How to adjust to small space living in the city

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Moving from a spacious house in the suburbs to a small apartment in the city can be quite a shock. It’s normal if it takes you some time to get used to this new way of life. Moving companies NJ offers can help you have a smooth and enjoyable relocation, but what can you do to make living in a small space easier? There are many things you can do, actually! If you think you’ll never be happy in a one-bedroom apartment, don’t despair. We are bringing some useful tips on how to adjust to small space living in the city with ease. You’ll see how even the smallest spaces can seem spacious with just a few little tricks!

Adjust to small space living with these simple tricks

Adjusting to living in a crowded apartment after a successful relocation with interstate movers NJ residents have at their disposal is not always simple. People who’ve lived in a house for years can struggle to adapt to a one-bedroom apartment in the city at first. But, there is a bright side to this- you’re living in the city, and there are many little tricks you can use to make your apartment seem bigger like:

  • choosing light colors for walls and rugs
  • creating the illusion of more space with mirrors
  • decluttering your home
  • renting a storage unit so as not to overcrowd the little space you have
small apartment
You will adjust to small space living in no time with our useful tips.

Paint your walls with a light color

Light-colored walls are what will make the biggest difference when it comes to making your small home appear more spacious. If the walls are currently dark-colored, switch to a light one and you will be amazed at the change. You can opt for a light version of your favorite color such as pastel green, pink, violet, etc. Some studies show the positive effect of the color yellow on our overall mood, so choosing a very light, pastel yellow might be a good choice for your new home. Residential moving companies NJ has can vouch that people enjoy living in bright spaces. Light walls attract more light into the room, thus creating the illusion of more space. You can also add transparent, white curtains which will open up the space additionally.

light living room will make it easier to adjust to small space living
White or off-white walls will make any room brighter and visually bigger.

Get a light-color rug

The color of the floors in your new city home is also what can make a huge difference in how big or small the space appears to be. Opting for light hardwood floors will create the illusion of a larger space. However, if you are renting and can’t change the floors, you can always buy a light area rug. If you are not a rug person, consider becoming one. Not only will your small apartment seem bigger, but it will also feel much cozier. Moving to New Jersey with Jersey city movers will be much more enjoyable if you have a set plan on how to make your new small apartment more spacious with such easy tricks.

Create the illusion of more space with mirrors and furniture

Another handy trick to make your small apartment seem bigger is to have mirrors on the walls. The mirrors will make the space seem wider. You also want to choose furniture with exposed legs. Although it might seem more logical to opt for furniture with extra space, for example, beds with drawers underneath, choosing exposed leg furniture for the living room is what will create the illusion of open space. You can pick other pieces with hidden storage space, like a coffee table with drawers or a bed with drawers on the bottom.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home before moving to a small apartment is key. You want to move with as few belongings as possible. Overcrowding your small city home with too many items will only make it appear messy. And let’s be honest, living in a house we all tend to stick on to some things that we barely ever (or never) use. That’s why you should ruthlessly go through your possessions and get rid of any broken items, donate the used ones which are still in good condition, or sell the ones you bought or got as a gift and never used. Moving is expensive, and living in the city is no different, so making some extra cash from the items you don’t need anyway is a win-win situation. Then you’ll be able to go on and enjoy your relocation with the moving companies Montclair NJ offers since their services will be more affordable the fewer items you have.

A picture of a bedroom
Even the smallest rooms will seem more spacious if they are not crowded with too much stuff.

Rent a storage unit if you have too many belongings

If even after decluttering you still find that you have too many belongings to fit into your new home, consider renting a storage unit. This can be the ideal solution for living in your city apartment comfortably. You can both have a tidy home and keep the things that have sentimental value or you use regularly. For example, storage is an excellent solution for seasonal clothes or holiday decorations. You can put away your winter clothes, as well as blankets, Christmas tree (the artificial ones), and decorations, instead of cramming them in some corner of your new place.

Look at the bright side and enjoy living in the city

The most important thing when you want to adjust to small space living is to look at the bright side. Whether you had to move for work or school or you just think the city offers more opportunities and entertainment than the suburbs, living in a small apartment is just one fragment of your life. You can look at the advantages of small space living, such as giving less money on bills. Small homes are also easier to maintain. You will not have to spend an entire weekend tidying your house, a small apartment will be sparkly clean in a few hours max. Look at the bright side and enjoy everything the city has to offer!

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