be terrifying. There are new parking laws, trains to ride, and a new grocery shop to learn. Fear not, newbies! We’ve gathered a compilation of useful Jersey City knowledge, tips, and tricks. Continue reading to learn all about relocating to Jersey City and how to spend your first week after moving from Hoboken to Jersey City in the best way possible.

    Ideas for the first week after moving from Hoboken to Jersey City

    For most people, adapting to new surroundings is quite a scary thing. But it doesn’t have to be. The first week in a new place is usually the most difficult. But it’s also the most critical. First impressions do matter. You’re more likely to get to love the place if your move goes smoothly and you have fun on your first week. To ensure that your move does go smoothly, don’t hesitate to call the best movers NJ has to offer. And to make sure that you have a good time on your first days in Jersey City, take a look at our top 7 fun things to do in Jersey City on your first week.

    Jersey City view
    Jersey City is a very nice place to live in.

    1. Relish in the city’s street art

    Take a look at some of the local street art if you’re looking for something unusual to do in Jersey City right away. In fact, street art is so well-liked in the city that a city-wide initiative (Jersey City Mural Arts Program) promotes it, giving preference to large-scale works of art rather than ordinary graffiti. Some of the greatest sites might be difficult to locate, so instead of stumbling about aimlessly, you might want to invest in a guide that can point you in the right direction. Eduardo Kobra’s 180-foot-tall depiction of David Bowie is one of the artist’s most recent works.

    2. Visit the astonishing Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

    Although it is no longer used as a passenger station, this massive 1889 Richardsonian Romanesque structure makes up for its lack of railroad-based practicality in splendor. Ellis Island (or Statue of Liberty) boat tickets may be purchased here, as well as ask about the enormous interiors. You may also just roam about the station, wondering how crowded it would have been in the 1940s and 1950s. It’s one of the more unusual things to do in Jersey City if you’re a history enthusiast. As far as we’re concerned, this is a fantastic idea. You’ll discover quickly how amazing Jersey City is. If you need help with your move, best movers Jersey City can help you move quickly and efficiently.

    3. Savor in the diverse cuisine present in Jersey City’s downtown

    Jersey City’s cuisine scene rivals that of its neighbor, New York City. There is a veritable buffet of cuisine from across the world in Jersey City’s waterfront Downtown district, making it one of the best things to do if you have a particular interest in food. There has always been a lot of promise in downtown Jersey City, but it is now firmly established as an eating destination. Go all-out and sample everything from Chinese to Italian and Mexican cuisines; in particular, try out local favorite The Kitchen Step, Broa, or Mi Casa for everyday meals.

    people having street food for lunch
    Moving from Hoboken to Jersey City, you’ll have to get used to a slightly different, but equally great cuisine.

    4. New York Harbor is a great place to take a jet ski for a spin!

    A jetski trip in New York Harbor couldn’t be any more iconic. What a spectacular way to take in the city’s famed skyline! And this isn’t just a fantasy: You can simply go to the marina and rent a wetsuit, a life jacket, and a jetski (courtesy of Sea The City) and set out. It’s one of Jersey City’s more unconventional activities, and a fun way to see New York City from the water’s perspective. This is a must-do for thrill-seekers of all stripes. Get on a jet ski and have a great time! If you need to move quickly, our eviction movers  NJ are always available.

    5. Admire the New York City skyline at night

    Let’s face it: a must-do activity in Jersey City includes a city in a different state that’s literally right over the river. As we’ve stated several times, that is New York City you see there. The ideal moment to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most famous skylines is at night, when the skyscrapers and towering temples of commerce, money, and plain old-fashioned capitalism are illuminated in all their dazzling glory… Take a seat on a bench and prepare for one of the greatest nightlife experiences in Jersey City.

    6. Go out and see some live performances

    If you enjoy live music, Jersey City’s live music scene is a must-see for every music aficionado. Some of the city’s most interesting bands and other live performers perform frequently for both large and small crowds at a variety of locations. White Eagle Hall, with its 800-seat capacity, is one of the largest and most historic venues in the city, having opened in 1910. Monty Hall, Jersey City’s independent music venue, is the place to go if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream to do at night. The FM Bar, a venue and restaurant, is another spot to catch smaller, less-known musicians.

    a live performance
    Live performances in Jersey City are very frequent.

    7. Stroll around the Midnight Market

    Spending time with your significant other at the Midnight Market in Jersey City ranks as one of the greatest things to do in the city for couples. With the event labeled as a “foodie’s gathering,” it will certainly help if you and your partner are both big foodies. From 6:30 pm to 10 pm, this indoor food festival has a wide variety of restaurants and bars, making it one of Jersey City’s best options for couples who just want to have fun. In addition to listening to DJs and having a drink or two (or three), you can also dine here. If you’re moving from Hoboken to Jersey City with your partner, don’t miss out on the Midnight Market on your first week in Jersey City. Our Hoboken movers will make sure all of your possessions get there safely and on time.

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