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An office move is a good thing. It means that your business is growing and the profits are increasing. However, you will need to communicate an office move with your clients and employees. That’s why we’ve prepared an article about it so before you look for moving services NJ, keep reading to find out more.

Communicating an office move with your employees

Employees are the core of your business which means that you have to make every effort to involve them in the relocation process and give them time for preparation. The best way to approach this is to meet your employees face-to-face, involve them in relocation, and be honest with them.

communicating an office move with employees
Employees are very important to your business and that’s why you should communicate with them carefully.

Notifying your employees about the move

Use clear and simple language to let the employees know about the relocation the moment you have the details. This way, they will have enough options. A notice period is anywhere between 2 and 6 months so don’t make the move as soon as you can. Have a timely manner and be clear and direct when you are communicating with your employees about the situation so they don’t find out about the relocation from another source. Notify them about any possible implications. Use different methods of communicating including team briefings, one-on-one meetings, and email.

Be honest with them

It’s very important, to be honest about the reasons why you’re moving office. Everyone will accept the situation faster as well as appreciate the honesty without questioning the motives. Relocating to a new office is a big decision. That’s why you should create an open dialogue with your employees. They might even have advice to contribute so make sure to encourage any feedback or questions. Some of the important questions your employees may ask:

  • How will I get my packing done?
  • Does moving to a smaller office mean that there will be layoffs?

And for this reason, you should set up the right tools for them to give their opinions. Give them an open forum they use to speak freely and with the choice to stay anonymous. Doing this will help you understand and tackle their concerns.

Involve your employees in the process

Even after you hire commercial movers NJ, your employees will want to know if they need to help with the relocation. Some of them will even appreciate being a part of it because it will make them feel more valued. Make them feel like they’re part of the move instead of something they have to do. It’s crucial to show that their feedback is valued. Whether it’s just a color of an interior wall or the new office floor plan. They will really appreciate just asking their opinions on such matters.

people using laptops while discussing business
Make sure to involve your employees in the process as that will make them feel more valued.

So even when you have moving and storage NJ providers, you can also form a team for the relocation process. It should be a team of employees who are especially interested and well-suited for the planning of your office move. They can have a valuable role by making the decisions such as hiring vendors, selecting interior design details, etc. Additionally, they may also give you insight into what other employees may be thinking.

Communicating an office move with your clients and contacts

Your employees are not the only people that should know about the move. Your clients, suppliers, as well as partners, need to know about it too. Even though you might not see them face-to-face, you should let them know about the relocation. You can notify the suppliers and partners via email that you are moving your office. However, the announcement for your customers needs to be a bit different.

Put up a relocation sign on the door

The most simple thing you can do to let your customers that you’ll move your office is to put up a sign on your door. The sign should state the new business address, date of relocation, contact number, email, and people to contact. You can invite your customers to visit the new location or even announce a grand opening ceremony.

Distribute flyers with customers’ invoices and receipts

You can print quarter-page flyers with the relocation info we’ve mentioned above. Then, you can send the flyers attached to your customer’s invoices and receipts if you own a retail store. When you do this, the customers are going to have all the important info to contact your business or visit the new office after you move there with the help of NJ movers and packers. Doing this is crucial because you don’t want to lose your clients because of the relocation.

Communicate an office move with your customers via social media

Social media can be one of the best communication forms for business if you use it the right way. Letting your customers know about the relocation is an example of when social media is a very useful tool. The moment you know that you’re moving office, post an announcement on your social media accounts. And you can even keep them informed about the relocation process progress via your social media channels. Taking your customers on the journey is a good way of keeping them connected to the business.

phone social media
Use social media channels to communicate an office move with your customers.

Email and website announcements

If a large percentage of your sales is generated using online channels, you can let your customers know about the relocation via email. In today’s day and age, online presence is king. That’s why you should use your website to communicate an office move with the customers. Add a banner on the homepage or contact us page so the customers know about the relocation.

Communicating your office relocation is crucial for your business

For a successful transition, it is very important to communicate an office move with employees and clients. Be honest and involve your employees in the process. Use social media, email, and other methods we’ve mentioned to communicate with your clients. By following our guide, your transition will be smooth and you will maintain a positive relationship with your employees and clients.

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