How to prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey?

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    Moving comes with many different difficulties. Sometimes, the packing and storage process can create these. This is especially the case when we have a very sensitive and specific item in our inventory such as a piano. Therefore, a much more careful approach is needed. If you are wondering how to prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey, you are in the right place. Although very fragile and sensitive, pianos can be stored successfully with a few key tips and tricks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you need to do as well as the importance of having the best movers NJ helping you out.

    Gathering the right packing tools and materials is crucial when trying to prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey

    The packing tools and materials are there to keep our items safe and protected. This is not only for the transportation process but also for the actual storage process as well. That is why it is important to have the right tools and materials when packing a sensitive item such as a piano for storage. What kind of tools and materials should you get exactly in this case? Well, to begin with, you will want to avoid any kind of plastic wrapping material that will stay on your piano throughout the storage duration. This is because moisture can build up and therefore cause damage. The best place to start is to get moving blankets of high quality. Furthermore, try to get heavy-duty packing tape or ropes. In combination with moving blankets, these items will make it easier for you or your Jersey City movers to transport your piano.

    A piano in a room.
    Pianos are very sensitive and require specific moving tools and materials for the moving and storage process.

    Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the disassembly and cleaning process

    First of all, cleaning your piano thoroughly before it goes into the storage process is very important. It will help you keep your piano well-maintained. You can begin by focusing on removing dust from the keys. Make sure to use something like a feather duster and be very delicate. When it comes to disassembly, a few things can be taken off for easier storage. Namely, there are several parts of a piano that can be taken off. However, each part that you take off of your piano also requires proper protection. Do not forget to start looking for the right movers on time. Do proper research to find reliable piano movers New Jersey who can assist you with your piano transportation.

    Select the right storage unit by doing proper research on time

    There are all kinds of storage options out there. However, not each storage unit is going to be good for an item such as a piano. We have said it already, but pianos are very sensitive. The last thing you need is for your piano to rot and get damaged while in storage. Avoid this by doing a lot of research when looking to get a storage unit. A few things to always keep an eye out for when renting a storage unit are:

    • The maintenance level,
    • Accessibility,
    • Security,
    • Size.

    With these 4 factors covered, you should be all set to rent a storage unit. If the storage unit you are looking at does not match the criteria of these 4 factors and cannot guarantee safe storage of your piano, you should avoid it.

    Browsing online How to prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey.
    When trying to prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey give yourself enough time to do research.

    Pack and move your piano carefully

    If you are going to pack your piano on your own, you might need to consider taking a few days to complete the whole process. Pianos are large. Depending on the size of your piano, the packing process length will vary. However, take your time with the packing process when it comes to packing pianos. You can, of course, use bubble wrap or packing foam to protect it additionally while it is in transit. However, as mentioned above, do not forget to remove it or at least let it breathe while in storage to avoid creating a moisture effect. When it comes to transportation, it is always best to have a few people helping you out. Pianos are after all, very heavy. So, contact your friends or family members in New Jersey and ask them for some help.

    Enlist the help of trusted moving professionals

    The process of moving a piano as well as storing it is not going to be done in one hour. It is a process that requires careful planning and good organization. Therefore, we recommend getting professional assistance in the form of trusted movers in New Jersey. Experienced moving companies have dedicated moving services specifically for items such as pianos. So, they also have experienced movers who know how to handle and move pianos. In addition to this, reliable movers also offer many additional moving services. They will be able to help you with finding the right storage Jersey City NJ as well.

    A professional mover.
    Hiring trusted movers comes with many benefits such as quality moving and storage services as well as time saved.

    Preparing your piano for storage – In a nutshell

    So, to sum up, prepare a piano for storage in New Jersey successfully by first gathering the right packing tools and materials. From there, focus on making sure your piano is clean and good to go for storage. Choose wisely when selecting storage for your piano. Make sure it checks all of the essential factors such as proper maintenance and large enough size. Take your time with the packing process. Finally, do not forget the important role of expert movers. Professionals can help you not only move your piano safely but also assist you with finding the right storage unit for it.

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