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Moving heavy inventory is never easy. No matter the distance of the move, packing and safely moving heavy objects can be dangerous. Without proper equipment, there could be a risk of moving injuries. If you need to move your gym equipment or some of your personal sports gear, take a look at the following guide. Here are some tips on how to safely move sports equipment without the risk of damage.

How to plan sports equipment relocation?

With the complexity of this process in mind, there will be a few steps you should carefully plan. In order to safely move sports equipment, you will have to get the right packing supplies, organize moving assistance and plan the moving day. The first thing you should do is find a moving company that you can trust. Unless you plan to disassemble all of your sports equipment alone, you should consider paying for reliable moving services NJ. Moving companies use special equipment for relocating heavy and oversized inventory. Without it, there’s always a chance of getting injuries throughout the moving day.

man holding the dumbbells
In order to safely move sports equipment, you will have to get the right packing supplies, organize moving assistance and plan the moving day.

Before you choose and book your movers, you should decide which moving service is the right one for you. For example, if you have just one treadmill to relocate, you will not need to pay for a full-moving service. On the other hand, relocating an entire gym might be impossible without professional assistance. Take a look at how to safely move sports equipment step-by-step.

Before the move – clean and prepare sports equipment for the move

The first step in this moving process is cleaning. Your sports equipment should be clean and disinfected before packing. It’s recommended to use an alcohol-based solution for disinfection. Once all of your sports equipment is clean, it’s time to disassemble it.

Not all pieces of sports devices need disassembling. However, a device like a treadmill will be almost impossible to move in one piece. If you have the right tools to do it, you can handle this process by yourself. However, professional movers will do it way more efficiently and save your time.

Prepare packing supplies

If you decide to safely move sports equipment by yourself, you will need to get proper packing supplies. You could always pay for professional New Jersey packing services, or you can look for cheap (or free) supplies by yourself. During this process, you should make sure to pack each one of the devices individually. Pay special attention to sharp corners – these should be properly secured so they don’t cause damage or injuries during transportation.

woman holding weight
Weights could be packed in plastic containers, as well as they are not too heavy.

Now you can safely move sports equipment

Packing and moving oversized and heavy items are similar to packing fragile items. During this process, you will have to make a plan.

  • Yoga mats – these items will be the easiest ones to pack and move. Since they are not heavy or fragile, all you need to do is roll them up and pack them into a plastic wrap. The only thing you should make sure of is to protect the mats from dirt.
  • Heavy gym equipment. Unlike yoga mats, these items will require disassembling. Once you do that, make sure to pack each piece individually. If the pieces are too big, it’s better to let movers do all the hard work. Loading heavy inventory with the proper equipment can cause back strains or worse injuries.
  • Hand weights and dumbbells. Although these could be heavy, you can actually pack dumbbells and other weights into moving boxes. However, a bigger plastic container might be a better solution since they’re sturdier. While preparing weights for the move, make sure to avoid overpacking so they don’t fall out during transportation.
  • Treadmills. These machines will be the most difficult to move. In order to safely move sports equipment like treadmills, you will have to disassemble them into pieces. This could be hard to do, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you decided to pay for a full-moving service, ask your movers to disassemble it professionally.

Organize moving assistance

Moving companies usually have experience in heavy inventory like gym equipment. If you want to make sure your inventory stays safe during the move, you should look for movers who have a license and years of experience. Reading online moving reviews will help you narrow down your search and choose the best movers for your needs. For example, a trustworthy company like Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage will pack and safely move sports equipment for you.

Keep in mind that this type of moving service might not be available last minute. Since this process requires special moving equipment, you should make sure to look for movers ahead of time.

Tips for unpacking sports equipment

Once the moving day is over and all of your sports equipment is safely relocated, you will be left with plenty of unpacking to do. In order to organize this process, you should prioritize and unpack inventory by size. For example, place all the pieces of your treadmill in the corner where it’s supposed to go. If you know where you want to put all of your inventory, you will make the unpacking process much more efficient.

Bigger pieces of equipment will require disassembling before the move.

In order to safely move sports equipment, you will need to make a good plan. With proper packing supplies and professional moving assistance, this process will not have to be a complication. Just like moving a home or an office space, gym relocation will take time and patience. Make a moving plan list, prioritize and handle this process one step at a time.

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