How to clean walls when moving out

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If you are relocating soon, there are a lot of tasks you need to handle. Apart from hiring Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage to help you with transferring your items, packing, and planning everything else, you need to leave the previous home in perfect condition. It doesn’t matter if you have been renting it, or it stays in your possession, you have to take care of every detail and leave it flawless. Of course, if you are planning to sell it, you have to do the same. One task is especially boring. That is cleaning the walls. First of all, they may seem clean. However, if they look spotless, it doesn’t mean they are completely clean. Dirt and grime can accumulate on the walls, even though we can’t see them. So, you have to clean walls when moving out. And we are going to help you and explain how.

The first step when you want to clean walls when moving out is to gather all the supplies

You can not start cleaning walls without making a plan, at least in your head. Take your time and think about the process. Give yourself enough time, especially if you have a bigger home and a lot of walls to be cleaned. Prepare all the supplies before you begin, otherwise, you are going to lose a lot of precious time. It is important to finish this task before the local movers New York come to move all of your belongings. The cleaning supplies you will need include:

  • Two or more buckets,
  • a mop,
  • a sponge and a towel,
  • the liquid you will use (a soap or some special wall-cleaning liquids),
  • and a ladder or a safe chair, if your walls are high.
Fixing the wall
You must prepare the walls for cleaning

After gathering the supplies, prepare the walls

When you get all these supplies, you can move on to the process of cleaning. Before you start cleaning the walls, you have to prepare them. What can be helpful is the fact that most of your belongings will already be packed and out of your way, ready for residential movers New York to pick them up. So, you won’t have to spend your time moving bulky items and removing your decorations from the walls. However, if there are any of these things on your way before you start the cleaning process, you have to clear up the space around you.

It is also important to fill in any holes on the walls if there are any. Those can be bigger, or smaller, like from nails. In any case, you shouldn’t leave them that way. If you can’t do it on your own, that is, if the damage is too great, you can always call professionals to help you. You don’t want to start cleaning and then remember that you have a few holes on the wall. That way you will only lose time and nerves.

Dust pan and a brush on the wall
It is not difficult to clean the walls when moving out if you have the right supplies

Clean the walls from the dust

Before you start with the real washing process, you must clean your walls from dust. Of course, this includes cobwebs too. They are often not easily seen, but once you start removing them, it seems like it is a never-ending process. Don’t pack your vacuum cleaner for movers NYC to NJ to take it until you have finished this part of cleaning. A broom can be helpful, but it will only move dust from one place to another. A vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for this step in the cleaning process.

Start the washing process

You may finally start cleaning the walls once the cobwebs, grime, and dust have been removed. The first step in this part of the cleaning process is to protect the floor. There will be a lot of water and the cleaning solution dripping, probably. So, put a towel or a cloth on the floor to keep it protected. If you haven’t prepared your cleaning solution already, do it now. Warm water and a bar of soap should be enough. However, if you are cleaning your office walls, you have to make sure not to leave uneven spots. You need to have everything prepared before commercial movers NY come to relocate your office items. Having solution dripping on the packed boxes is something that you mustn’t allow.

After you clean the walls with the solution, rinse them with warm clean water. Of course, you don’t want to completely soak the walls. You want to clean them, not damage them by making them too wet. It can make stains, ruin the walls, or, in the best case, it may take too long to dry.  After you’ve done cleaning the wall, wipe the surface to remove as much moisture as you can with a towel or other absorbent material. This will also stop the water from damaging the walls. Increase airflow by turning on ceiling fans and opening windows to hasten the drying of the walls. You see, it is not that difficult to clean walls when moving out.

Be careful not to ruin the walls

As we have already said, it is best to use only soap and warm water. In extreme cases, when the walls are very dusty or have a lot of stains, you can add baking soda to the solution. In any case. try to avoid strong substances and liquids, which can damage the paint or the walls. Also, try not to rub or press too hard, because that will also remove the paint.

A brick wall
Be careful not to ruin the walls

If nothing works out, paint the walls

We know that this is your last resort, but if you have too many walls and they are too dusty and have a lot of stains, you will just waste time by trying to clean them. The best solution is to call the professionals and have the walls painted. You see, it is not difficult to clean walls when moving out, if they are not greasy and with too many stains. In any other case, the new paint is a savior.

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