How to pack bulky items when moving in NYC

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    When we talk about moving in NYC with local movers New York, the first thing that comes to mind is packing. The whole relocation process itself is known to be fairly exhausting. However, packing is one of the main parts that make it so. Do you want to be efficient while packing and make sure everything is safely packed? Then you need to put a lot of effort into this task. Small and normally shaped items are usually not the problem. They fit nicely into the boxes and probably won’t cause you much trouble. Bulky and heavy items are where the problem is at. But don’t worry. We are here to give you tips on how to pack bulky items when moving in NYC.

    How is packing bulky items when moving in NYC different from packing anything else?

    Moving this type of item can be a big challenge. It is crucial that you are aware of this because you must not take this matter lightly. If you are in a hurry – you should still take your time to properly pack your belongings. By packing bulky and heavy items as any other – you are putting yourself and your residential movers New York at a high risk of getting injured. If not secured properly, items that weigh a lot can fall out of the box and hurt someone. This is simply one of the examples of why you need a guide on how to pack bulky items. Let’s take a look at a few things that need to consider when packing these items during your move.

    couple packing items together while figuring out how to pack bulky items when moving in NYC
    Packing bulky items needs to be done with special care

    Tips on how to pack bulky items when moving in NYC

    Choose your packing materials wisely

    Buying packing materials for your move can come off as a pretty easy task. While this is not entirely false, you also need to know that you can’t buy just any type of material for packing any type of item. When it comes to packing bulky items, using regular boxes you can find just anywhere is obviously out of question

    Recommended packing supplies 

    • Appropriate boxes – when we say appropriate boxes we mean boxes that will be able to endure the weight of your heavier items. This is the most crucial part of packing bulky and heavy items because it will ensure the safety of everyone involved in the moving process. If you are unable to find stronger boxes or if you are unsure if they will hold –  you can always use plastic or wooden crates. What’s more, they might even be a better option if you want to keep everything 100% safe
    • Wrap your items in multiple layers – if you are packing a few bulky items into one box, make sure to wrap them in more than one or two layers with bubble wrap or packing paper. Why is this important? If you drop a box containing these items, they could break easily if they are not secured properly. They could also break if there is little to no bubble wrap between them so they are constantly in contact. This could cause cracks and even more severe damage to your precious items. This is important, especially since the transportation of your items takes a few hours. Bit still, even if you are moving from New York to New Jersey with movers NYC to NJ you should have your items properly packed 
    • Packing tape of high quality – it is normal to want to save as much money as possible when moving. However, this is one thing you should not be saving money on. When packing heavy items, you need to make sure the tape you are using to secure the boxes is of high quality so everything stays in place. That way you won’t have to worry about damaging items or someone getting hurt
    empty apartment with empty carton  boxes
    When packing bulky items, it is crucial to pick stronger boxes that can handle their weight

    Use the space in your boxes wisely

    When packing your items, you should keep the empty space in a box at a minimum so items don’t move around. However, you can’t really pack them without any certain order. Bulky and heavy items, along with those you don’t use much, should go at the bottom of a box. Why is this important? If you use this method, you won’t have to worry about these bulky items crushing something lighter and more fragile that’s underneath. This also allows you to use the space in the boxes more efficiently. Once you’ve taken care of placing the bulky items, everything else will be a piece of cake. But be careful – this doesn’t mean you should make your boxes too heavy or impossible to close properly. Safe packing should still be a priority so you can keep yourself and your commercial movers NY safe. Whether you are relocating your home or your office you need to protect your bulky items properly. 

    Moving boxes that contain bulky items

    Apart from learning how to pack bulky items when moving in NYC, you also need to learn how to carry the boxes filled with them from point A to point B. First of all, you need to learn a good lifting technique. If you contact any reputable moving company like Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage, they will tell you that the key is not to use your arms when lifting these boxes. Sounds silly, but you should actually use the strength from your legs and core muscles. If you focus on using your arms, you are putting yourself at risk of getting injured or straining your muscles. 

    When you want to carry more than one box at once to save time, make sure you use a jack or a trolley to move the boxes. It will be much safer and easier than simply carrying it in your arms. By increasing the weight of the items you are carrying, you are also increasing the chances of tripping and falling while the heavy boxes fall all over you. Not only will you waste time, but might hurt yourself really bad as well. 

    a man carrying multiple boxes on a trolley
    To easily move multiple boxes at once, use jacks and trolleys

    There is another safety measure that you need to consider when carrying boxes with bulky and heavy items. Use padding or mats that prevent slipping on surfaces that may easily cause you to trip and fall. These surfaces usually include door frames and stairs. If you want to save some money on this, you may use crushed boxes and carpet protectors as anti-slip materials

    Hopefully, this guide on how to pack bulky items when moving in NYC has helped you pack easily and solved your problems involving this matter. Good luck with your move!

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