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    As exciting as it is to change your home address and start a new adventure in your life, relocation can be difficult and overwhelming. Still, if you are well organized it will be easy to handle this whole process. There are a lot of things that you will have to pay attention to. But with moving services NJ you should be stress-free on your moving day. Hiring professional packers in NJ to help you pack is one of the best ways to reduce stress in this whole process. They have all the right materials and supplies to arrange your belongings in the most efficient way.

    However, even if you will have somebody to do all the heavy lifting and detailed packing, there are still things that you will be responsible for. In order for things to go smoothly on your packing day here are some tips on how to prepare for professional packers in NJ to make this process easier and faster.

    Clean home of useless things

    The key to having an efficient packing day is to prepare everything upfront for NJ movers and packers. How long the packing will take depends on you and the household items that you decide to take with you. Go through your stuff and sort them out.  Estimate what will you take with you and what will you leave behind. That way you will not have to thinks about extra boxes since the more items you decide to move higher the moving cost will be.

    Brown piano
    Let professional packers in NJ take care of your musical instruments

    Start sorting out your stuff from the places that you usually don’t use like the basement and attic. This is a good way to get rid of the stuff that you will no longer use. Also, you can organize a yard sale, to pick up some extra money for your relocation. Remember, the more you clean before experienced packers NJ arrive less work you will have when they finish.

    Prepare bulky stuff for professional packers in NJ

    Once you have sorted out things that will be easy to pack in boxes jump over to bulky stuff that you have. Prepare the furniture that will need disassembling since this will take most of the time. If possible detach removable stuff from your bulky furniture, so that way skilled packers can focus on the packing itself. Empty all the wardrobes and remove all the cushions, table legs, glass tops, shelves, etc. Measure items that will need dissembling in order for them to fit through doorways and hallways.

    In case you possess any large musical instruments know that this will be challenging to pack as well. For example, the piano requires a lot of delicate handling, since it needs to be professionally disassembled and then completely protected to ensure a safe transfer. What you can do to prepare for piano movers New Jersy is to remove anything on the piano or surrounding the piano.

    Do an inventory of your possessions

    After you selected items that you will take with you make an inventory list of your possessions. Mark all the valuable items that a professional packer will wrap up for you. Next to each item write quantity, current condition, and any extra comments that you may have.

    Pan and notebook next to the packing supplies
    Make an inventory list of your possessions

    That way when you arrive at your new location you will be able to see if any items were damaged during the transfer. You will be able to compare the current condition of the items with the comments and make sure that everything is in the right order. In case of any unfortunate event contact an experienced packer in NJ. Let them know what happened and ask for more information about what you should do next.

    Take photos

    Remember that moving companies NJ have experience and you should trust them with your belongings. Still, it is good to be extra careful and cautious, just in case of any unpredictable event. For that reason, you should take photos of your valuable items. This way you will be prepared in case something unexpected comes along the way.

    Take photos of any damages that you already have on your belongings and the ones that you already put on your inventory list. But also take of the items that are in good condition. Make sure that you take photos of each side of your items including some hidden places such as underneath the furniture.

    Prepare the essentials bag

    Aside from the items that you will have to prepare before professional packers in NJ arrive, it is also important to prepare your essential bags. This will be your survival kit in case there are some unexpected delays in your relocation process. You don’t want to spend last night in your current home or the first night in your new home without access to your necessary household items.

    Two people holding bags
    Prepare a bag with all the essential stuff that you might need

    In this bag, you should pack anything that you may need to survive a couple of days without your stuff. Except for your personal belongings such as wallet, keys, documents some of the items that you should have are:

    • medications
    • toiletries
    • change of clothes
    • valuable jewelry
    • expensive electronics

    Keeping all of your necessary items in one place will minimize stress on your moving day.

    Since there are a lot of things to be organized for your relocation day, hiring experienced people will help you free up your mind a little bit. Even though there are things that need to be prepared for professional packers in NJ those are all small steps comparing to if you would have packed by yourself. In the end, relocation can be both the most amazing and the most stressful period in your life. But it is your choice what is going to be.

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