How to pack for your international move from NJ

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    When getting ready for relocation, people are often facing difficulties. A process that was supposed to be simple and easy to accomplish becomes a complex and tiring task. So how should you go about this? And how to pack for your international move from NJ? Are you preparing for the move by yourself or you are planning to hire a professional mover to help you out? If you decide to hire professionals, get in touch with one of the best international movers NJ has. Whatever your choice is one thing remains the same. And that is that you should keep things simple.

    What is the most important when packing?

    In order to pack for your international move from NJ and be organized at the same time, you need to make a plan. All great things start with plans. So sit down grab a pen and a piece of paper and be ready to make a packing plan as well as a weekly plan. Even if you decide that DIY packing isn’t for you the need for these two plans stays the same. Why? Because even if you call Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage NJ if you are not using the services they provide there are still some things you need to do.

    Sit down with your family and talk about how to pack for your international move from NJ. When it comes to families everyone needs to pull their own weight. And the best way is for everyone to pack their own things.

    A family discusing how pack for your international move from NJ
    Talk to your family about the relocation

    From packing to other responsibilities, the days of the move are the worst. So don’t waste time on useless things, and do your best. The professional help, as well as some services many moving companies provide, are a good help. Although at times they are known to be price, they pay off. The biggest difference between moving companies and moving alone is insurance.

    Insurance is one of the most important things you should think of before the relocation. Most moving companies offer only a basic moving insurance package. Therefore, you should contact your movers in Newark NJ well in advance and ask what kind of insurance packages they can provide. Most movers partner with an insurance company, which can provide you with many more options. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

    A week-to-week plan

    In order to have a successful move and to safely pack for your international move from NJ a week-to-week plan is a big help. Why? Because there are some very important things we need to do before every move. But if you put them off for some time they can interfere with the packing. And that way due to our lack of organization we will have a million things to do and no time.

    Some of the things on this plan are doctor appointments, and vet appointments. Announcing to jobs and schools about our move. And so on. Mostly these are things we need to finish outside our home. And if they take too much time, calling NJ movers and packers is a nice way to go about it.

    A woman writing in her time organiser
    Make sure you finish everything about the move and moving process before you start packing.

    Packing plan

    Now depending on your personal preferences the way we make this can be different. If you want to pack for your international move from NJ and make it easy it the way you want! Some people like to pack their items room by room. With means, they will select certain rooms and start from them. After packing everything in that room they will go to the next one. Others will start from certain items and build their way up from there. 

    There is also a possibility of renting a storage unit. There are many storage Jersey City NJ possibilities and they are a nice way to store items. If you are not sure if you have a spare room or don’t need something, then storage is a good idea. What is best is to start packing on time, and don’t put it off until the last minute.

    Packing materials

    What you need is not only a packing plan. In order to actually pack for your international move from NJ you will need packing materials. Now based on what you are packing the materials change. But in most cases, you will need cardboard boxes, tape, double wrap, paper wrap, labels, and so on. People even tend to leave appliance boxes in order to have them if moving.

    If you hire professional help on the other hand they will provide you with everything. But make sure that when packing you have a box filled with everything you need on daily basis. This box is called an essentials box and it usually contains toiletries, medications, important papers, sheets, a change of clothes for a day or two, etc. This way you won’t need to look among other boxes and make a mess.


    In order to pack for your international move from NJ fast you will first need to declutter. Throwing out the items you don’t need or use is a must. They only take up space but serve no purpose. Especially if the items are old and no longer usable. Of course, we do know some people can have emotional attachments to some items but surely not all of them.

    A woman packing
    Donating anything is a nice way to help people who have nothing. Sometimes your trash is someone else’s treasure. So try to not throw items away, and give them to others.

    If you have some furniture that can still be used you can sell it, or even donate it to some charities, like The Furniture Bank. The kid’s items and toys can go to hospitals, your clothes to homeless shelters, and so on. Everything that can be used is a shame to throw away. So if it’s just sitting in your home taking up space do something about it before you pack for your international move from NJ. Also, do all of this before you start packing. This way you will save up a lot of time.


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