How to spend a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ

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    The beautiful town of Montclair is located in Essex County in New Jersey. It is a lively community located in the proximity of New York City. This town offers endless amounts of activities. This is one of the usual reasons people tend to move here, apart from its geographical advantages. The town of Montclair has something for everybody. Montclair NJ is an excellent option for living and if it doesn’t suit you in this regard, we suggest you at least visit it. As mentioned before, there are many good ways to spend a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ and we will list them in this article. After reading this article, you might even gain a different perspective of the town. If you by any chance decide to move here we recommend contacting movers Montclair NJ and hiring their services. Check out what we have prepared for you. Let’s dig in!

    Spending a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ

    There are many popular places in Montclair you can visit and have a good time. There is something for everyone. Its most known attraction is Montclair Art Museum. But there is so much more than that. You can visit many interesting places while you are here. Take a look at our list below and you will find a place or an activity that you would enjoy.

    Montclair Art Museum

    The most popular attraction in Montclair is its Art Museum. There are many art-related places in this area. The Museum is just the tip of the iceberg. It is known for its exhibitions and art collections. The American and Native American art collections make up more than 12 thousand pieces of art. The Art Museum also has an education program for visitors and people affiliated with art. Even if you are not a big fan of art, we wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Museum. It is an interesting experience and it would be a great activity to do over a weekend. A little bit off-topic, but it’s worth mentioning that there is a storage Jersey City NJ available if you by any chance decide on moving some of your stuff here to Montclair.

    Edgemont Memorial Park

    Many would agree that Edgemont Park is one of the best things about Montclair. It offers every possible outdoor activity. Residents of Montclair love spending time here since just being here is an enjoyable experience. The Park has a large pond in the middle of it where you can fish or feed the many ducks that are floating around. There are large green areas across the Park and a lot of benches so there is always a place to lay back and relax. It makes the town even more family-friendly.

    a lake
    Spending time in a park would be a great option for having a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ

    No wonder the moving services NJ that are helping people move here are often used by families. It is just that good of an option if you are trying to raise a family. The town of Montclair has the suburban elements you would usually look for in this case. And yet it manages to offer urban opportunities considering it is just minutes away from NYC.

    Van Vleck House & Gardens

    Another excellent opportunity for a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ. Van Vleck House & Gardens is a non-profit community resource located in this town. It is free to the public and it offers many unforgettable sights. There are 6 acres of Gardens located here and the Visitor Center that’s located in the House. There is a bunch of pretty flowers across the property combined with many other interesting plants.

    a garden representing a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ
    This is a great location for photographers

    Besides the path spread throughout the area, there are information signs that tell you about the history of the property and how it came to be. The Gardens make up a great place for relaxation. It is a real paradise and it feels like a world for itself.

    Dining places in Montclair

    One of the most common activities that people do over the weekends. Dining out with your family or loved ones is a tradition in some families. Or you can go dining alone, especially if you are a food enthusiast. There are several good popular restaurants in Montclair, most of which are foreign cuisine. That makes them even more unique and exotic.

    Brazilian Food at Samba Montclair

    Samba is a Brazilian food restaurant that serves traditional dishes from Brazil. Apart from serving such dishes, it is also worth mentioning that the entire menu is gluten-free. It also has a vast amount of vegan dishes. The restaurant itself is pretty cozy and it has a nice vibe to it. If you like trying out new things we recommend visiting it.

    a burger and some fries on the side
    One of the most common and effective formulas for a perfect weekend. Dining out with your friends or your family!

    Israeli Comfort Food at MishMish Cafe

    Another exotic place for food enthusiasts. They serve high-quality, traditional Israeli food. There aren’t many opportunities to try Israeli food on a daily basis so this is a unique experience. These classic dishes will impress you to no end. A great place overall even if you don’t plan on eating anything.

    Puerto Rican Food at Cocina Candela

    Cocina Candela is one of the most popular Latin restaurants in town. The restaurant is known for its tasty food and unusually large potions. If you are coming to the town of Montclair, visiting the Cocina Candela is a must. You will not be disappointed.

    How to spend a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ?

    As you have read, there are many activities that could have you spend a perfect weekend in Montclair NJ. It all comes down to what you enjoy doing and what are your interests. If you enjoyed the weekend here you should consider moving. Eagle Van Lines Moving deals with all kinds of moves. From regular ones to even very unusual ones like piano moving for example. You will need to contact piano movers New Jersey for this part because it’s rather tricky as you would expect. No matter your inquiries, we are here to help.

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