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Moving is expensive, but it is part of life and most often cannot be avoided. The only thing you can partially influence is the moving costs. Even for that, you have to be very resourceful to save some money. The cost of moving depends on various factors. When you want to independently calculate how much your relocation will cost, you must consider them all. If you are planning to move to New York, with the help of Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage, you can calculate the cost and see if it will be an expensive adventure. So, how much money do you need for your NYC move?

The decision that determines the costs

Since you have decided to move, either out of necessity or pleasure, you must decide how to move. It refers to the decision of whether to move DIY or with the help of a moving company. Although most people think DIY moving is cheaper, the final cost can exceed your expectations if you don’t have enough practice and moving equipment.

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Be well-informed before deciding whether to move on your own or with the help of a moving company

Apart you will have to know every step of the move and the costs involved, you also have to organize the people who will help you with it. If we consider that you are moving locally, the cost will certainly be lower, but moving always involves the same steps, whether it is local or long-distance relocation. This means that you will have the packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking and that in the case of DIY, you will do it all yourself.

How much money do you need for your NYC move if you choose a DIY move?

When you decide to move on your own, many expenses will be excluded. You won’t have the cost of packing and unpacking on your list. However, keep in mind that packing takes the most time in the moving process. You will probably have to take days off work to finish this task, which can contribute to a decrease in income. You can also pack things gradually during your free time, but then prepare to have a storage of boxes in the house.

Where will you not save money?

On moving day, you must have people to help you load the boxes and furniture into the truck. Even if they are your friends, count on the basic cost of drinks and lunch. It is good to have as many people as possible for this part of the job because you will be paying for the truck by the hour or day of use.

The average price of renting a truck daily can run up to $100. At the same time, they may ask you to return the truck to the place of departure. This will be inconvenient if it is a long-distance move. You will also pay for the gas required for the given mileage to your new home. Keep in mind that a 26-foot truck uses a gallon every 7 to 8 miles. Also, most trucks use diesel fuel, which is more expensive than gasoline used by passenger vehicles. You may have to pay one day for the driver if you are not someone who can drive such a big truck.

If you decide to use a portable storage container, you can spend another $400 to $700. This container will be left by the company at your address, and when you fill it with belongings, they will transport it to the new address. Consider container sizes from 7′ to 20′. If you have a bigger household, you may need two.

a woman is giving insurance
How much money do you need for your NYC move? Don’t forget to include insurance in your DIY relocation

A hidden cost during a Do-It-Yourself move

During the move, many people forget about insurance. An important thing during a DIY move is the fact that your belongings will not be insured against some accidents on the road. With commercial movers NY, unplanned damage that can happen on the road is covered by an insurance policy. Therefore, include insurance in your cost. The most effective insurance is Full Value Insurance. It will cost you 1-2% of your property’s total value.

Packaging is another hidden cost. Things have to be packed in some boxes. Of course, it is best to pack in new boxes that will not damage the contents and will be safe to carry. Along with the boxes, you must also get all the packing material. Finally, moving equipment; if you don’t have it, you have to buy it or rent it. All this represents an expense that you must not forget.

How much money do you need for your NYC move if you choose relocation with a moving company?

If you plan to hire a moving company, prepare for a higher cost. However, with local movers New York, you may be surprised at the slight difference in cost compared to a DIY move. The moving company determines the price of the move based on the distance, total weight, the time it takes to load the truck, transport, and unload the truck, the weight of the job, and extra services. So, if you are moving no more than 50 miles from your old home, you can calculate your local move by multiplying the moving hours by the number of movers and the number of hours to complete the more difficult moving procedure. Add to that the cost of gas, tolls, and parking. If you have agreed with the company for additional packaging services and packaging materials, add that as well.

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Moving with a moving company can be expensive, but for that small difference in money, you will get a lot more with the professionals.

When you want to calculate the cost of moving long distances, movers NYC to NJ gives a slightly different formula. Multiply the weight by the rate per pound per mile and the distance. Add to that additional service charges and optional; protection for the full value of the shipment. At least. add packing and material services.

Now you know how to calculate how much money do you need for your NYC move

Taking into account all of the above, it will be easier to calculate the cost and figure out how much money do you need for your NYC move. Even if you decide on a DIY move, talk to residential movers New York. You can always get some more information from an expert. It will crystallize your decision or guide you to do the move with a moving company anyway. All you have to do is fill in the information and get your free quote. One of the many experts will contact you and give you an accurate idea of each cost individually.

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